GN Solids Control is China leading manufacturer of compact design mud recycling / cleaning system for HDD, CBM drilling and water well drilling. GN mud desanding plant for micro tunneling, piling and other trenchless activities is also sold well.
GN 500 GPM mud recycling system for HDD and water well drilling has be dispatch for Middles East. The system is catering for mobile unit, and can be used for water well drilling, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), Coal bed methane (CBM drilling), as well as oil and gas drilling.

Equipment included in the 500GPM Mobile unit mud system:
1) GNZS703E-ZD shale shaker, 1 ea
It is a linear motion shale shaker with 3 panels. The shaker is equipped with back type feeding box for a lower feeding height. In case the mud will be flowed to shale shaker directly through pipelines.
Features of GNZS703E shale shaker
a. It utilizes the most reliable linear motion for a stable performance.
b. The shaker model utilize pretention screen, Each screen mounted by 2 ea wedge for fast screen changing.
c. The shale shaker deck of GNZS703E shaker is made from stainless steel material for a better performance of anti-abrasive and longer lifetime.
d. The dumpling spring of the shaker is steel material internal for more stronger and better performance of vibration desorption. The spring external is protected with rubber sleeve to prevent fingers involved in during operation.    
e. The vibration model is chose from worldwide famous brand: Italy Oil or Martin.
2) GNZJ703E-8S desilter mud cleaner
It is the combination of a shale shaker GNZS703E and 8 ea 4’’ desilter cone assembly. The 4’’ desitler cone is made from PU material for long lifetime.
And the cone assembly is removable. In case needed, the Operator can bolt off the desilter cone assembly and mounted a feeder box and use it as a separator shale shaker.
3) Slurry pump 1 ea. In case mud maybe stocked in mud pit, a slurry pump is used as backup.
3) Mud tank 1 ea. The mud tank is equipped with container block for easy mounted and clocked on the trailer.


Oilfield screen shaker separator normally called oilfield shale shaker or screen separator. It is the first step solids control equipment used in oil field and other drilling activities. It is the necessary solids control equipment for mud systems, no matter for oil and gas drilling, HDD, CBM, TBM, or piling.


Per the motion type of screen shaker separator, there are linear motion screen shaker separator and balance elliptical motion screen shaker separator.  
Oilfield screen shaker separator is normally linear motion type. And linear motion screen shaker separator is the most popular and long history type. Linear motion is more reliable. It can suits more kinds of jobsite condition.
While Balance elliptical screen shaker separator is very limited with jobsite and mud condition. When there are big load of mud, or the mud fall onto screen shaker deck unequally, the motion will be damaged and the BEM shaker cannot be working well. Mud will be over flow.

Per shaker deck quantity, there are single deck screen shaker separator and double deck screen shaker separator. Double deck screen shaker separator can be used for scalping shaker separator. The top deck use coarse mesh screen for pre-separation, while the bottom deck use normal mesh wire screen per jobsite condition.

Per the difference of applications and G force, screen shaker separator can be divided into solids control screen shaker separator and drilling waste management high G screen shaker separator. Beside the application G force is different, for solids control screen shaker separator and drilling waste high G force screen shaker separator, the feeding type of the 2 screen shaker separator is also different.
Solids control screen shaker separator is normally use top type or back type weir feeder, or box feeder, while drilling waste screen shaker separator is use hopper feeding.
Solids Control screen shaker separator can be fed by slurry pump or fed directly from the rig manifold under gravity. While drilling waste screen shaker separator can be fed by screw conveyer or cuttings transfer pump.  

Double deck shale shaker is widely used in CBM drilling (Coal bed methane), piling, micro tunneling and other HDD rig mud system as its big capacity and compact design. The top deck shaker screen can use steel screen (0.1mm, 0.2mm, 1mm etc… per jobsite condition) to separate the coarse size. The bottom deck use normal pretensioned frame screen (API40, 60, 80 etc…)

Parameters of GNZS705 double deck shale shaker

Model:                            GNZS705E

Vibration Mode:              Linear Motion

Vibration Motor:           2×1.94KW, Voltage and Frequency customized

Vibrating Strength:          ≤7.5G (Adjustable)

Treating Capacity:          528GPM(120m³/h)

Deck Adjustment:          -1°~5°

Top Shaker Screen:        3 Panel 2.1m3

Bottom Screen:                3 Panel 2.6m3

Weir Height(Back type buffer box):      895mm

Shaker deck material:           Stainless Steel

Weight:                            2000kg

Dimension (mm):                    2717x2012x1413

Remarks: Treating capacity test from mud:1.2g/cm3density & viscosity 45s & 60 mesh screens

Applications of GNZS705 double deck shale shaker

GNZS705 is a hot sale shaker model made by GN Solids Control company It is a double deck shale shaker with 5 screen panels: 2 screen panels in top deck and 3 screen panel in bottom deck. When the shaker model is used in CBM drilling system, piling system or micron tunneling mud cleaning system, customer choose steel frame screen for long lifetime and big volume. It is a common shaker model for GN compact mud system. It can even be used in GN350~500GPM HDD mud recycling system for small footprint and economic price.

Advantages of GNZS705 double deck shale shaker

1) The shaker model is made from Stainless steel material for better performance on anticorrosive.

2) Vibrating motor from world famous brand: IEC Ex, ATEX and UL Certified (Italy Oil or Martin brand motor, etc…)

3) The whole shaker deck is made from hot treatment. It is more stronger under high G force vibration.

4) Patent tighten rubber sealing for shale shaker deck and screen. It is with long life and easy for replacement.

5) Pretensioned shale shaker screen mounted with wedge for fast screen change.

6)  Flexible options on feeding type: Weir Feed, Top Feed, and Hopper Feed for different applications

7) The shale shaker can be mounted together with desander cone and used as a mud cleaner.

TBM is Tunnel boring machine, it is similar to piling. It is widely used for municipal construction, like subway, tunnel, etc… There are high content coarse rock particles generated during the process. It does not have high standard for mud quantity. No need separate to very small size. It request big capacity for a rough separation, like 120m3/h or 240m3/h mud systm.

Mud plant for TBM Tunnel boring machine

It is compact mud system with double deck shale shaker, and desander hydra cyclone above the shale shaker to used as a combination of mud cleaner. 10’’ Desander cone quantity varies from 1 ~2 for different capacity (120 CBM or 240 CBM). TBM mud system use steel frame screen (e.g. 0.3mm, 0.5mm, etc…) and desander cone. Desilter normally is not used in TBM drilling mud system.

TBM Tunnel boring machine supplier:

1) Akkerman Inc  for Trenchless Tunneling Equipment 

2) Alvenius Industrier AB (Sweden)

3) Associated Polymer Services Ltd Geotechnical and Tunneling Supplies 

CBM (Coal Bed Methane) is more and more widely used. As natural gas as a clean energy type become more and more polular.

CBM (Coal Bed Methane) mud system is similar to HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling). Compared with TBM and piling, it has a higher request on mud quality.

Mud cleaning system used for CBM drilling:

1) Per different capacity, Shale shaker is single deck or double deck, and utilize shaker screen 2 panels, 3 panels or 4 panels.

2) Desander cleaner

3) Desander cleaner

4) Mixing machine

CBM (Coal Bed Methane) machine supplier:

1) Atlas Copco (America)

2) SCHRAMM (America)

3) Sany Heavy Industry (China)

Desanding plant for TBM and mud cleaning system for CBM us different. They are not changeable. Customer should specify the rig type before order. For any questions on compact mud system, you can contact GN group for solution.

CBM drilling is the short name of Coal Bed methane. 95% of CBM drilling is getting nature gas. It is very different with oil and gas drilling. Oil and gas drilling rig normally need to drill very deep well to get crude oil, while CBM drilling is normally in small depth.  

As the special features of CBM drilling, it has higher standard for drilling fluids. High quality bentonite is widely be used for CBM drilling mud systems.

As the high request on environmental protection, zero discharge mud system for Coal Bed Methane drilling necessarily should be equipped.

GN international high standard Zero discharge mud system for CBM drilling

1) GN double deck shale shaker with 4×4 inch desilter cone.

It is the first stage and the third stage solids control process. The double deck shale shake combine the function of shale shaker and desilter.

2) Baby centrifuge GNLW223VFD with small PLC control for VFD. It is used as forth stage solids control.

3) Mixing hopper and mixing pump for mud mixing

The mud tank can be skid mounted, mobile mounted, or equipped with hydraulic jack up legs for self-lifting.