As is known to all, conventional solids control equipment, such as vibrating screen, desander, desilter and centrifuge can separate 2-5 micron particles, the tiny particles, it is difficult to by a simple mechanical separation method. But with the ongoing of drilling, ultrafine particles accumulate if, in the mud circulating system, drilling have a big impact in the long run. Drilling contractors have to drilling fluid to reach the purpose of drilling using is being continuously diluted.This creates more waste of water resources, and produce more drilling waste.GN SOLIDS CONTROL can GN1500 series 20 feet box type flocculent dosing system into a 20 foot container after decorating the room, easy operation and transportation. Through this system can dewatering centrifuge with champions league, and elevating bracket and for slurry pump, can meet the requirements of customers overall solutions.
Sludge flocculation centrifugal dewatering system works
Crown can GN1500 series 20 feet box type flocculent dosing system is mainly chemical flocculant automatic configuration, used for auxiliary dehydration centrifuge separation of water-base drilling mud tiny particles, so as to get clean water for industrial use. By using GN1500 series 20 feet box type flocculent dosing system with crown to high-speed frequency conversion centrifuges, can separate ultrafine particles in water base drilling mud, to meet the requirements of the recycled water.
For mud does not be born the circulatory system, flocculation and dewatering system is particularly important, it can help keep clean mud drilling company, and can reduce the drilling waste. To reduce the overall operating costs. For the heavy mud, first through mechanical centrifuge separation, recovery of heavy metal and stone, and then into the dosing flocculation centrifuge separation system.
Sludge flocculent dosing dehydration system main components
1) PAM automatic soluble medicine device (PP box, three groove continuous stirring)
2) mechanical diaphragm metering PAM dosing pump
3) flocculant soluble drug dosing device
4) coagulant aid mechanical diaphragm metering dosing pump
5) 20 feet container tall ark

dosing system

Lubrication of bearings
Lubrication position and time intervals see Table 5.1. The lubrication for main bearing should be done during normal operation of centrifuge, fill lubricate until it overflows from lubricate discharge. The reasonable amount of lubricate is to 1/3 of lubricate tank, in case of lacking lubricate, the bearing might be burnt, while in case of over lubricate might cause abnormal heating up.
Lubricating holes of impeller big and small end bearings are respectively on the big and small end covers, and the lubricating work should be done during the centrifuge is stopped. Open the upper cover of collection box and screw off the jack screw, and respectively inject 25g and 86g lubricate into small end and big end with grease gun. When injecting lubricate, symmetry jack screws should be screwed off in order to allowing existing lubricate to discharge.
Lubrication of gear box

After 300 hours of first time running of a new gearbox, lubricate must be changed. Before filling in the new lubricate, the inner chamber of differential mechanism must be clearly drained. Re-lubricate with new lubricant after every 1000-1500 hours operation per above mentioned instructions. Use mesh 100 filter when lubricating. Obstacles like iron scraps adsorbed on the magnetic plug must be cleaned every time when lubricating or re-lubricating. Check the lubricate amount per figure 5.2. Adjust the lubricate hole to 30 degrees to horizontal, when the lubricant is just to overflow, it means lubricating is enough. (Not to fill it totally full).
Lubrication or Feeding Pumps (see operation manual of centrifuge feeding pump)
Before delivered from factory, bearings are already well lubricated, and also differential mechanism and couplings, and passed the 4 hour unload commissioning test. When you start to use of decanter centrifuge or re-start it after a time, please check all the lubricating points and check if there is oil leaking on differential mechanism and couplings. Re-lubricate per conditions.

GN solid control since its inception 05 is a focus on solids control equipment and mud centrifuge manufacturing company.GN solid control is a set research and development, manufacturing, after-sales service in one of the all-round company, products are exported to more than 60 countries around the world at present, and in the United States, Russia, the Middle East, Europe and other countries to establish a branch, research and development institutions. GNsolid control is also the first domestic enterprise through the API certification solids control.GN can get the centrifuge is a world-class oil service company baker hughes, Egypt’s state oil company’s favor and recognition.With the continuous development of GN company, GN decanter centrifuge has been applied in removing oil and gas industry, other than the current coalbed methane industry, trenchless industry, mining industry, shield, etc, and perform well.
GN can also in the active development of new industry centrifuge, for the champions league to centrifuge adding add member.Specific industry is as follows:
A, municipal sludge areas: including sludge dehydration and concentration of sewage purification plant, highly waterworks sludge dewatering, environmental protection dredging project
2, industrial and mineral oil: it contains sludge processing, steel plant sludge, the drilling mud, drilling emulsifier and drilling mud, tunnel excavation, pipe, piling mud, washing sand and gravel water flushing water, processing ore and mineral.
Three, edible oil and fat/biofuels: rubber processing leather factory, the production of fuel ethanol dehydration kettle boiling, soybean protein, etc.
Four, beverage production: fruit juice, fruit juice and vegetable juice production and wine clarification and wine slag treatment etc.
Five, chemical/pharmaceutical/food: the production of starch and gluten, the extraction of potato starch, vegetable protein extraction, plastic recycling, harvesting algae and algae oil extraction, soya-bean milk production, whey processing, PPS, phosphorus chemical industry, glass polishing liquid, etc.
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Drilling fluid sand mud removal machine is used for drilling fluid solids control system of 2/3 solids control equipment, drilling fluid sand silt is all-in-one hydrocyclone desanding/mud, with a combination of vibrating screen, a drilling fluid sand silt all-in-one work reliable maintenance convenient, can effectively remove the suspended more than 30 microns in drilling fluid solid phase particles, increase drilling fluid to realize the barite recovery and increase the use requirements of the drilling fluid, drilling fluid performance, stable to improve drilling efficiency, reduce drilling cost, drilling fluid sand mud removal machine is the ideal equipment of drilling fluid separation oil industry.
Drilling fluid shale shaker sand mud removal machine adopts special flameproof vibration motor as vibration source, compact structure, high efficiency, safe and reliable.Drilling fluid sand silt all-in-one desanding hydrocyclone, in addition to the mud cyclone to choose suitable for outdoor + 40 ℃ efficient polyurethane materials.Drilling fluid desanding desanding and desilting machine desilter cyclone parts not adhering sand, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light installation, etc.
Vibrating screen is at the bottom of the drilling fluid sand silt machine according to the theory of linear motion track vibration sieve surface design, two motor midperpendicular Angle and screen surface into a corner, such two vibrating motors rotating in opposite directions, the mutual movement generated excitation power, offset each other in the X direction, vibration force is zero.And two motors in Y direction vibration force each other to drive the whole the reciprocating movement of the screen box up and down along the Y direction, at the same time make the mud on the surface of the mesh along the Y direction is thrown, then free fall has been moving forward, so being thrown down on the mud forward movement, mud slurry leaking through the sieve into the mud tank and the most solid particles in the mud is screening out, thus the mud slurry purification effect.
Drilling fluid sand silt on the integrative cyclone is designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation, the drilling fluid separation medium through sand pump produce certain pressure and velocity, along the spiral into the cyclone wall, coarser particles under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, the cyclone wall spiral sink, from the bottom LiuKou eduction, falls below breakdown vibrating screen separation, has risen in a spiral along the hydrocyclone, the rest of the media from the overflow mouth into the next level of separation device further purification treatment.tumblr_merk9lMF7B1qmbqy4

GN solid control GNZCQ series vacuum degasser can meet a variety of applications. the equipment is usually installed after the shale shakers, can quickly remove various gases which intrusion into the drilling fluid, to restore the proportion of mud, stable mud property, is a very important part. To ensure the drilling well mud to keep the proper proportion. GNZCQ series vacuum degasser self-priming function, produced by the equipment on vacuum pump vacuum effect gas cut mud can be pumped in degasser, and therefore requires no additional centrifugal pump. At the same time, it can also be used as a powerful blender, applicable to matching all kinds of mud circulation purification system. Vacuum degasser, scientific and reasonable design structure, will lead to effective separation of gas and liquid, filter out impurity, guarantee the exhaust pipe is always open.


Pay attention to the following operation factors :
1, installation, operation and maintenance convenience, trouble-free long working hours.
2, with light weight, small size, low consumption, easy installation and maintenance simple, start, and so on.
3, the degassing efficiency is high, the degassing efficiency is 95% ~ 99%.

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