GNSB centrifuge pump manufactured by GN Solids
America LLC is the mud feeding machinery for solid control equipment in
drilling mud system.

Pump installation

Pump installation location should be near to
the source and purposely to shorten the length of the suction period and
prevent the suction loss. Pump installed base should be leveled, firm and secured
in order to avoid vibration during operation.

 Coupling installation

The pump and motor for a long use life depends
on the elastic coupling. Available steel straightedge by coupling the up and
down or so, with the view straightedge and coupling the garden all parties
should contact closely. Namely coupling outside garden parties should be in a
straight line to make sure that the motor shaft and pump shaft coaxial angle.

 Entrance pipeline installation

Entrance piping shall be in accordance with
the pump inlet matching.

Suction piping not allowed to install throttle
valve, but can be installed normally open valve to reduce fluid flow disorder. To
avoid suction people line produced in steam bubble, the pumping source and
between pump from high to low gradually transition. If users need to pump in
use suction conditions, use vacuum pump or bottom valve pilot.

Pump at the entrance line must be flat; the
length of at least two times the diameter of the inlet line.

Exit line

In order to facilitate pump maintenance, the exit
pipeline should be installed normally with open valve.

All line (including population line) must have
their own support.

When work condition is unknown or unstable,
export in pipeline must be installed throttle valve in order to ensure the pump
in the design point operation.

When the pump discharge and pressure equipment
connected, the throttle valve and pump must install a check valve to prevent
the liquid reflux, otherwise, the return fluid can lead to damage

GN solids control produced mud
handling equipments and mud
are mainly used for cleaning and recycling the used driling fluids
from the well bore.

If you need mud
handling equipments with mud tanks and solids control system, pls contact with
GN solids control in Beijing, China or GN solids America in Houston, USA, we
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