The shale shaker vibrate strongly and regularly in a certain motion, drilling mud from well head fall onto the shaker screen surface, separated under the strong vibrating force.

While go pass the screen surface, water phase and clean mud fall into the mud system for drilling, solids separated and moved away for next process.

There are 2 eccentric blocks inside the vibrating motor, users adjust the angle of the 2 eccentric blocks to get different vibrating strength.

Note that: In drilling site, the 2 motors of a shale shaker should running under the exact the same vibrating strength for a stable performance. 

Vibrating motor is one of the most important parts for shale shaker.

As China leading 1 shaker manufacturer, GN Solids Control utilize Italy brand vibrating motor for its shale shaker. It is much more reliable than common China shakers.

GN can also offer interchangeale vibrating motor (and replacement shaker screen) for Swaco shaker, Derrick shaker and Brandt shaker, with good leading time and very reasonable price.

A vacuum manifold is attaching to shaker screen of vacuum shaker screen recovery system. Or it installs a vacuum manifolds which have a shaler screen attached to it.

The vacuum system attached to the shaker’s  basket, so the manifolds vibrates with the shaker while shaker running.

There is a vacuum line with a fluid/air separato attached to vacuum manifolds. The vacuum manifolds is connected to collection tank. The vacuum unit is installed as close as possible to the shaker to keep the distance that the recovered fluid is transported as short as possible.