From 2010 till now, GN solids America currently made and made more than 400 units of bentonite mud tank system and exports to more than 60 countries inside the globe. The application of our mud cleaning system such as TBM, micro-tunneling, piling, pipeline crossing, water effectively drilling, dredging, etc civil engineering. Broadway Bridge Replacement is one particular of our applications.
Why is bentonite needed in such boring operation?
Bentonite is really a clay which principally consists of montmorillonite. Though montmorillonite is the big fraction, there have a tiny portion of minerals like feldspar, quartz, volcanic glass, pyrite, gypsum and other organic matter. Bentonite kind a gelling compound when it reacts with organic matter. Bentonite has exchangeable sodium cations and when it disperses, it breaks into particles like plate of which negative charges remain on surfaces and optimistic charges remain inside the edges. If there has no agitation, these charged particles type the above discussed, jelly because of weak electrical bonds. When dispersions are disturbed, the electrical bonds, since it is weak, are broken and free of charge flow condition is established.
GN bentonite mud tank method like the equipments under:
1 Mud tank( customized size, in accordance with your requirement)
two mixing hopper with mixing pump , right after cleaning the applied bentonite, you should add much more water or mud additives and mix them together using the clean bentonite slurry.
three shale shaker( double deck) with cones, GNZS706 with upper three panel shaker screen (2mm) and bottom 3 panel shaker screen ( 40mesh). The upper shaker screen location 2m2; the bottom shaker screen area 2.6m2. The hydrocyclone size is 4 inch, the qty will depend on your requirement.
four mud agitator/ mud mixer, qty and model pls get in touch with GN solids control.
five centrifugal pump for feeding the cones
six pipelines, stairs, handrails, walkway, electric manage program, lights, man holes, clean gate, etc.
Not simply Broadway Bridge Replacement, GN bentonite slurry tank technique can also made use of for other civil building, if related to the earth boring.