GN Solids Control ofrece alrededor del mundo diferentes equipos de bombas para sistemas de perforación. Somos exportadores de bombas de fluido de perforación hacia distintos países como, por ejemplo: Rusia, Medio Oriente, India, México, Venezuela, etc. Nuestra fábrica y empresa poseen certificado de calidad “ISO 9001-2000.” Entre los diferentes tipos de bombas fabricadas por GN Solids Control se encuentran: bomba centrífuga, bomba de corte, bomba de tornillo, bomba Semisumergible y bomba aspiradora.

La bomba centrífuga es una de las mas comunes, ya que puede adaptarse a diferentes equipos y servir como alimentadora de fluidos. Sus funciones incluyen transportar el lodo de perforación, alimentar de fluidos a desarenadores, limpiador de lodo, y también puede ser utilizada como bomba agitadora para tolvas de mezclado.

La bomba de corte se distingue por reducir el costo de la mezcla de polímeros y de la arcilla mientras a su misma vez ayuda a mejorar las propiedades del lodo de perforación. La bomba de corte posee una propela especialmente diseñada para proporcionar amplio paso de fluidos.

La bomba de tornillo es ideal para alimentar a la centrífuga decantadora sin agitar ni alterar el lodo de perforación. Las partes mas fundamentales de la bomba de tornillo son el eje del husillo y el buje del eje del tornillo. El eje de la bomba está fabricado de acero inoxidable para garantizar durabilidad a la bomba.

La bomba Semisumergible es hecha con un solo sistema de succión y con la estructura de una bomba centrífuga vertical. La bomba Semisumergible es resistente a altas temperaturas y libre de mantenimiento debido a su manera de ensamblaje.

La bomba aspiradora tiene una estructura especialmente diseñada para ser utilizada en fuertes ambientes de transportación de sólidos, ofreciendo un alto rendimiento y bajo mantenimiento. Esta bomba puede transportar materiales de alta gravedad y densidad, solidos conteniendo hasta un máximo de 80%.

Derrick Shakers

The existing Derrick shakers are to be re-used. It is currently proposed that shakers will be free issued to GN for refurbishment prior to incorporating in the works. Required refurbishment includes:
• Strip down
• Sand blast
• Reweld any cracked components
• Paint using approved zinc silicate primer and epoxy topcoat system
• Reassemble
• Fitment to shaker module skids
Should any new parts be required these will be reimbursed at actual cost plus 15%. Any welding of cracked sections will be a variation at the agreed rates in the Schedule of Prices. All other work – i.e. strip, paint reassemble is based on a lump sum.
GN may also offer quotation to offer a similarly designed shaker with the same performance characteristics which will accommodate the fitment on the client’s vibrator motors, junction box and shaker screens and all other replaceable parts.
Further detail is given in Section 11.1 of the Functional Design Specification.
Refurbishment of Degasser
The existing degassers require:
• Sandblast
• Wall thickness inspection
• Painting
• Vac pumps are to be cleaned, wire brushed, repainted
• Vac Pump to be fitted with new motors, see section 7.1, 11.2 of 051-RM-002
• Replacement and Fitment of Vac Pump Motor See section
GN to allow for the above as a lump sum. If any repair is required, this shall be notified to Company and a variation will be raised.
GN may also offer quotation to offer a similarly designed degasser with the same performance characteristics which will accommodate the fitment of the clients degasser pump and all other replaceable parts.
Level Sensors
Existing company supplied level sensors will be used.
GN scope is to install sensors and cables complete with plugs.http://www.gn-shale-shaker.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/double-deck-shaker.jpg

On October 10, 2016 to 12, explored the 34th international trenchless technology will be successfully held the national agriculture exhibition centre in Beijing, at the appointed time, from hundreds of relevant international and domestic famous enterprises, companies, experts, scholars and industry exhibition audience of thousands of people flock to arrive on time to attend this important event in the industry circles.
The conference by the international society for trenchless technology association and China geological host trenchless technology professional committee, GN Solids Control co., LTD. Keep to participate in the annual of the exhibition, and brings the latest models of 200 d small pile driving system and GNLW223 drilling fluid centrifuge products fair, on display in the three days of time, crown can display equipment by many customers home and abroad to visit, their operation parameters of exhibition equipment, processing materials and processing effects, etc. Ask one by one, after showing interest in champions league can products.Can at the same time, customers care more about the other solids control equipment, and have to leave their postcards, hope later have the opportunity to cooperate with crown can company to keep.

GN Solids Control co., LTD is one of the main production is given priority to with drilling mud drilling fluid solids control equipment, drilling waste pulp processing equipment, the company headquarters is located in the Beijing capital airport, 40 km (25 miles) of the chaobai river industrial zone, a consortium can crown company in the United States oil city of Houston, Moscow have the branch company, products exported to many countries in the world for many years, especially in domestic product quality are has a very high reputation in the international market.

GN SOLIDS CONTROL co., LTD. Production of SLH series jet slurry device is used to configure or increase the total drilling fluid, the change of drilling fluid density, viscosity, water loss and so on, all need to drilling fluid material (bentonite, barite powder, etc.) and line camp of chemical additives (mixture) into circulation tank, if direct investment can cause drilling fluid material and chemical additive a large amount of precipitation or a reunion, cannot obtain the dispersion, uniform of the drilling fluid.
SLH series jet slurry device is used in oil drilling solid control system configuration using a device that can satisfy him 1500 meters to 6000 meters the deterioration of the drilling fluid solids control system and cultivating, slurry device consists of a 45 kw sand pump and a jetting mixing funnel connected with manifold valve installed on a base of. Safe and reliable performance, convenient movement.
GN SOLIDS CONTROL co., LTD. In line with the aim of “science and technology is the first productive force”, with more than scientific research units and institutions established strategic cooperative relations.For the company product technology content and product quality stand at home forefront provides a powerful guarantee.At the same time to the company’s deputy general manager and chief engineer Mr Macro cheung engaged in oil drilling solids control equipment and complete sets of system design and development more than ten years, has rich experience in design and development, can according to user requirements and the actual usage for design optimization of system solutions.
Other equipment: in addition to the sand silt all-in-one
Welcome to inquire SLH series jet slurry device.
Specializing in the production of SLH series jet slurry device manufacturers.

Equipment description
GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer is used for drilling waste management, to remove the particles below 3mm;The dryer can reduce the liquid content in cuttings ( WBM / OBM / SBM), to make the discharged cuttings comply with the requirement of environment protection; recover the valuable drilling mud and lower down the drilling cost.
During drilling, theoretically speaking, about 1-4 barrels drilling fluids can be recycled from each barrel of drilling cuttings removed by solids control equipment. Theoretically speaking, GN drilling cuttings dryer system consisting of Vertical cuttings Dryer could recycle about 1 barrel drilling fluids from 3 barrels drilling cuttings
structural compositions and working principle
The dryer is composed of frame assembly, filter unit, driving system, lubricating system, Inlet/outlet device etc
Filter unit
This is composed of screen basket, bell jar combination, rotor assembly etc. The screen basket gap can be chosen per jobsite requirement
Driving system
The power is from ex-proof motor. The motor drive the main pulley, the main pulley drive the gearbox housing via V belt, the gearbox drive the bell jar combination and screen basket assembly. Fix the gearbox input shaft, to make the gearbox output shaft speed little lower than gearbox housing speed, to drive the rotor assembly in a speed which is slower than screen basket assembly rotation speed
Lubricating system
This power unit body applies centralized lubrication system. The lubricating oil in the oil tank is pumped into power unit via the oil pump, from top to down flow back to oil tank via oil return pipe which connected with oil pan
inlet/outlet device
The device including material feeding hopper, liquid outlet, solids discharge etc
The feeding hopper is on top of upper shell, the material go into filter unit via feeding hopper, spread on screen basket inside wall evenly via distribution plate.The liquid outlet is connected with lower shell liquid outlet channel, to discharge the liquid from dryer.Solids discharge port is