As the leading manufacturer of solids control equipment
in China
, Hebei
GN Solids Control Co., Ltd always focus on the delicate details to improve its product
quality and to distinguish itself from other China’s suppliers. Take the star
equipment decanter centrifuge
for instance, which sell around 200 sets a year,
especially popular in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. GN Solids
Control takes unique protection device to protect the decanter centrifuge
during transportation and give detailed instructions for storage to keep it

 When transported, fix the bowl by fixing belt
and tightening belt before long distance transportation to protect the main
bearings. Lift at the appointed eyes when assembling and disassembling. Fix the
centrifuge stably at the well covered truck or closed cabin when transported so
as to prevent collision and influences by bad weather. If the decanter
centrifuge is not be used immediately, the decanter centrifuge should be placed
in a warehouse ventilating well with a relative moisture below 90% at 25 ℃. Temperature should be no higher than +55℃ and no lower than -25No strongly corrosive
should exist. Smear grease or paint the places which are likely to rust if for
long time storage. To prevent dysfunction of electrical components caused by
damp, electrify the control cabinet once half a year.

 With the powerful protection measure for
transportation and detailed instructions for storage, the quality of GN
decanter centrifuge is improved. Besides serving as the last stage treatment
machine in solids
control system
the decanter centrifuge can also used to treat oil sludge with chemical added,
and for dewatering unit with dosing systems. In addition, GN also designed and
manufactured specialized waste management decanter centrifuge to handle the
drilling waste discharged from the vertical cutting dryer as second phase