HDD & CBM Mud Recycling System for Asian HDD Clients

In Asia, the use of trenchless technology in construction and infrastructure projects is becoming increasingly common. To meet the demand for efficient construction, GN Solids Control has recently delivered state-of-the-art mud separation and mud recycling systems to its non-excavation customers in Asia to reliably support the success of their projects.

GNMS-1500GPM Mud Separation Station:

To ensure the smooth running of the project, GN Solids Control supplied two GNMS-1500GPM Mud Separation Stations. Designed for non-excavation projects, the primary function of these systems is to effectively remove impurities and particles from the mud. Through this critical step, we ensure optimal performance of the drilling fluid while minimizing wear and tear on subsequent equipment. Its compact design makes it easy to deploy and relocate to meet the diverse needs of a project.

GNMS-200 Mud Recovery System:

We also delivered the GNMS-200 Mud Recovery System, designed for debris separation and mud recovery in trenchless projects. The system effectively separates solid drill cuttings from drilling fluids, allowing for efficient reuse of valuable mud. The environmental benefits of the system are clear, helping to reduce waste and promote resource recycling, creating significant environmental benefits for our customers.

An environmental and economic win-win:

These delivered slurry separation and recycling systems not only provide an efficient construction solution, but also make a significant contribution to environmental protection and resource management.GN Solids Control has always been committed to providing high-quality and efficient solids control solutions to ensure our customers’ success in a wide range of engineering projects.

By investing in GN Solids Control’s state-of-the-art equipment, non-excavation customers in Asia can not only improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, but also better fulfill their environmental responsibilities. We look forward to providing reliable slurry separation and recycling solutions for more non-excavation projects in Asia, and together we will promote sustainable development in the engineering industry.