The necessity of the drilling waste management  by biological treatment method In the process of oil exploration and production, waste liquid will produce a large number of Wells and drilling cuttings. Because the waste left in the well site storage tank, due to leakage and overflow, submerged killings, ecological environment caused serious pollution of groundwater, surface water surrounding. Is long-term environmental protection difficulty in oil field drilling waste, with countries to increasingly stringent environmental requirements, solve the problem of drilling waste pollution has become one of the important research subject of petroleum industry of environmental protection. 

Of drilling waste management  methods at home and abroad are mainly chemical flocculation, curing, washing, burning, drying and landfill etc as chemistry and physics to sichuan. After chemical flocculation treatment conforms to the requirements of environmental protection can be directly discharge, or loop is applied in compound mud, or into the well, but the lack of efficient economic flocculant; Chemical solidification method was cured of harmful substances not proliferation and migration, jean valjean asked environment but curing processing need certain cost, once and for all.

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