Cuttings Box Used on Drilling Site

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Box Used on Drilling Site

Cuttings box is also called cuttings collection box
that is widely used on drilling site as a temporary vessel to collect and store
the drilling waste cuttings. Due to the purpose of the cuttings box, it is
designed compact and easy for transportation. Once the cuttings box is full, it
could be replaced by an empty one.

The cuttings box is always used on the drilling
site where the mud pit is not available. In the solids control system, the cuttings boxes are always located under the solids discharge
chute of the shale shaker to collect the cuttings out of the primary shaker.
Same situation as the cuttings box located with the de-sander, de-silter and decanter centrifuge.

Most of the cuttings boxes are simple without a
cover. And if you want move it, you need be careful as the cuttings still with
large content liquid will splash out. With consideration on this, GN Solids
Control designed a type waste cuttings box with a fully sealed cover on it.
When collecting the cutting, the cover is open; when transportation, the cover
is locked easily to prevent the splashing of the cuttings. It is an ideal
container to meet the requirements of HSE regulations for hazardous waste
movement. Not only for waste cuttings, also for some other hazardous waste
discharges. At the bottom frame of GN’s cuttings box, the forklift loading
grooves are designed for easy moving and replacing.

The advantage to use cutting box is no need dig a
mud pit on the ground, then the pitless mud recycling system as well as waste cuttings management system are realized. Fully covered box could be transported safely and easily
for waste management plant where the waste would be further treated. The disadvantage
is you may need many cuttings box stock on drilling site so that you could
replace a full one immediately. The cutting boxes everywhere would occupy much
area of the site.