Get Solids Control Collection,the belt guards on Solids Control consists of the belt guard of main motor which drive rotating assembly and the belt guard of small motor which drive planetary gear box. Both has alike appearance. The main motor guard covers belts and hydraulic coupler, the small motor guard covers belts and planetary gear box. It should be removed easy for inspection and maintenance.
A hydraulic coupler should be fit on the main motor shaft and fixed by a long bolt on the shaft end for reduction start load. There is a sheave which can transport the torque to rotating assembly on the export shaft. There is two discharge plugs on the body. When Solids Control overloads, oil temperature increases much to cause fuse plugs. Thanks to fuse plugs fuses to cause unloading of Solids Control. So long as trouble shooting and add 30#oil and renew fuse plugs Solids Control operates instantly.
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