ondrilling lower price of unsavory oil doesn’t hold the stage of oil and gas
market, because the crude oil and gas is always needed by the modern-day world,
the oil and gas associated companies still have to work around the oil and gas
exploring and drilling, just try to reach this at a lower cost. That’s why
inside the coming Oil Show to become held in April in The ussr, Chinese brands
become more plus much more popular.

But the oil firms don’t want to sacrifice the standard although on a much lower
cost, and accordingly, the most least expensive solutions become their precious
choice. GN Solids Control, who
produces and provides the particular internationally best quality of products
at a reasonable made in China value, becomes the best choice of the drilling
companies and oil provider companies.
This time, for the Moscow oil show 2016 that is scheduled in April, GN will
bring the most updated GNLW363CG Decanter
and GNZS594E shale shaker to the necessary oil show, and also
its sturdy and effective screens.
GN has attended Moscow necessary oil show for several years. Each year, GN
brought the newest designed goods to the clients, and GN sales team supported
lots of Russian language companies. GN produces are usually certified by
Russian TP & TC, welcomed by simply Russian market.
Main components of GNLW363CG:
Bowl height 14 inch.
Bowl span: 50 inch.
Max velocity: 3900RPM
Typical speed: 3200RPM.
Typical G force 2062

Main factors of GNZS594E drying
Linear motional.
616 RPM treating capability.
Vibration G force as much as 8. 0.
Screen sizing 1165*585MM
Screen area: installment payments on your 73 sqm

If you have prefer to go to Moscow oil present, pls contact us and verify a
time for meeting, And also GN has office within Moscow for your easy speak to
at any time.