CBM drilling is the short name of Coal Bed methane. 95% of CBM drilling is getting nature gas. It is very different with oil and gas drilling. Oil and gas drilling rig normally need to drill very deep well to get crude oil, while CBM drilling is normally in small depth.  

As the special features of CBM drilling, it has higher standard for drilling fluids. High quality bentonite is widely be used for CBM drilling mud systems.

As the high request on environmental protection, zero discharge mud system for Coal Bed Methane drilling necessarily should be equipped.

GN international high standard Zero discharge mud system for CBM drilling

1) GN double deck shale shaker with 4×4 inch desilter cone.

It is the first stage and the third stage solids control process. The double deck shale shake combine the function of shale shaker and desilter.

2) Baby centrifuge GNLW223VFD with small PLC control for VFD. It is used as forth stage solids control.

3) Mixing hopper and mixing pump for mud mixing

The mud tank can be skid mounted, mobile mounted, or equipped with hydraulic jack up legs for self-lifting.