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GN Solids Control tiene grandes cantidades de zarandas operando por distintas regiones del mundo. Mas de 70 países se benefician de la exportación de maquinarias y equipos fabricados y diseñados por GN Solids Control. Centros de distribución en varios países ubicados en diferentes continentes proporcionan una gran facilidad para exportar y suministras a nuestros clientes, ayudando a que la locación no influya en lo absoluto. GN Solids Control cuenta con establecimientos en Australia, Latinoamérica, Rusia, América y el Medio Oriente.
Las zarandas juegan un papel fundamental cuando hablamos de control de sólidos, trabajos de perforación y diferentes tipos de tratamiento en la industria petrolera. GN Solids Control aproximadamente vende alrededor de mas de 200 zarandas al año, considerándose una de las maquinarias mas populares en el mercado.
Las zarandas de GN Solids Control poseen distintas características que ayudan a distinguirlas con las de la competencia. Las zarandas presentan un marco compuesto alrededor pretensado que otorga facilidad a la hora de tener que cambiar las mallas y también se beneficia por darles mas durabilidad a las mismas. Las zarandas de GN Solids Control pueden ponerse en marcha utilizando un motor vibrador de la marca US Martin o Italy OLI y el panel de control funciona con SIEMENS o Schneider Component.
Las zarandas cuentan con una plataforma mecánica que permite ajustar el ángulo, proporcionando mas seguridad y confiabilidad a la hora de hacer ajustes mientras el sistema continúa trabajando con diferentes fluidos de perforación. La cama de la zaranda debajo de la malla esta hecha de acero inoxidable y anticorrosivo para garantizar larga duración a la maquinaria. Además, las zarandas cuentan con tecnología patentada, diseñadas con tamiz sellado para minimizar el paso de solidos finos y facilitar el mantenimiento.
Las zarandas también incluyen un sistema de bloqueo hecho de acero inoxidable fácil de usar, y una especie de muelle de goma para la vibración que hace mas seguro y menos ruidoso el proceso. GN Solids Control busca siempre maximizar la seguridad y durabilidad de las maquinarias, aplicando características tecnológicas e innovadoras.

Box Used on Drilling Site

Cuttings box is also called cuttings collection box
that is widely used on drilling site as a temporary vessel to collect and store
the drilling waste cuttings. Due to the purpose of the cuttings box, it is
designed compact and easy for transportation. Once the cuttings box is full, it
could be replaced by an empty one.

The cuttings box is always used on the drilling
site where the mud pit is not available. In the solids control system, the cuttings boxes are always located under the solids discharge
chute of the shale shaker to collect the cuttings out of the primary shaker.
Same situation as the cuttings box located with the de-sander, de-silter and decanter centrifuge.

Most of the cuttings boxes are simple without a
cover. And if you want move it, you need be careful as the cuttings still with
large content liquid will splash out. With consideration on this, GN Solids
Control designed a type waste cuttings box with a fully sealed cover on it.
When collecting the cutting, the cover is open; when transportation, the cover
is locked easily to prevent the splashing of the cuttings. It is an ideal
container to meet the requirements of HSE regulations for hazardous waste
movement. Not only for waste cuttings, also for some other hazardous waste
discharges. At the bottom frame of GN’s cuttings box, the forklift loading
grooves are designed for easy moving and replacing.

The advantage to use cutting box is no need dig a
mud pit on the ground, then the pitless mud recycling system as well as waste cuttings management system are realized. Fully covered box could be transported safely and easily
for waste management plant where the waste would be further treated. The disadvantage
is you may need many cuttings box stock on drilling site so that you could
replace a full one immediately. The cutting boxes everywhere would occupy much
area of the site.

and taiwan traditional new year will come in February. 2016. In order to thanks
all of GN clients’ support in days gone by year, GN Solids Control offered big
discount on sale for GN drilling
waste materials management equipment
. The big discounted for sale activity
will last for the complete Jan.
Drilling waste products GN company offer significant discount for sale in Jan.

1) Vertical
cuttings dryer GNCD930C
and GNCD930C-VFD. Its mainly used to treat the
oil-based drilling cuttings (OBM). Functionality is very good. The Straight
cuttings dryer can reduce the particular oil on cuttings to be able to 3% ~ 5%.
Soon after VG dryer, the reliable discharged is very dry. Its easy for movement
by vehicle. In some countries, it can be cleared directly with such very low
OOC. If not, it can be eliminated to treat by thermal desorption unit.
2) High H dryer (also called substantial G drying shaker). The item utilizes
high G drive reach to 8. 0G in order to dryer the cuttings. Substantial G
drying shaker is principally used to separate water basic mud cuttings. Water
bottom mud is more difficult intended for separation. The main problem to
manage WBM with VG dryer is that, the mud may block the screen holder, then it
cannot distinct any mud any more. Large G dryer shaker may also be used to
treat oil base mud. But it can only reduce acrylic on cuttings to 15 ~ 15%, it
is not sufficient.

3) High speed
decanter centrifuge GNLW363C
and GNLW363C-VFD. It really is 14 inch
decanter centrifuge. 14’’ is the most popular dimension centrifuge used in oil
and gas drilling field. Client can choose permanent speed control or changing
frequency control. For the VFD control, GN offers PLC touch screen for sensible
4) Big dish decanter centrifuge GNLW553C-VFD. This can be a big bowl big level
decanter centrifuge. It is which has a 22 inch bowl. It’s the biggest size from GN Solids Control. It can be useful
for waste management, for mud solids control, as well as chemical substance
dosing system (dewatering unit).
5) Screw conveyer. GN offers different diameter and various length screw
conveyer to get drilling cuttings transfer. The actual auger diameter do GN
Solids Control offer: 10’’, 12’’, 14’’, 16’’, in addition to 18’’. GN make 10
ft as standard the design of each section. Clients can make 1 ~ 4 areas for 12
ft, twenty four ft, 36 ft, along with 48 ft. Clients can help to eliminate or
extend the length from jobsite when need. 

Mud agitator is a
motorized mixer that is installed on the storage tank to keep fluid
consist mixed with additive and avoid separation by gravity.  According to the experience of continues use
on the field, the selection of mud mixer should consider to a few points:

Rotation speed: Operators it does not want the cuttings in the mixing process
splintered more into smaller debris, so the stirrer speeds cannot be high, the
energizer should choose between 50~60rpm. For more than 60rpm of mud mixer,
recommended the user to take a cautious on the result of the high rotation

Sealing: According to the feedback of use from the operator.   As mixing conditions are not ideal, the
drilling fluid mud agitator shaft is not suitable for the use of end face seal,
the general packing seal is also hard to use. At present, the more suitable is
the use of multiple sets of V type packing. It has self sealing performance and
self compensation ability, and long-term maintenance adjustments abilities will
not cause lubricating oil leakage problems.

3.    The impeller:
There is a variety of mud mixer impeller, but it must take consideration
that  a small diameter of the blade with
high speed of mixer motor have the small amount of circulation, shear force,
and therefore does not apply to the use of drilling fluid solid suspension.
Therefore, the diameter of the impeller should be consider larger. Second, pay
attention to the turbine type impeller has been widely used in the drilling
fluid mixer, which is the best open type turbine, because there is no central
disc, not to hinder the mixing of the upper and lower liquid phase of the

Solids America LLC manufacture
its own mud agitator and export it to the
world as needed.