Specially made high-capacity units for all drilling environments

gnsolidsamerica.com patterns, manufactures and operates a comprehensive line of advanced balanced-elliptical and linear-motion shakers for each onshore and offshore applications. Regardless of whether utilised as scalping, main or stand-alone units, our high-capacity USA shaker screen provide unmatched solids removal. All folks shakers can be found for sell or rental.

We pioneered the designing of shakers that occupy minimum rig area, but supply the muscle to care for large solids volume. In high ROP applications, our shakers maintain solids at bay, allowing your energetic drilling fluid to complete at peak efficiency.

In designing our suite of substantial performing shakers, we looked initially at back as they are going to be asked to accomplish. Because drill solids degrade quickly when 1st processed, it is actually crucial they speedily be eliminated from your circulating mud. And that is where the shaker screen comes in, going for a critical position since the 1st mechanism for solids removal. Failure to be solids from the active mud could suggest diminished ROP, equipment harm, non-productive time and higher prices. In developing our shale shaker technologies we thought of:

The shaker vibration pattern

Vibration dynamics, or G-force

Deck size and configuration

Shaker processing efficiency

Shaker screen characteristics

What resulted are a great deal of a great number of innovative, large performing and cost-effective shakers across industry.

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