GNCD series vertical drilling cuttings dryer
GN can GNCD series drilling cuttings dryer is the domestic first can handle oil-base mud and water base mud vertical dryer, as domestic famous brand can produced solids control equipment, it has advanced design, good processing effect, long service life, etc, has been all over the world is widely used in waste pulp treatment. In the process of drilling, theory usually solids control equipment each isolated 1 cubic meters of solid drilling cuttings, can recycle about 1 to 4 cubic meters of drilling fluid. Designed. the GN cuttings dryer and matching equipment, drilling cuttings drying system can in theory from three cubic meters of drilling cuttings recovered about 1 cubic meter of drilling fluid (specific data according to the scene material state of feed, the feed speed, the way of conveying the material and so on).Drilling cuttings dryer can also and centrifuge, become a whole set of drilling waste management system, used to dry drilling cuttings, recovery of drilling fluid.

The main effect of drilling cuttings dryer
Reduce water-based, oil-based mud drilling cuttings or composite base mud drilling cuttings total emissions, thereby reducing waste pulp to be processed, to meet the environmental emission requirements.
Recycling valuable drilling fluid, so as to reduce the drilling cost.
Reduce the liquid content in the cuttings, in order to improve the follow-up waste pulp processing equipment processing power.
Finally, designed the GN dryer can help users to achieve environmental protection, reduce the quantity of waste liquor, maximize the drilling fluid recycling, reducing drilling cost.
Crown vertical drilling cuttings dryer product advantage
High separation factor – work of up to 900 RPM, can form the separation factor of 420 g, effective separation of drilling cuttings in the fluid.
Treatment effect is good, the drilling cuttings liquid content is usually less than 5%, can satisfy the requirement of the typical 6% OOC.
Ability to process large – capacity are usually 30 to 50 tons per hour (processing capacity and mud viscosity also have very big concern, and the slurry viscosity and solid content, grain size, types of drilling fluid and drilling fluid temperature and other factors)
Long service life, discharging scraper composed of high chromium cast iron casting, long service life.
Variable frequency optional – can provide constant speed drilling cuttings dryer not only version, more frequency version for you to choose, speed can be adjusted from 0 to 900 RPM freedom, more flexible.


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