Drilling waste management system
contains two main parts:

Solid Waste Management – Real time with
transfering equipment, to Hi G dryer shaker, or verticle cuttings dryer, and then
Solidification processes; liquid as liquid waste, or reused.

Waste Management
– Dewatering, Water Treatment and Solidification
of remaining Solids

The solidification process we use is the
world’s leading liquid waste disposal solution. Super-absorbent polymers
convert liquid waste streams into solids quickly with less, “bulking up”,
saving you time and money and reducing landfill volumes.  Process
equipment is easily operated at the liquid waste generation point, eliminating
the need for vacuum trucks, thus improving the safety and associated liability
of current liquid waste treatment programs. The GN drilling cuttings
solidification or stabilization unit is for final treatment of drilling
cuttings or waste sludge after the drying treatment by GN
vertical cuttings dryer
and high G drying shaker or decanter

GN Solids Control have designed and
developed its own way for waste management equipment to be used in different
applications, GN modular drilling waste management units are small
packages of different function for drilling waste management. The modular waste
management equipment include drilling cuttings transfer unit, high G dryer
shaker unit, waste mud transfer unit, packaged skid mounted vertical cuttings
dryer, and decanter
centrifuge with telescopic skid
, and drilling waste container.

The modules contains all the needed
process in solid waste management, or liquid waste handling process, and can be
easily combined together for different site. Sometimes the clients dig holes,
or build up a temporary highland, to save a lot of equipment cost, and at the
same time, keep the whole system, ZERO discharge.