Introduction of mud gun in mud tank system

Mud gun is widely used in mud tank system. It is normally mounted at tank corner. Its function is to agitating drilling mud, and avoid the solids phase in drilling mud from settling down, and keep an equal weight of the mud. Mud gun can also be used to transfer mud from tank to tank or from compartment to compartment.

There are high pressure mud gun and low pressure mud gun used for mud systems. During China brand mud gun, the normal model is 3.2Mpa or 6.4Mpa. The high pressure or lower pressure of mud gun depends on the power source of the mud gun. High pressure mud gun is feeding by mud pump. Its feeding line connected with mud pump flow line. Lower pressure mud mud gun feeding for centrifugal pump. The quantity of mud gun in mud tank system depends on the tank design and tank dimension.  

Applications of Mud gun in mud tank system

There are 2 inch and 3 inch mud mud gun for mud tank system. Both model have fixed design and manual adjustment design for option.

Parameters of mud gun is as below :

Model       GNNJQ50A-3G GNNJQ50A-3X GNNJQ80A-3G  GNNJQ80A-3X

Working Pressure                                        ≤6.4 Mpa

Rotation Degree  0°                   360°                  0°                      360°

Nozzle Qty                                                     3

Gun Diameter      2 Inch             2 Inch                3 Inch                3 Inch

Connection Size   G2’‘                G2’’                    G3’’                    G3’’

Remarks: In the model name, G means fixed design, X means manual adjustment design.

Drilling mud agitator and mud gun in mud tanks

Mud gun is usually used together with drilling mud agitator. Mud agitator is mounted in the middle of the tank compartment. The corners agitator cannot reachable. Mud gun will be used together with mud gun to keep the tank corner mud moveable. GN design mud gun is equipped with 3 nozzles, each nozzle with 120°to each other.  

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