GN jet mud hopper can be used to prepare drilling fluids. It is generally used to change the density, viscosity, dehydration, acidity, and alkalinity of drilling fluid. This mud jet mud hopper can realize the aggravation and preparation of drilling fluid for 1500m to 6000m drilling solids control system.

The following are the steps to make drilling fluid. First, put drilling fluid materials (bentonite, barite powder, etc.) and other chemical additives (polymers, etc.) into the mud hopper. Then, they are mixed through the blending hopper. After that, the drilling fluid enters the circulation tank. Direct input of drilling fluid materials and chemical additives will cause a large amount of sedimentation or agglomeration, and it is impossible to obtain dispersed and uniform drilling fluid, which should be avoided.

mixing hopper

The jet mud hopper is an important part of the drilling fluid solid control system, and is the most commonly used liquid distribution equipment. GNSLD Series Jet Mud Hopper can help the operator mix the slurry with maximal efficiency. At the rig site, it is often necessary to add bentonite, polymers, and other powders to achieve drilling mud specifications such as drilling mud viscosity for borehole cleaning, water loss control, and filter cake build-up. In the application of large specific gravity mud, it is more important to deal with the potential impact of barite.

GNSLD jet mud hopper consists of tee assembly, the hopper assembly, nozzles, valve and protective plugs.

The jet hopper works on the Venturi effect. The Venturi effect is a case where fluid flows through a tube that is narrow. The velocity of the fluid increases as it flows through the narrower tube while the pressure decreases, due to the conservation of energy.

If a pump forces the liquid through a tube connected to a system consisting of a Venturi to increase the liquid speed (the diameter decreases), a short piece of tube with a small hole in it, and last a Venturi that decreases speed (so the pipe gets wider again), the gas will be sucked in through the small hole because of changes in pressure.


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The Vacuum Truck Sludge Treatment System is mainly composed of a receiving and flushing unit, a primary sand screening unit, a secondary screening and cyclone separation unit, and a dosing flocculation unit. Auxiliary equipment includes a horizontal slurry pump, a screw conveyor, a material collection box (ie cuttings box), and connecting tubes. The schematic diagram of the system structure in the vacuum truck sludge tank.

1. Receiving and flushing unit

These units receive incoming material from the vacuum truck. First, remove large chunks of material, braids, plastics, and other debris with steel grating. Then, it is cleaned by the high-pressure nozzle. In this way, the solid phase material is sent out by the screw to the inlet of the conveying screw to the primary screening unit, and at the same time, the excess slurry is transported to the secondary screening and cyclone unit by the horizontal slurry pump. The structure of receiving and flushing unit. It is mainly composed of a large material receiving hopper, the railway boarding ladder and railway grids, and the screw conveyor.

2. Primary sand screening unit

The structure of the primary sand screening unit. It mainly consists of the escalator with the guardrail, an electric control panel, 2 sets of GNJBQ055F agitators, the side door access platform (the walkway with the guardrail), an FG-10 transition tank, a ZKR-1236 shale shaker, and a GN100YZ100-30 submersible slurry pump, a cuttings box (self-provided) and spraying guns.

3. Secondary screening and cyclone separation unit

The structure of the secondary screening and cyclone separation unit is shown in Figure 4 next page. It is composed of an FG-30 mud tank, a GNZS706F-SGZF vibrating shaker, a GN100YZ100-30B submersible slurry pump, a GNZJ703F-12N desilter, a GNJBQ110FD agitator, the lighting, the railway boarding ladder, the railway girds, an electric control panel, a cuttings box (self-provided) and tubes-connected spraying guns.

GNZS706F vibrating shaker is a double-deck vibrating shaker. The upper screen is a stainless-steel slit mesh with an opening size of 1 mm, and the lower screen is API 40, with an opening size of 390-462 μm, made of stainless steel wire mesh thermocompressed with composite materials. This vibrating shaker can separate the solid phase particles ≥ 462μm in the mud.

4. Dosing flocculation unit

The overall structure of the centrifugal dosing flocculation purification unit. It consists of two layers of containers with safety steps. The details of the upper container where the centrifuge is installed, which mainly consists of the GNLW553C-VFD centrifuge, a VFD electric control panel, a screw conveyor, the lighting, and other equipment. The details of the lower container where the dosing system is installed, which includes a dosing system (dispensing tank, the agitator, the storage tank, a dosing pump, and the electric control panel), a GNG40-110C screw pump (for slurry supplying), the side door access platform (the railway steps and steel grids), the lighting, etc.

The Vacuum Truck Sludge Treatment System is a complete set of equipment for the integrated processing of construction waste materials. It mainly processes inorganic materials such as construction wastes, sands, soils, and sludges, but it cannot handle organic wastes such as kitchen waste or feces. The waste materials collected by the vacuum tanker (such as builder waste, demolition debris, etc.) can be recycled after being washed, transported, and classified. At the same time, by adding chemicals and flocculating, the centrifuge unit can purify the waste slurry generated during the treatment process, and the separated water can be reused.

The system is mainly composed of a receiving and flushing unit, a primary sand screening unit, a secondary screening and cyclone separation unit, and a dosing flocculation unit. Auxiliary equipment includes a horizontal slurry pump, a screw conveyor, a material collection box (ie cuttings box), and connecting manifold.

The steps and operations of the system: 

1. The waste is continuously unloaded from the vacuum tanker to the receiving and flushing unit. Then, remove bulk materials, braids, plastic products, and other sundries by steel grids mesh, and flush them through high-pressure nozzles. The solid phase materials are screwed to the primary screening unit by a conveyor, and the excess mud is pumped to the secondary screening and cyclone separation unit.

2. The solid phase waste processed by the receiving and flushing unit is supplied to the primary sand screening unit by the screw conveyor. The material enters the ZKR-1236 vibrating shaker that installs stainless steel meshes with openings of 2mm or 3mm, which can separate coarse sand and gravel. And at the same time, the sand on the screen is continuously flushed by the spraying nozzles. The clean coarse sand after sieving could be collected into the cuttings box, which will be reused. The under–mesh mixture (<2mm) flows to the FG-10 transition tank.

Two GNJBQ055F agitators are installed on the transition tank, and spraying guns are installed at the four corners of the transition tank. When the system starts to work, the agitator mixes continuously, and the spray guns can provide mud through the submersible slurry pump for jet mixing, which can prevent the sedimentation of mud and sand. The submerged slurry pump simultaneously delivers the slurry to the GNZS706F tandem-deck vibrating shaker of the secondary screening unit.

2023.10.10 Large Linear Vibrating Screen

3. First, the flushed and screened slurry from the receiving flushing unit and the primary screening unit is transported to the GNZS706F tandem-deck vibrating shaker by the horizontal slurry pump and the submersible slurry pump through the manifold system. The sprinkler continuously flushes the fine slurry on the screen surface, so that clean sand can enter the cuttings box(self-provided). Then, the finer sludge enters the 1# chamber of the mud tank and is pumped out by GN100YZ100-30B submersible slurry pump to the cyclones of GNZJ703F-12N desilter for separation. The separated solid phase is dried by the vibrating shaker and enters the cuttings box (self-provided), and the liquid phase enters the 2# chamber of the mud tank through the overflow pipe of the cyclone. Then, the liquid is pumped by the centrifugal pump through the pipeline and further processed by the centrifugal dosing flocculation purification unit.

Submersible slurry pump

Two GNJBQ110FD agitators are installed on the mud tank. When the system starts to work, the agitator mixes continuously. Besides, the spraying guns, which can prevent the sedimentation of finer solid particles, are installed at the four corners of the transition tank.

4. The required chemical solution (flocculant) is stored in the chemical storage tank.
When the vacuum truck sludge treatment system is working, a large amount of flushing mud and sand was sent to the primary sand screening unit, and the secondary screening and desilter cyclone unit. The mud is pumped by a GNG40-110C screw pump to the GNLW553C centrifuge for solid-liquid separation.

When the centrifuge is working, the dosing pump of the dosing device supplies the centrifuge quantitatively, so that the chemical solution and the mud were fully mixed to create larger aggregates which are easier to separate by centrifugal force. The separated solid phase is sent out by the screw conveyor and discharged into the cuttings box (self-provided).

5. The clean water from the centrifugal dosing, flocculation, and purification unit can be stored in the clean water tank (self-provide). It could be supplied to each unit of the entire system by water pumps (self-prepared).


Recientemente, GN envió un conjunto de centrífugas decantadoras de 3 fases, incluido el gabinete de control VFD, a un cliente de Medio Oriente proveniente de una empresa ambiental. La centrífuga decantadora de 3 fases es uno de los principales productos de GN, a diferencia de la centrífuga decantadora de 2 fases, se utiliza para la separación de mezclas de sólidos y dos tipos de líquidos y sólidos inmiscibles.

La centrífuga decantadora trifásica enviada es el modelo GNSX520 con un diámetro de recipiente de 520 mm. Adopta el sistema de conducción de doble motor eléctrico. El motor principal impulsa el recipiente y el motor trasero impulsa el tornillo a través de un dispositivo de polea. Este modelo está equipado con un gabinete de control VFD. Dentro del gabinete de control, hay 3 VFD para el motor principal, el motor trasero y la bomba de alimentación. El operador puede configurar los parámetros de funcionamiento en la pantalla táctil HMI para ajustar las condiciones de funcionamiento, como la velocidad del tazón, la velocidad de desplazamiento para obtener el rendimiento esperado. La centrífuga decantadora trifásica GN está equipada con un sistema de circulación de aceite lubricante para la lubricación del cojinete principal. Este sistema de lubricación en tiempo real asegura el funcionamiento estable de la máquina.

Para prolongar la vida útil de la centrífuga decantadora trifásica, GN adopta protección de material de tungsteno en las hojas del tornillo e instala casquillos resistentes al desgaste en el puerto de descarga de escoria. Hay 2 puertos en la parte inferior de la caja de recolección, la escoria y la fase líquida ligera se descargarán respectivamente de estos dos puertos, mientras que la fase líquida pesada se descargará usando la bomba centrípeta. El operador puede ajustar la palanca para obtener una interfaz adecuada de aceite y agua para obtener un aceite o agua más claro.

La centrífuga decantadora de 3 fases GN tiene una amplia aplicación, como la producción de aceite vegetal comestible, el tratamiento de residuos de cocina, etc. Una de las aplicaciones típicas se utiliza en el sistema de tratamiento de lodos de aceite GN como un equipo combinado para reemplazar la centrífuga decantadora de 2 fases y la pila de discos separador. Lo que cumplirá con los requisitos del contratista de rendimiento de alto costo.

Para obtener más información sobre el paquete de centrífuga decantadora trifásica, no dude en ponerse en contacto con GN Separation.Related: bioadvanced complete insect killer safe for humans, barbers point beach cottages pictures, patti brooks net worth, rizal as a student, what happened to thomas kedden, 40% silver eisenhower dollar, i’ve taken a ride on a loon balloon, university of new haven internships, how to eat bottle caps candy, viral video of man jumping off roof, discrepancy between receptive and expressive language scores, bryan renteria jr obituary, garfield high school shooting today, things to do in stockbridge, ma in winter, tsukenjo roast pork recipe,Related: axios timeout after 2 minutes, what is a four plank house, beaver dam lake swimming, hillsborough county public schools employee handbook, medicaid assisted living new jersey, missouri rules of civil procedure motion to dismiss, why is andrew called pope, carleton college students, do not go gentle into that good night mla citation, lowrider pedal cars for sale, markham police department, wyndham key west timeshare, why does yogurt make me gag, olive view psychiatry residency, point of maximal impulse newborn,Related: kermit’s candy company, nrcs eqip payment rates 2022, wlp800 vs wlp802, extras christmas special cast, green river crossing oregon trail game, can you bbq at wasaga beach, hilton core competencies, clinton ok shooting, escaping polygamy security guys, lyft autonomous vehicles las vegas, norwegian accent generator, stranger things experience tickets, does the allstate mayhem guy do his own stunts, charles drake obituary, hijab digest official website,Related: mike tango car accident, tom pace hawaii, divine command theory strengths and weaknesses, famous descendants of convicts sent to australia, nais malaman sa mitolohiya at pandiwa, is trey bell from the bell life married, kayak st laurent vector, harvey levin bike accident, tash sefton birthday, banksy work analysis, reagan bel air home demolished, foca laundry detergent, dennis johnson obituary virginia, shooting in corinth, ms, standard poodle forum,Related: moore public schools principal salary, implications of these symbolic interactionist thoughts to education, maximum path sum in a triangle leetcode, how to enter no solution in webwork, hunterdon hills playhouse 2022 schedule, compensation grade profile in workday, maximum occupancy laws alberta, descartes clock metaphor, paul le mat illness, airdrie motherwell fans fighting, johnny contardo family, steph curry son down syndrome, hangar for sale kelowna, ddg 141 uss hoover, norman shutters replacement parts,Related: doubletree manchester, nh parking, why was the king of denmark considered a suitable husband, jefferson hospital philadelphia internal medicine residency, asterisk inside or outside quotation marks, shopee for security reasons we cannot process your request, best used german cars under $20,000, nouveau care tier 2 visa sponsorship, what is morphological analysis in nlp, 2023 locality pay increase, should i aggravate injury before mri, gopher tortoise repellent, ben ikin and wife, regional service commission 8, pita jungle lemon vinaigrette nutrition facts, soulja slim mom house,Related: western sydney wanderers u13, azimuth to bearing calculator, stanthorpe agricultural society, queen elizabeth letter to mrs kennedy, was gary richrath married, cupra formentor ambient lighting, things to do at ross bridge resort, fulton hogan employee benefits, forced circumcision boarding school, zsuzsi starkloff age difference, mn dnr conservation officer, clint murchison iii, hilton frontenac restaurant menu, corbett maths simplifying algebraic expressions, civil liberties vs national security pros and cons,

Centrífuga decantadora GN Industry para la separación de hidróxido de aluminio. En la etapa actual, la separación química fina es popular en diferentes industrias químicas. Especialmente la separación entre agua y sólidos, la centrífuga decantadora está especialmente diseñada para la industria química y farmacéutica.

Esta aplicación industrial requiere altos estándares de higiene, la configuración y el material para la industria química y farmacéutica se seleccionan para los altos estándares de higiene. El acero inoxidable dúplex de alto grado normalmente se selecciona para la centrífuga. El diseño de protección contra el desgaste de la centrífuga química GN-LW garantiza una operación de larga duración.

El lodo contiene agua de alúmina (partículas finas) y nitrato de sodio disuelto en agua. La centrífuga decantadora GN es capaz de cumplir con los requisitos de deshidratación para la lechada de alúmina. Los diferentes tamaños de centrífuga decantadora GN proporcionarán una capacidad diferente para los clientes. El siguiente enlace es para la centrífuga decantadora para separación de hidróxido de aluminio:

GN diseña y fabrica centrífugas decantadoras de diferentes tamaños para la separación industrial. Las centrífugas decantadoras de recipiente sólido han estado operando de acuerdo con los mismos principios básicos desde el siglo XIX. Centrífuga GN; la línea de producción es de tazones de 9 pulgadas (220 mm) a tazones de 30 pulgadas (760 mm), con una relación de longitud y diámetro de tazones de hasta 4,2, y la fuerza G ajustable es de hasta 3000 G para cumplir con las diferentes aplicaciones de separación de la industria

Las centrífugas específicas de diseño de GN de ​​acuerdo con tareas de separación específicas y el uso de materiales resistentes y de alta calidad han mejorado el rendimiento de las centrífugas.

Además, GN posee una sucursal para diseño de PLC y sistema de control eléctrico; esto le da ventajas a GN en electricidad. Hebei GN Separation and Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd está especializada en centrífugas decantadoras, ¡damos la bienvenida a todos los clientes que vengan a visitarnos!Related: bobby whitlock obituary, bando psicologia federico ii 2021, for honor cross progression ps4 to pc, male to female transition before and after photos, news 4 woai sports anchors, merrimack river deaths, it cosmetics secret sauce or confidence in a cream, pastor carlton byrd sermons 2020, peggy ann jordan age, carved mammoth tusk for sale, staunton news leader obituaries, how to get a better deal with virgin media, flats and apartments for expats in nha trang, vietnam, wreck in davidson county yesterday, road to the show softball tournament 2022,Related: ultra music festival customer service, russell m nelson covid vaccine, when a guy says have a good weekend, uptogether fund application, carroway funeral home : lufkin tx obituaries, what does the smoke represent in long way down, luxury airbnb scottsdale, az, 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