Solids Control equipment for 500GPM mud recycling system

500GPM is a very common system for HDD and CBM machine.

Below is a common recommended solids control equipment list for 500GPM mud recycling system.

1) One Linear Motion Shale Shaker GNZS703 
2) One Mud Cleaner with Desander / Desilter, and under fluids shale shaker GNZS703  
3) Centrifugal Pumps 6×5 (37kw) for feeding to desander/ desilter
4) 40 Feet Container size mud tank for recycling and mixing

5) Centrifugal pumps completed with mixing hoppers for drilling mud mixing.
6) Transfer function for transferring clean mud to the drilling rig mud pump.
7) Mud Agitators and Mud guns for agitation of the mud.
8) High quality mud tank attachment for easy operation and safety, Handrails can be fold up to the side of tank without removing during shipment.

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