Drilling fluid sand mud removal machine is used for drilling fluid solids control system of 2/3 solids control equipment, drilling fluid sand silt is all-in-one hydrocyclone desanding/mud, with a combination of vibrating screen, a drilling fluid sand silt all-in-one work reliable maintenance convenient, can effectively remove the suspended more than 30 microns in drilling fluid solid phase particles, increase drilling fluid to realize the barite recovery and increase the use requirements of the drilling fluid, drilling fluid performance, stable to improve drilling efficiency, reduce drilling cost, drilling fluid sand mud removal machine is the ideal equipment of drilling fluid separation oil industry.
Drilling fluid shale shaker sand mud removal machine adopts special flameproof vibration motor as vibration source, compact structure, high efficiency, safe and reliable.Drilling fluid sand silt all-in-one desanding hydrocyclone, in addition to the mud cyclone to choose suitable for outdoor + 40 ℃ efficient polyurethane materials.Drilling fluid desanding desanding and desilting machine desilter cyclone parts not adhering sand, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light installation, etc.
Vibrating screen is at the bottom of the drilling fluid sand silt machine according to the theory of linear motion track vibration sieve surface design, two motor midperpendicular Angle and screen surface into a corner, such two vibrating motors rotating in opposite directions, the mutual movement generated excitation power, offset each other in the X direction, vibration force is zero.And two motors in Y direction vibration force each other to drive the whole the reciprocating movement of the screen box up and down along the Y direction, at the same time make the mud on the surface of the mesh along the Y direction is thrown, then free fall has been moving forward, so being thrown down on the mud forward movement, mud slurry leaking through the sieve into the mud tank and the most solid particles in the mud is screening out, thus the mud slurry purification effect.
Drilling fluid sand silt on the integrative cyclone is designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation, the drilling fluid separation medium through sand pump produce certain pressure and velocity, along the spiral into the cyclone wall, coarser particles under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, the cyclone wall spiral sink, from the bottom LiuKou eduction, falls below breakdown vibrating screen separation, has risen in a spiral along the hydrocyclone, the rest of the media from the overflow mouth into the next level of separation device further purification treatment.tumblr_merk9lMF7B1qmbqy4


GN solid control GNZCQ series vacuum degasser can meet a variety of applications. the equipment is usually installed after the shale shakers, can quickly remove various gases which intrusion into the drilling fluid, to restore the proportion of mud, stable mud property, is a very important part. To ensure the drilling well mud to keep the proper proportion. GNZCQ series vacuum degasser self-priming function, produced by the equipment on vacuum pump vacuum effect gas cut mud can be pumped in degasser, and therefore requires no additional centrifugal pump. At the same time, it can also be used as a powerful blender, applicable to matching all kinds of mud circulation purification system. Vacuum degasser, scientific and reasonable design structure, will lead to effective separation of gas and liquid, filter out impurity, guarantee the exhaust pipe is always open.


Pay attention to the following operation factors :
1, installation, operation and maintenance convenience, trouble-free long working hours.
2, with light weight, small size, low consumption, easy installation and maintenance simple, start, and so on.
3, the degassing efficiency is high, the degassing efficiency is 95% ~ 99%.

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer based in China and USA, specialize in solids control equipment, drilling waste management system & shaker screens. GN is the first API certified solids control equipment manufacturer from China, and GN products have been exported to over 60 countries around the world.

  • GN System:Design & manufacture complete line equipment for a total mud system which ensures better integration of system and competitive price.
  • GN Solids Control Equipments:Shale ShakerMud Cleaner ,Desander ,DesilterCentrifugeAgitator, Mixing Hoppers, Flare Igniter, Various Tanks, Pumps, Degassers etc.
  • GN Drilling Waste Management:Vertical Cutting Dryer,HI-G Dryer Shaker,Decanter Centrifuge,Dewatering Unit,Screw Pumps,Solidsfication Unit, Screw Conveyor etc.
  • GN Main Spare Parts:Shaker Screens, Hycdocyclone Cones, Rig Mat, Pipe Rack , Unions etc.
gn flare ignitor

GN solids control Design and manufacture of emptying of combustible gas oilfield operations in the electronic ignition system is the refinery and gas gathering and transferring exhaust and vent the gas processing plant, with fields of electronic ignition system can vent flammable harmful gas ignited burn in order to eliminate its harm to environment and safety, is a safe, environmental protection equipment. Besides used in refinery and gas stations, oil field electronic ignition device with mud gas separator, is now widely used in oil drilling engineering.
Oil field the superiority of electronic ignition system

gn flare ignitor
Electronic ignition oil fields “artificial lighting” to “automatic operation”, reflect the humanistic ideas and environmental demands. So it is necessary to use electronic ignition device, drilling, testing, construction process, the release is often the case. Over the past few decades, Flare ignition are manual operation, people close to flare points, burns, burns easily, high risk; At the same time, the artificial operation duration is longer, the accuracy is not high, easy to make toxic gas emissions to the atmosphere in great quantities, cause different degree of environment pollution.
GN SOLIDS CONTROL Production of electronic ignition device let the “shortcomings” ceased to exist. It can be in the moment of relief, timely, accurate location setting off export spewed toxic flammable gas flow line, eliminating the damage of gas pollution to the environment and human and animal.
Electronic ignition device in addition to used in refinery and gas stations, the device with mud gas separator, is now widely used in petroleum drilling engineering, is a mature product, in domestic and sichuan oil and gas field in xinjiang, in places like Iran, Egypt, venezuela abroad are using the product.
Electronic ignition device is mainly composed of DN200 (or 6) gas burner (torch), GDH – type 2 electronic igniter, firing equipment (gas tank, hose, etc.), mud gas separator (matching) when used in drilling engineering, etc. This product adopts high performance electronic ignition circuit, its main parts adopt imported components and other parts and cables with domestic high quality products, stable performance, reliable work.
Install the combustible gas pipeline to safety of burner (torch) air inlet.
Pick up and start the electronic igniter current conversion and voltage amplification circuit.
Open the gas tank, operating electronic igniter light flash tube ignition (level), or directly open the emptying the firing of the gas valve, lit fire with electronic igniter tube ignition (level 1).
Open the gas vent gate cut, lit by the burning fire tube will vent (secondary ignition).
Close the gas tank, put out fire tube, let the combustible vent gas combustion.


Afghanistan Oil Show was held on, may 5-8 in Tehran Armed forces europe this year. GN Solids Control brought the self developed classical model decanter centrifuge rapid GNLW363CG. As important acrylic show, all drilling firms, mud engineering service organizations, oil service companies as well as oil field trading corporations attend the show to learn latest news in this discipline.

GNLW363CG Decanter Centrifuge previously starts to serve the marketplace since 2014. This unit is improvement model of GNLW363AG and GNLW363BG. The secure working performance, longer life and higher treating capability give good reputation due to classical model centrifuge.

– With 14” bowl length and 50’’ bowl period, the length / diameter proportion over 3; the drilling mud would stay into the centrifuge screw auger to get longer time, thus dismissed solids can be much dryer, separation performance can be significantly better.
2 . Designed operation highest possible bowl speed can attain to 3200RPM, 2200RPM suggestions 2700RPM also available. The client are able to use lower speed for higher gravity solids separation; work with higher bowl speed regarding low gravity solids parting.
3. Bowl material will be produced by Duplex stainless steel 2205, this model material is way better than SS316L. The centrifugal casting technology applied for far better dynamic balance performances, that guarantee the centrifuge performing performance in high speed revolving.
3. Same direction with slurry feeding and solids moving inside the bowl, improve the flow rate within the bowl. This design raise the treating capacity of the centrifuge, even when deal with heavy mud.

Except for GNLW363CG star product centrifuge, we also have yet another Vertical cuttings dryer along with super working performance to get drilling waste management. Due to oil show higher cost, most of us only take the centrifuge right now there. Below chapter to give more info about GN vertical cuttings dryer

1 . GN Solids Control top to bottom cuttings dryer is to officially used on line / off brand drilling waste management, mostly to treat the drilling cuttings discharged from shale shaker, to separate the solids in addition to recycle the valuable oil-based drilling mud for using again
2 . GN vertical cuttings dryer is mainly used for oil-based mud drilling cuttings therapy. The oil on cuttings (OOC) can be reduced to help 3% to 5% following GN vertical cuttings dryer. The discharged dry solids can be transported to energy desorption unit for ultimate treatment. The clean drilling mud can be transfer in order to high speed decanter centrifuge to find the fine solids, so the mud density might be lower down which make it right for reuse
3. In the event that for water based drilling waste management, we highly recommend fixation unit or renforcement unit for final cure.

1500 gpm mud recycling system

Mud of trenchless engineering also said drilling fluid, it is composed of water and clay Along with a drilling fluid additives, the main protecting hole wall, carries out of the hole drilling slag and cooling drilling tools.Mud in the construction process, due to the drilling slag continuously into the mud, mud density, viscosity, solid content, such as change, can not meet the requirement of the construction site on the properties of slurry, must be treatment or purification, mainly for solid-liquid separation, separate the mud drilling cuttings of emissions after recycling use.

1500 gpm mud recycling system
There are two Purification method, primary sedimentation tank and mechanical equipment. The tank processing need to occupy part of the land; water content in drilling slag is high during tank ceaning, make the mud flow, construction conditions become bad, and may cause environmental pollution and water pollution hazards. As modern society civilization consciousness and the unceasing enhancement of environmental consciousness, mud problem cause more and more attention to the environment, sludge treatment technology Operation and equipment is developed and bring to the market.
Sludge treatment technology at present mainly include shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge, according to the composition of slag, drilling mud treatment occasions and mud performance requirements, using different combination processing. International “the village” in Japan, Germany “fort”, “MS” France developed almost monopolized the international engineering market mud treatment equipment. In our country, municipal and other large-scale underground shield construction is introduced using the sludge treatment equipment in these companies. Offshore oil drilling platform also adopts complete set import mud treatment, in order to meet the requirements of Marine environmental protection and management of Marine dumping. Domestic construction system in sludge treatment equipment mainly from GN Solids Control. At present our company through years of domestic and international market of rig research has mainly developed the following processing equipment: GNMS – 150 (35 m3/h), GNMS – 200 (50 m3/h), GNMS – 350 (80 m 3/h), GNMS – 500 (120 m3/h), GNMS – 1000 (240 m3/h) this five categories equipment. Can also according to customer’s special requirement to customize the system.