solids control equipment

Mud agitator is a
motorized mixer that is installed on the storage tank to keep fluid
consist mixed with additive and avoid separation by gravity.  According to the experience of continues use
on the field, the selection of mud mixer should consider to a few points:

Rotation speed: Operators it does not want the cuttings in the mixing process
splintered more into smaller debris, so the stirrer speeds cannot be high, the
energizer should choose between 50~60rpm. For more than 60rpm of mud mixer,
recommended the user to take a cautious on the result of the high rotation

Sealing: According to the feedback of use from the operator.   As mixing conditions are not ideal, the
drilling fluid mud agitator shaft is not suitable for the use of end face seal,
the general packing seal is also hard to use. At present, the more suitable is
the use of multiple sets of V type packing. It has self sealing performance and
self compensation ability, and long-term maintenance adjustments abilities will
not cause lubricating oil leakage problems.

3.    The impeller:
There is a variety of mud mixer impeller, but it must take consideration
that  a small diameter of the blade with
high speed of mixer motor have the small amount of circulation, shear force,
and therefore does not apply to the use of drilling fluid solid suspension.
Therefore, the diameter of the impeller should be consider larger. Second, pay
attention to the turbine type impeller has been widely used in the drilling
fluid mixer, which is the best open type turbine, because there is no central
disc, not to hinder the mixing of the upper and lower liquid phase of the

Solids America LLC manufacture
its own mud agitator and export it to the
world as needed.

GN 4sests 1000gpm mud process for CPP, was
beat in April, 2015. The particular mud recovery system is a number of stage
mud separation dirt system with mud desander, mud
desilter & centrifuge. For details equipment construction of the mud
system, could you check more from GN 4sets 1000gpm mud recycling where possible
centrifuge system for CPP news.

Our engineer left for CPP jobsite in Northern part of China to give having
service. And he followed down below procedures:
1) Give listing of tools required during having before he came to typically the
jobsite. Let client put together the tools list first to save lots of time.
2) After applications prepared, our engineer head over to jobsite 1-2 days
prior to starting commissioning. To discuss with CPP workers at jobsite and
prepare plan for everyday. The total having period will last about five days.
3) First moment, to arrange mud tank structure at
jobsite. Find right position for mud fish tank, which have good distance
fromHDD going rig. Make balance with the ground, and then put the soil tank to
the correct placement.
After mud tank finish off, mount the framework using desander & desilter immediately
upside on the mud reservoir; mount thecentrifuge framework instantly upside on
the mud aquarium. This framework is designed for quick assembly and
disassembly. Entire cost will be higher, however operation cost will be cheaper
and much time-saving.
4) 2nd day, to connect the wires from power source to be able to mud system,
try to analyze the desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge,
centrifuge feed pump as well as centrifugal pumps.
5) 3 rd day, to do answer questions/ give solutions for all the difficulties
faced in the commissioning.
6) Fourth day, after every thing makes sure no problem, start to analyze the
mud system using drilling mud.
7) Sixth day & sixth moment, our engineer will stay with jobsite to check
the dirt system during working. Right after make sure everything is functioning
normally, our engineer reveals commissioning service feedback notice to jobsite
supervisor allowing him sign and give reviews for our service.
As China and taiwan leading manufacturer for HARD DISK DRIVE mud recycling
system along with solids control
along with waste management equipment, GN commit to offer better
items, reliable service and ever before work hard to become the Number 1 solids
control manufacturer from China. If you have any needs, pls contact us- GN
Solids Control freely

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GN Solids Control is China leading
manufacturer for solids control
and compete with US brand and win lots of tenders / project from
the hands of US brand solids control equipment suppliers, eg MI-Swaco, Nov
brandt etc. Especially for Middle East & Africa market, we have good sales
amount for Kuwait, Iran, Oman, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa,
Libya, Gabon, Uganda etc. Recently, we have some project as below.

G dryer shaker & big
shaker screen
order for Iraq

We exported 3 high G dryer to Iraq. The dryer model is
GNZS594E-HG, equivalent model to Swaco Mongoose shaker with 4 panel composite
material shaker screen. The High G dryer is generally used for water based mud
drilling cuttings treatment, to lower down the liquid content in the solids.

We also export 800pcs replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose
composite material screen. The end user is Iraqi drilling company, local
biggest drilling contractor. The clients give us order after testing the

OBM drilling waste management
equipment to Kuwait

The KOC buy one big batch of OBM drilling
waste management
equipment via local oil service company. The equipment
order includes:

Vertical cuttings dryer, 1 set

High G dryer double deck, 1 set

Centrifugal pump, over 30 sets

Shear pump, over 10 sets

Screw conveyors, over 30meters

Centrifuges with dryer for Iran
mud service company

The Iran largest mud service and solids control service
company buy over 20 sets of centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryer with High G
dryer from 2010. The company have long term partner relationship with GN Solids
Control and help GN equipment to go into Mapna drilling rigsite, Dana drilling
rigsite, NIDC drilling rigsite…

GN Solids Control is China leading supplier
for solids control equipment. The key equipment is decanter
( for solids control & waste management) & Vertical
cuttings dryer ( or VertiG, for drilling waste management). With this two key equipment,
GN Solids Control set their footprint to all over the world rigsite. Thanks for


GN Solids America LLC’s parent company, GN Solids Control
LTD located near Beijing, China, is the solids control machinery manufacture
who exports to sixty plus countries around the world’s oil and other drilling
regions.  With many other solids control
machinery manufacture by GN Solids Control LTD, the GNSL series jet mud mixer
is widely used paired with other solids control machinery and/or system.

GNSL series drilling fluid jet mud
’s purpose mixes the drilling
fluid to many different add chemicals to change the density and viscosity of
the drilling fluid. This drilling fluid machinery can meet the demand of the
fluid weighting and mixing of drilling solids control system for many kinds of
depth of drilling. Jet mud mixer structure contain of one centrifugal pump, one
feeding hopper and the control panel (optional). Frankly, the pipes and valves
connecting all these parts, the mud hopper use of the jet mud mixer is either
4“and 6”
opening for additive chemicals.

The inner wall boundary, cavitation and
erosion; swirl mixer pressure can’t bigger than 30% outlet pressure; the value
of mixer should operate in flexible, able to seal and reliable; each hoop and
flange joint should be properly sealed for reliable working order and don’t
have leakage. It is integrated with Ventura hopper and mechanical seal, jet
mixing pump which are connected with manifold valve. 

The drilling fluid jet mud mixer can assist
rig workers  to get the ideal drilling
fluid with good properties by adding bentonite clay, polymer and other chemical
powder additives. The pump, hopper  and
the control panel all can be installed on a single skid, or on the skid tank end or separately with the hopper on a tank
top and the pump at tank side. 

As the leading manufacturer of solids control equipment
in China
, Hebei
GN Solids Control Co., Ltd always focus on the delicate details to improve its product
quality and to distinguish itself from other China’s suppliers. Take the star
equipment decanter centrifuge
for instance, which sell around 200 sets a year,
especially popular in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. GN Solids
Control takes unique protection device to protect the decanter centrifuge
during transportation and give detailed instructions for storage to keep it

 When transported, fix the bowl by fixing belt
and tightening belt before long distance transportation to protect the main
bearings. Lift at the appointed eyes when assembling and disassembling. Fix the
centrifuge stably at the well covered truck or closed cabin when transported so
as to prevent collision and influences by bad weather. If the decanter
centrifuge is not be used immediately, the decanter centrifuge should be placed
in a warehouse ventilating well with a relative moisture below 90% at 25 ℃. Temperature should be no higher than +55℃ and no lower than -25No strongly corrosive
should exist. Smear grease or paint the places which are likely to rust if for
long time storage. To prevent dysfunction of electrical components caused by
damp, electrify the control cabinet once half a year.

 With the powerful protection measure for
transportation and detailed instructions for storage, the quality of GN
decanter centrifuge is improved. Besides serving as the last stage treatment
machine in solids
control system
the decanter centrifuge can also used to treat oil sludge with chemical added,
and for dewatering unit with dosing systems. In addition, GN also designed and
manufactured specialized waste management decanter centrifuge to handle the
drilling waste discharged from the vertical cutting dryer as second phase