shale shaker is actually linear movement shale shaker retains regarding 80M3/h dealing with capability. This retains two shaker displays. The actual display region arrived at 1.8M2 or even 9.5ft2. GN may be used within function more than drilling rigs dirt program, short essential oil nicely drilling, for example ZJ20 rigs, in addition to 100t HARD DISK DRIVE dirt program.

GN Shale shaker is actually an additional linear movement shaker created by GN. This retains regarding 120M3/h dealing with capability. This retains two shaker displays.

The actual shaker display is actually 630x1250mm. It’s exact same along with NOVEMBER Brandt shaker display therefore it may be changed through NOVEMBER Brandt shaker display. Additionally it’s the fast alternative kind with regard to preserving enough time. GN Shale shaker generally utilized in ZJ30 dirt program, additionally 200t, 300t, 450t HARD DISK DRIVE dirt techniques.

GN shale shaker screen is quite well-liked shale shaker possibly because divided gear or even part of dirt program. 83-3 retains regarding 140M3/h dealing with capability.

And contains 3 shaker displays because 830x1080mmx3 the actual shaker display region is going to be two 7M2. The actual shaker displays tend to be exact same along with 83-2 Shale shaker them all could be changed through one another. And also the kinds could be gentle connect straps, PWP, as well as PMD kind.