Equipment description
GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer is used for drilling waste management, to remove the particles below 3mm;The dryer can reduce the liquid content in cuttings ( WBM / OBM / SBM), to make the discharged cuttings comply with the requirement of environment protection; recover the valuable drilling mud and lower down the drilling cost.
During drilling, theoretically speaking, about 1-4 barrels drilling fluids can be recycled from each barrel of drilling cuttings removed by solids control equipment. Theoretically speaking, GN drilling cuttings dryer system consisting of Vertical cuttings Dryer could recycle about 1 barrel drilling fluids from 3 barrels drilling cuttings
structural compositions and working principle
The dryer is composed of frame assembly, filter unit, driving system, lubricating system, Inlet/outlet device etc
Filter unit
This is composed of screen basket, bell jar combination, rotor assembly etc. The screen basket gap can be chosen per jobsite requirement
Driving system
The power is from ex-proof motor. The motor drive the main pulley, the main pulley drive the gearbox housing via V belt, the gearbox drive the bell jar combination and screen basket assembly. Fix the gearbox input shaft, to make the gearbox output shaft speed little lower than gearbox housing speed, to drive the rotor assembly in a speed which is slower than screen basket assembly rotation speed
Lubricating system
This power unit body applies centralized lubrication system. The lubricating oil in the oil tank is pumped into power unit via the oil pump, from top to down flow back to oil tank via oil return pipe which connected with oil pan
inlet/outlet device
The device including material feeding hopper, liquid outlet, solids discharge etc
The feeding hopper is on top of upper shell, the material go into filter unit via feeding hopper, spread on screen basket inside wall evenly via distribution plate.The liquid outlet is connected with lower shell liquid outlet channel, to discharge the liquid from dryer.Solids discharge port is


GN CBMDrilling

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