GN 4sests 1000gpm mud process for CPP, was
beat in April, 2015. The particular mud recovery system is a number of stage
mud separation dirt system with mud desander, mud
desilter & centrifuge. For details equipment construction of the mud
system, could you check more from GN 4sets 1000gpm mud recycling where possible
centrifuge system for CPP news.

Our engineer left for CPP jobsite in Northern part of China to give having
service. And he followed down below procedures:
1) Give listing of tools required during having before he came to typically the
jobsite. Let client put together the tools list first to save lots of time.
2) After applications prepared, our engineer head over to jobsite 1-2 days
prior to starting commissioning. To discuss with CPP workers at jobsite and
prepare plan for everyday. The total having period will last about five days.
3) First moment, to arrange mud tank structure at
jobsite. Find right position for mud fish tank, which have good distance
fromHDD going rig. Make balance with the ground, and then put the soil tank to
the correct placement.
After mud tank finish off, mount the framework using desander & desilter immediately
upside on the mud reservoir; mount thecentrifuge framework instantly upside on
the mud aquarium. This framework is designed for quick assembly and
disassembly. Entire cost will be higher, however operation cost will be cheaper
and much time-saving.
4) 2nd day, to connect the wires from power source to be able to mud system,
try to analyze the desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge,
centrifuge feed pump as well as centrifugal pumps.
5) 3 rd day, to do answer questions/ give solutions for all the difficulties
faced in the commissioning.
6) Fourth day, after every thing makes sure no problem, start to analyze the
mud system using drilling mud.
7) Sixth day & sixth moment, our engineer will stay with jobsite to check
the dirt system during working. Right after make sure everything is functioning
normally, our engineer reveals commissioning service feedback notice to jobsite
supervisor allowing him sign and give reviews for our service.
As China and taiwan leading manufacturer for HARD DISK DRIVE mud recycling
system along with solids control
along with waste management equipment, GN commit to offer better
items, reliable service and ever before work hard to become the Number 1 solids
control manufacturer from China. If you have any needs, pls contact us- GN
Solids Control freely

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