High speed centrifuge is very important for mud purification. After some circulation, there will be more and more fine solids in the drilling mud, it will let the drilling mud too weight. In this case, high speed centrifuge is request to separate the fine solids in the drilling mud.

GNLW363 centrifuge is gear box type high speed centrifuge for fine solids separation. It has a 50hp main drive and a 15hp back drive, and use the gear box for differential speed.

For more information of GNLW363 centrifuge, you can visit GN website.

Damping spring is a very important wearing parts of the shale shaker.

There usually 4 damping spring for a shale shaker. Function of the damping screen is to make the start / stop of the shale shaker more soft, to protect shaker screen and the shaker frame from strong vibrating.

A better material spring can make the shale shaker running more stable and longer the lifetime.

Many shaker suppliers, they steel damp spring for shaker. While the Chinese top 1 manufacturer GN Solids Control, they use composite material for shale shaker damping spring. It is inside metal and outside covered with rubber. More strong and flexible.

GN most advantages on decanter centrifuge for barite recovery, fine solids separation and waste management (big bowl). GN is the only 1 API certified manufacturer in China who can make big bowl centrifuge for drilling waste separation.

GNLW363 decanter centrifuge as the replacement model to Derrick DE-1000 and Swaco 518, it is widely used by drilling company and mud services company. Big bowl centrifuge is widely used by mud service company. For mud service company, they buy the big bowl centrifuge can both used themselves or rent to others.

Why GN Solids Control is the best choice for a deanter centrifuge for oil and gas drilling field?

GN Solids Control is an international company. They have an advanced manufacturing plants mainly focus on decantering centrifuge in China. They have offices in Houston, Russia, Libya, Epype, Australia and South America, they stock decanter centrifuge for oil and gas field in local market and can ship to users in short time.

GN international market strategy make it have a better and deeper understand on centrifuge international quality standard. Its main manufacturing plant located in China, which make GN decanter centrifuge much more compotitive with the same higher quality compared with U.S and Europe companies.