drilling fluids

The drilling mud decanter centrifuge driven
by VFD will give many benefits to the clients. The adjustable bowl speed and differential
speed allows the operators to set the right G force and solids pushing speed
according to the drilling mud conditions.

To design the VFD Control Panel, the
contractor needs the power supply specifications. Normally it is 460V/60HZ for
USA standard or 380V/50HZ for Europe and China standard. Than the pulley size
of the motor and bowl side will decide the bowl driving speed at different
frequency. After confirming the bowl speed formula, the contractor needs the
formula for calculation of the differential speed. For GN Decanter centrifuge,
the Sun-Wheel gear box ration is 57:1. So the differential speed will be the
bowl speed minus the gearbox input speed and divided by 57.

For the VFD Control panel, there is
different explosion proof standard. In China, it is CN Explosion proof which is
close to IEC Ex standard. In Europe, it is ATEX Explosion proof. And in North
America, the explosion proof standard is UL for USA, and CSA for Canada.

GN Pressurized VFD Decanter Centrifuge control
panel is specially design for Zone 1 or Zone 2 standard with ABB VFD and
stainless steel cabinet. The PLC smart control allows the user to operate the
drilling mud decanter centrifuge by HMI screen.

GN VFD decanter centrifuge has been
exported to over 30 countries and regions, GN Solids Control VFD decanter
centrifuge is available in different sizes including: GNLW223C-VFD (9inch)
bowl, GNLW363C-VFD(14inch bowl), GNLW453C-VFD (18inch bowl), and the big bowl
big volume centrifuge with 22inch bowl and model is GNLW553C-VFD.

To support the worldwide operators, GN
Solid Control keep expanding our branches, now , GN service and support are
available from Beijing, China, Houston, USA, and Russia. Some other areas are
covered by GN local partners who are the professional solids control service

With more and more cooperation between
China government and Russia Government, there also more and more cooperation
between China companies and Russia companies. As China leading manufactures in
China, GN Solids Control Ltd have more and more development in Russia.

Now the world economic environment is not
good, industry companies becomes more and more difficult under this conditions.
Many companies, even many big and famous companies and cannot survive at the
bad condition. But GN Solids Control can keep improving and developing. With
the advanced design equipment, reliable and fast services, and international
services net, GN Solids Control get more and more marketing share from the
international market.  

Recently, 4 sets solids control shale
as well as 4 sets solids control mud cleaner dispatched to the port for
Russia clients.

It is not the first time the clients buy
from GN Solids Control Company. But GN Solids Control is the first suppliers
for this client from China. Before buy the solids control equipment from China,
the clients only buy big equipment from America and European.

Why the client finally decided to buy from
GN Solids Control

1) GN Solids Control is China leading
manufacturer for mud solids control and drilling waste treatment system

2) GN Solids Control is China leading
company for drilling waste treatment system. GN engineering group have good
expericent on the drilling waste management field

3) GN Solids Control prompt response to
clients. The client oriented services.

4) Advanced and user friendly design on the
solids control and drilling waste treatment systems.

5) Cost-effective price. GN only make top
quality products and offered with reasonable price. Clients will follow GN after the first
deal, they will give repeat orders and recommend new customers to GN Solids
Control company.

6) One top service and turn key solution:
from solids control linermotion shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter,
mud mixing system, variable pumps, mud agitators, mud guns, mud tanks,
electrical control systems, decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer…

Drilling waste decanter centrifuge can be used together with Chemical enhance dewatering unit. We call it dewatering unit. The total system is normally put in a 20ft container or a 40ft container, per customers’ request.

Chemical enhance dewatering unit, frankly speaking, it is a mixing system for chemicals. Chemical can be mixing and storage in the system per the set conditions. And then the qualified chemicals can be transferred to decanter centrifuge feeding pipe and mixed with mud before center into centrifuge for treatment.

Some customer is wondering: the decanter centrifuge is used to separate the fine solids from drilling mud, why chemical enhance dewatering unit is need together? And in which condition, the chemical enhance dewatering unit is needed?
The reason is that, decanter centrifuge is a kind of physical separation. It applies high G force and the differential speed to separate fine solids above 2 ~ 5 microns from drilling mud. For the even more fine solids smaller than 2 ~ 5 microns, decanter centrifuge is not worktable. They will be left in the fluids after separation. If customer want to separate this part of the ultra fine solids and get more pure water, chemical treatment is requested.    
The function of the chemical enhance is to make the fine solids in a bigger size, in this case, decanter centrifuge can treat it.

Then customer have another question, how they get the chemicals? How should they know which kind of chemicals should be add? How much should be add? How long time should be wait? How long time for mixing with drilling mud? If they buy centrifuge dewatering unit from GN Solids Control, can GN company offer chemicals to them? …
Answers as below: The centrifuge manufacturer or dewatering unit manufacturer, they normally only make the machine, they do not supplier chemicals. There are chemical company for all the jobs. What you should do then is to find a reliable chemical supplier, send them samples of your materials, and tell them result you want to get, the chemical engineer will test and offer you the suitable chemicals and instruct you how to use it.

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Introduction of mud gun in mud tank system

Mud gun is widely used in mud tank system. It is normally mounted at tank corner. Its function is to agitating drilling mud, and avoid the solids phase in drilling mud from settling down, and keep an equal weight of the mud. Mud gun can also be used to transfer mud from tank to tank or from compartment to compartment.

There are high pressure mud gun and low pressure mud gun used for mud systems. During China brand mud gun, the normal model is 3.2Mpa or 6.4Mpa. The high pressure or lower pressure of mud gun depends on the power source of the mud gun. High pressure mud gun is feeding by mud pump. Its feeding line connected with mud pump flow line. Lower pressure mud mud gun feeding for centrifugal pump. The quantity of mud gun in mud tank system depends on the tank design and tank dimension.  

Applications of Mud gun in mud tank system

There are 2 inch and 3 inch mud mud gun for mud tank system. Both model have fixed design and manual adjustment design for option.

Parameters of mud gun is as below :

Model       GNNJQ50A-3G GNNJQ50A-3X GNNJQ80A-3G  GNNJQ80A-3X

Working Pressure                                        ≤6.4 Mpa

Rotation Degree  0°                   360°                  0°                      360°

Nozzle Qty                                                     3

Gun Diameter      2 Inch             2 Inch                3 Inch                3 Inch

Connection Size   G2’‘                G2’’                    G3’’                    G3’’

Remarks: In the model name, G means fixed design, X means manual adjustment design.

Drilling mud agitator and mud gun in mud tanks

Mud gun is usually used together with drilling mud agitator. Mud agitator is mounted in the middle of the tank compartment. The corners agitator cannot reachable. Mud gun will be used together with mud gun to keep the tank corner mud moveable. GN design mud gun is equipped with 3 nozzles, each nozzle with 120°to each other.  

Desander, desilter and mud cleaner is the most common type hydraucyclone separator machine used in mud cleaning system, like system for oil and gas drilling, water well drilling, Geothermal drilling, Coal Bed Methane drilling, Horizontal Directional drilling and so on.

Hydraucyclone separator desander desilter and mud cleaner is used after shale shaker, and then dessander, desilter is used after desilter. Per the jobsite condition and the mud drilling rig request on mud, only desander or destiler separator can be used, or none of them be used.

There are different type of hydraucyclone separator. They have different features, users can choose the suitable model.

Design 1: Only Desander or desilter hydraucyclone assembly, without underflow shale shaker.

Option models for desander: GNWSE-2S / GNWSE-3S

Option models for desilter: GNWSE-12N / GNWSE-16N

Strong point: The simple type desander and desilter is with side-discharge deisng. It is with small footprint. And price lower.

Weak point: Hydraucyclone is not D100 separator. If there is no shale shaker separator under the hydraucyclone parts, performance will not be very good. Some big size solids may flows into the tank mud system.  

Conclusion: If there are limited space on tank top and users want to save cost. desander and desilter without underflow shale shaker should be a good choice. It is normally used is underground construction system and compact mud system but not used for deep oil and gas drilling.

Design 2: Desander desilter with a small size under flow shale shaker.

Option models for desander: GNZJ752E-1S / GNZJ752E-2S

Option models for desilter: GNZJ752E-8N / GNZJ752E-12N

Strong point: With separate shale shaker under the hydraucyclone assembly, drilling fluids can be separated by screens before falling into tank system. And price is good.

Weak point: The small size shale shaker cannot get very good separation result, and big capacity not available.

Conclusion: It is normally used in compact mud system for HDD, CBM etc… And some workover rig mud system.

Design 3: Desander desilter with a big size under flow shale shaker. Both desander and desilter hydraucyclones can be mounted in the same shale shaker. Compact design and best separation. The price the most high among the 3 designs and performance best. When move the hydraucyclone assembly . It can be used as a separate solids control shale shaker.

Above is the introduction of the models, users can choose the suitable design per its detailed condition.