General description of Hydraucyclone desander desitler

Hydraucyclone is a normal parts used for mining industry, for drilling field, for waste water separation, soil depuration. In drilling field. Hydraucyclone can be used as desander desilter per different size. Or combined with shale shaker to work as mud cleaner. 

Big size desander cone normally used for mining, piling or CBM drilling.  Hydraucyclone for desander desilter in drilling fieldi usually small size:

1) Hydraucyclone for desander: 12inch, 10inch

2) Hydraucyclone for desilter: 5inch, 4inch

Main parts of Hydraucyclone for desander desitler. Take example of 4 inch desilter cone, it is components of below parts:

1) Shell

2) Cone tube

3) Drop in Apex

4) Orifice nut

When combined for a desilter machine, elbows and clamps, ball valves will be used for connection.

Principle of Hydraucyclone for desander desitler

Hydrocyclone is a cylindrical part of the conical vessel. The upper part of the internal cone section called the liquid cavity. Cone outside is provided with a liquid inlet pipe, and the liquid cavity is communicated to the tangential direction. The top of the container is the overflow port, the bottom is underflow (also called the discharging port). Cyclone size is determined by the maximum diameter of the cone. Its working principle is centrifugal sedimentation. Because of the coarse particles and fine particle size difference exists (or density difference), the centrifugal force, under the centripetal buoyancy, drag force of different sizes, due to the centrifugal sedimentation, pyramidal intermediate creates a low pressure area, forming a column of air, caused by vacuum suction effect, play, most of the fine particles in the cyclone under the actions of upper discharged from the overflow tube, heavy particles thrown to the wall of the barrel, slide along the barrel wall, from bottom outlet.

Materials ofd Hydraucyclone for desander desitler

Polyurethane is also called polyurethane formate, is a kind of polymer between the plastic and the rubber polymer materials. It has not only high strength plastic, and has the high elasticity of rubber. It is a new type of wear resistant material, an excellent comprehensive performance. It has many excellent performance, high wear resistance, in the synthetic material of the first, even more than some alloy steels. The polyurethane as hydrocyclone lining, its service life is four times of high chromium cast iron, four times eight times Ding hydrogen rubber, natural rubber. Polyurethane shore hardness in the range of 17~97 to 85~90, the best wear resistance.

TBM is Tunnel boring machine, it is similar to piling. It is widely used for municipal construction, like subway, tunnel, etc… There are high content coarse rock particles generated during the process. It does not have high standard for mud quantity. No need separate to very small size. It request big capacity for a rough separation, like 120m3/h or 240m3/h mud systm.

Mud plant for TBM Tunnel boring machine

It is compact mud system with double deck shale shaker, and desander hydra cyclone above the shale shaker to used as a combination of mud cleaner. 10’’ Desander cone quantity varies from 1 ~2 for different capacity (120 CBM or 240 CBM). TBM mud system use steel frame screen (e.g. 0.3mm, 0.5mm, etc…) and desander cone. Desilter normally is not used in TBM drilling mud system.

TBM Tunnel boring machine supplier:

1) Akkerman Inc  for Trenchless Tunneling Equipment 

2) Alvenius Industrier AB (Sweden)

3) Associated Polymer Services Ltd Geotechnical and Tunneling Supplies 

CBM (Coal Bed Methane) is more and more widely used. As natural gas as a clean energy type become more and more polular.

CBM (Coal Bed Methane) mud system is similar to HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling). Compared with TBM and piling, it has a higher request on mud quality.

Mud cleaning system used for CBM drilling:

1) Per different capacity, Shale shaker is single deck or double deck, and utilize shaker screen 2 panels, 3 panels or 4 panels.

2) Desander cleaner

3) Desander cleaner

4) Mixing machine

CBM (Coal Bed Methane) machine supplier:

1) Atlas Copco (America)

2) SCHRAMM (America)

3) Sany Heavy Industry (China)

Desanding plant for TBM and mud cleaning system for CBM us different. They are not changeable. Customer should specify the rig type before order. For any questions on compact mud system, you can contact GN group for solution.

GN Solids Control is world famous manufacturer for mud recycling system for HDD, CBM, piling, underground instruction, trenchless, dredge slurry separation, etc…
GN Solids Control also offers customized solution per customer’s condition. A customer request 500GPM mud system for HDD rig. Below are their requirements on equipment for the 500GPM mud system. GN Solids Control gives solution relatively to optimize the mud system for HDD rig:
1) Customer request on 500GPM mud tank dimension: Mud tank to same as 20 ft standard O.T. container.( Standard frame with container corners for transport on containers vessels and for quick lifting)
GN Solution on the 500GPM mud system tank dimension: It is no problem for exactly same dimension with 20ft container. But GN recommends the tank with a smaller width: 2000mm in order to put into container for shipment.
2) Tank compartment for the 500GPM mud system: Divide the 20 ft mud tank to three chambers – (1) Shale shaker chamber, (2) De-sander chamber, (3) Desilter chamber
GN confirms the 3 chamber of the 500gpm mud tank system
3) Customer request to install bigger shale shaker model GNZS594E with 616 GPM.
GN team confirms the big shaker for 500GPM mud system.
4) Furthermore, customer request install 2 Nos. of big power pump 6×5 centrifugal pump with 45 Kw motor.

And install big capacity mud cleaner (shaker + 2 nos. of de-sander + 12 Nos. of desilter) model GNZJ594E-2S12N with 1056 GPM capacity.
Per the big centrifugal pump and big capacity mud cleaner, GN engineer give solution that: connection shale shaker with mud cleaner shaker with distribution box, controlled by valve, customer can choose to use 1 shaker or 2 shakers. In this case, the mud system can extend to be with 500GPM capacity or 1000GPM capacity.
During 500GPM capacity, the user blocks half of desander cone and half of desilter cone for a better hydraucyclone separation.
5) Regarding mixing system, as customer already have some mud tanks locally, GN offers a separate jet mud mixer for option. Customer can chose it to match with its local mud mixing tank. Or connect the shale shaker tank with its original mud tanks.
The system is easy to shift between 500gpm and 1000gpm capacity. Customer is very happy with professional engineering team of GN Solids Control.
If you have interest on above 500 / 1000 GPM HDD mud system, or you have any special request on no-dig compact mud recycling system, you can contact GN group freely for more information.

Water Well drilling is the activities of drilling a hole in the ground for the extraction of ground water for life or industry usage.

For fast movement after one water well and for another jobsite, more and more customer prefer Mud tank system on wheels for water well drilling, also named as trailer skid mud system or mobile unit mud system. 100 ~ 200GPM Mud tank system on wheels is the most normal capacity for water well drilling mud system.

World top mud solids control system manufacturer GN Solids Control have difference standard proposal for 200GPM Mud tank system on wheels to cater for different customer demands.

GN High standard 200GPM mud tank system on wheels for water well drilling, with 2 shaker machine, main equipment as below:

1) Small shale shaker: GNZS752, with 2 panel shaker screens

2) Mud cleaner with desilter: GNZJ752-4N

3) Jet mud mixer (mixing hopper with mixing pump)

4) mud tank with wheels (trailer skid mud tank), the trailer skid is for option.

GN Normal standard 200GPM mud tank system on wheels for water well drilling, with 1 each double deck shaker machine, main equipment as below:

1) GNZJ753E-4N mud cleaner, 3 panel shaker screens, with double deck shale shaker, bottom deck performed as shale shaker, top deck performed as desilter

2) Jet mud mixer (mixing hopper with mixing pump)

3) Mud tank with wheels (trailer skid mud tank), the trailer skid is for option.

GN Economic standard 200GPM mud tank system for water well drilling, with 1 each double deck shaker machine, main equipment as below:

1) GNZJ753E-4N mud cleaner with double deck shale shaker, bottom deck performed as shale shaker, top deck performed as desilter

2) Small mud tank underneath the shale shaker

GN Solids Control also make customized system per customer special request. If you have any inquire, contact GN Group for solution.

Functions of decanter centrifuge speed for VFD and PLC system


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Decanter centrifuge is widely used for drilling rig mud system; it can be used from barite recovery, fine solids separation, as well as for waste management. It is utilizing different speed to vary G force and to separate different size solid particles from drilling fluids. In this case, centrifuge G force is very important for the performance.  

How to change decanter centrifuge speed for VFD and PLC system

It is actually differential speed what decides G force. Differential speed have relationship with bowl speed, gearbox input speed and the gearbox ration. Gearbox ration is usually a fixed figure for a certain decanter centrifuge model. Below is the relationship of them:

Differential Speed = ( Bowl speed – Gearbox input speed) / Gear Box Ration

 Take GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuge as an example, Gear Box Ration=57. Blow speed and gearbox input speed (conveyor speed) is changeable; they can be set on the PLC touch screen of the VFD centrifuge.  


So Gearbox input speed=Bowl Speed – 57×Differential Speed= Small Motor Speed transferred to gearbox by belt, in some occasions, it is also called conveyor speed.

 Below we see 2 examples

Case 1) Bowl speed=3200RPM, and Differential Speed=30RPM

Gearbox Input speed=3200-57×30=1490RPM ,

Case 2) Bowl speed=1200 RPM, differential speed=35 RPM

Gearbox Input Speed= 1200-57×35= -795RPM it is a negative number.

Above situation, you can see, sometimes the gear box speed is  a positive number, that means small motor running according to the Arrow on the belt cover. Watching from feeding tube side the small motor rotation is Anticlockwise.

The motor speed is changed for some condition. GN brand VFD centrifuge have program to control the motor speed and motor direction. It can changed automatically when necessary.