General information of flexible rubber coupling

Flexible rubber coupling, is also called as flexible connection, Soft rubber connector, soft rubber joints, flexible rubber joints, flexible rubber joints , rubber shock absorbers. The flexible coupling is mainly composed of the inner and outer rubber layer, Kordeinlage (ply) and steel rings, they form tubular rubber, under high temperature and pressure, then after vulcanization molding and then combined with metal flange Lapped Joint sets together. It is widely used in fire, chemical, valves and other piping systems, noise from seismic effects, absorption displacement generated during the operation of the pipeline.

Application of flexible rubber coupling

Rubber flexible coupling is a kind of hollow rubber products used to connect steel pipes in mud system. It can also be used for pump connection, valves, and high vibrating pipes, and temperature great vary pipe.

It is a kind of pipe joint with highly flexible, high air tightness, chemical resistance and weather resistance. In oil and gas drilling field, it is widely used to connect tank pipelines, pumps and used between other kinds of steel pipes.

Features of flexible rubber coupling

1) It is with high density internal wall, can withstand high pressure, good elastic reshape performance.
2) Reduce vibration and noise. Light weight design , easy installation and maintenance .
3) The structure can reduce structure borne noise, absorption of vibration.

As the above features, flexible rubber coupling is widely used in mud solids control system, to connect pipes and connect pumps. And flexible rubber coupling is a wearing parts for solids control systems. It needs to be replaced occasionly to aovid aging.