With more and more cooperation between
China government and Russia Government, there also more and more cooperation
between China companies and Russia companies. As China leading manufactures in
China, GN Solids Control Ltd have more and more development in Russia.

Now the world economic environment is not
good, industry companies becomes more and more difficult under this conditions.
Many companies, even many big and famous companies and cannot survive at the
bad condition. But GN Solids Control can keep improving and developing. With
the advanced design equipment, reliable and fast services, and international
services net, GN Solids Control get more and more marketing share from the
international market.  

Recently, 4 sets solids control shale
as well as 4 sets solids control mud cleaner dispatched to the port for
Russia clients.

It is not the first time the clients buy
from GN Solids Control Company. But GN Solids Control is the first suppliers
for this client from China. Before buy the solids control equipment from China,
the clients only buy big equipment from America and European.

Why the client finally decided to buy from
GN Solids Control

1) GN Solids Control is China leading
manufacturer for mud solids control and drilling waste treatment system

2) GN Solids Control is China leading
company for drilling waste treatment system. GN engineering group have good
expericent on the drilling waste management field

3) GN Solids Control prompt response to
clients. The client oriented services.

4) Advanced and user friendly design on the
solids control and drilling waste treatment systems.

5) Cost-effective price. GN only make top
quality products and offered with reasonable price. Clients will follow GN after the first
deal, they will give repeat orders and recommend new customers to GN Solids
Control company.

6) One top service and turn key solution:
from solids control linermotion shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter,
mud mixing system, variable pumps, mud agitators, mud guns, mud tanks,
electrical control systems, decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer…

GN 500 GPM mud recycling system is one of
the most hot sale system model for horizontal drilling directional drilling (HDD),
water well drilling, CBM drilling, as well as for some small workover rigs.

Water well drilling is very important; it
is not only used for human being life and industry purpose. For oil and gas
drilling field, it is also very important. Before start the operation of oil
drilling, the jobsite need to drill water well. As all the drilling activities
need to use water. They have to ensure water supplier before start drilling oil
and gas well.

One set trailer mounted GN 500 GPM mud cleaning system arrive client job site and highly commended by the clients.
The GN 500 GPM mud recycling system is designed for 1000m deep water well
drilling. It can also suit for 350hp drilling rigs and ZJ20, ZJ30 drilling

It is a complete mud system including mud
treatment system and mud mxing system, as well as electric control system. GN
reserves a spare connect on the inlet and outlet pipe of the mixing pump. The
system can be used to mix mud in outside tanks, and it can transfer qualified
mud to outside tanks. Clients can connect the outside storage tank directly.  

The GN 500 GPM mud system is a customized
system per clients’ request. The system is including following equipment.

1) Solids Control shale shaker, model GNZS703E.
It is a linear motion shale shaker with 3-panel. Its capacity is 500GPM.

2) Mud cleaner GNZJ703E-D8N.It is a
combination of shale shaker and desilter cleaner.

3) Mud mixing system

4) Mud tank and accessories.

Besides this proposal, GN Solids Control
offers different standard mud system to cater for different jobsite condition.
GN have below standard design for 500gpm mud system:

1) The economic standard GNMS-500B mud
recycling system

2) The normal standard GNMS-500G mud

3) The high standard GNMS-500GL mud system.
Compare with above proposal, this model is equipped with more treatment process
and with a bigger usable tank capacity.

GN company keeps for standard mud system,
welcome you contact GN for inquire.

Box Used on Drilling Site

Cuttings box is also called cuttings collection box
that is widely used on drilling site as a temporary vessel to collect and store
the drilling waste cuttings. Due to the purpose of the cuttings box, it is
designed compact and easy for transportation. Once the cuttings box is full, it
could be replaced by an empty one.

The cuttings box is always used on the drilling
site where the mud pit is not available. In the solids control system, the cuttings boxes are always located under the solids discharge
chute of the shale shaker to collect the cuttings out of the primary shaker.
Same situation as the cuttings box located with the de-sander, de-silter and decanter centrifuge.

Most of the cuttings boxes are simple without a
cover. And if you want move it, you need be careful as the cuttings still with
large content liquid will splash out. With consideration on this, GN Solids
Control designed a type waste cuttings box with a fully sealed cover on it.
When collecting the cutting, the cover is open; when transportation, the cover
is locked easily to prevent the splashing of the cuttings. It is an ideal
container to meet the requirements of HSE regulations for hazardous waste
movement. Not only for waste cuttings, also for some other hazardous waste
discharges. At the bottom frame of GN’s cuttings box, the forklift loading
grooves are designed for easy moving and replacing.

The advantage to use cutting box is no need dig a
mud pit on the ground, then the pitless mud recycling system as well as waste cuttings management system are realized. Fully covered box could be transported safely and easily
for waste management plant where the waste would be further treated. The disadvantage
is you may need many cuttings box stock on drilling site so that you could
replace a full one immediately. The cutting boxes everywhere would occupy much
area of the site.

Linear motion shale shaker is the first step solids control equipment, and it is the base separation machine for oil and gas drilling rigs.
Shale shaker is a D100 separation machine. D100 means 100% separation. The particles over the separation point can be fully removed after going through the shale shaker screens.
Shale shakers will be placed on Sand trap Tank. In the normal conditions, clean mud from shale shaker will fall down to the sand trap tank. We also call it shale shaker tank or shaker tank.

But in some cases, the operators may need to bypass the shaker tank (sand trap) and direct the drilling fluid to other tanks, then they need to use these side charges. Otherwise operator is not able to bypass sand trap. Most shale shaker are discharge the drilling fluids from shaker deck bottom, so what should they do in this condition? GN Solids Control company offer you the solutions.
GN Solids Control latest design shale shaker is equipped with a sump for dual functions. Operator can choose to let the drilling fluids fall down to the underneath shaker tank (sand trap). The new design is welcomed by the international market, like USA, Brazil, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Tunisia…
Furthermore, GN patent design offers the shale shaker with a reliable performance and much more user-friendly for operators. Below are parts of GN patent design shale shaker features:
1) Interchangeable and fast removable sealing rubber for the shaker deck. It is not only offer the better sealing, but also can protect the shaker deck and shaker screen, and extend the lifetime of replacement shaker screen.
2) Synchronous up and down of the shaker deck angle. It means no matter you adjust the angle from which size, both sides shaker deck angles will be up and down with exactly the same degree.

GNZS594E -HB model of linear motion shale shaker
is a 4 outside patio’s shale shaker with screen area 2 . 7 rectangular meters
and composit materials of screen can be fitted to improve screen working
lifestyle. The 2 sets of spielzeug motor help to supply a new linear motion
vibration as well as max 7. 5G H force for better performance. The actual 4 pc
of body type shaker screen fastened
to shale shaker by 6 pc wedge for quick replace. The four units length will
help drilling cuttings can be process dryer regarding longer drying distance
and gratification. There are 3 options for load box of shale
depending on what drilling they actually. HB buffer box with regard
to oil & gas drilling shaker, DZ buffer package for Coal Gas Methan or HDD
drilling shaker, hopper buffer box to get drilling waste management cure

Other than shale shaker, GN Solids supply a complete set of solids control
equipment as well as drilling waste management such as desander, desilter,
mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, screw pump, auger, straight
cuttings dryer, mud agitator, mud tank, mud gun, etc
. GN Solids present you with a complete design for a full remedy for client,
please make contact with GN website for more information or even call us