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Centrifugal pump can also be called sand pump. It is widely used for oil and gas drilling rig mud system. It can be used as mixing pump, desander desilter feeding pump, centrifuge feeding pump, trip pump, charging pump etc…

There are different functions of centrifugal pump in oil and gas drilling rig mud system

1) Centrifugal feeding pump
Centrifugal pump can be used as feeding pump for desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge. It is normally mounted on the slope tank or skid of the mud tank.

2) Mixing pump
Centrifugal pump can be used together with mixing hopper as the mud mixing system. There are 2 type of mixing mud system with centrifugal pump.
One kind of design is both the centrifugal pump and mixing hopper with ventury are mounted on a separate skid, they are connected through pipes and values. And then connected to mud tank.
Another kind of design is more compact. It is built-in design onto the system. The centrifugal pump is mounted on the same tank skid, while the mixing hopper can be mounted on the tank top or on the tank skid.

3) Trip tank pump
Trip tank (5~10 cbm) is normally equipped for oil and gas drilling rig mud system. It is before shale shaker tank. And a small motor size centrifugal pump is requested for the trip tank.

4) Degasser pump
For European made vacuum degasser, it is not self suction type. A separate degasser pump is requested to generate vacuum for the degasser.
Unlike European brand vacuum degasser, GN Solids Control made degasser is self suction type. It does not need degasser pump. It can save the power of the total mud system.

Customer can also use centrifugal pump with other functions. GN Solids Control makes centrifugal pump from 15hp to 100hp, with size vary from 4×3 to 8×6 to suits for different applications.

GN Solids Control is certified for manufacturing of explosion proof control panel. Both the centrifugal pump and control panel can be mounted on the same skid for easy movement. If you need other customization, you can contact GN group for help.

General information about the mud pump
Due to the simple operation and reliability performance, mud pump is widely used in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Mud pump can be used for all the main processes which are associated with pumping through pipelines of various liquids – oil, petroleum products, liquefied gases, water , mud , chemicals , etc.

Functions of mud pump for drilling rigs

Mud pumps are used to transfer mud to the drilling wells to cool down drilling bits and lubricated the drilling bits, especially for oil and gas drilling wells. It is usually used together with mud recycling system to pump the clean mud to drilling wells for drilling. Mud pumps transfer mud to the drilling well to cool down bits, takeout sands and shattered rocks.

Applications of mud pump for oil and gas drilling

During drilling oil and gas wells, mud pump have an exclusive usage. They are used to circulate water or mud in the borehole. In the oil rigs, mud pump can also used for extraction of oil from wells , water pumping and high-viscosity oil through pipelines , hydraulic fracturing , water injection . Since in oil industry no one area where mud pump would not be used, further to improving mud pump in technical and economic remains a major challenge of the oil industry. Saving power when working, make it high efficiency and complete installed capacity of hydraulic machines is considered as the most important tasks of the mud pump manufacturer.