GN Solids Control only focus on top quality products, and offer with reasonable price. Since GN Solids Control company select the best quality material, and use the best machine to manufacture the solids control equipment, our market position is the best quality and reason price for China top market and international market, a little higher price than average price of our China competitors.


For Solids Control System

  •  In Australia and New Zeland, GN Solids Control company is the only one China competitor for Local company and USA Europe company. GN Solids Control partnered with a Germany drilling rig manufacturer TT Asia, to take care of our solids control equipment business in Australia.
  • Since GN Solids Control have the CE certificate to export to Europe ,we also have the advantage for complete systems to European market.   http://www.gnsolids.com/News/156.html
  • Recently We have 2 Solid Control system building for SJ Petroleum export rig, and we have 2 Solids Control Systems for RG petroleum, and we have an order from HH (Honghua) for 4 Sets completed solids control equipment for their rigs.

GN  Vertical Cuttings Dryer

  • GN started developing the Vertical Cuttings Dryer from 2011 and have used the first Generation in 2012, we have already sold around 30 Vertical Cuttings Dryers to China and international market. Other Chinese company just start developing Vertical Cuttings Dryer from 2013, 2 years later than our company. From March 2014, we are selling the 2nd Generation Cuttings Dryer, this is the first cuttings dryer in China and applied in WBM and OBM.
  • You can check our Videos for Drilling cuttings dryer:  
  • http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/video/vertical-cuttings-dryer-water-based-mud-drilling-waste   
  • http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/video/drilling-cuttings-vertical-dryer-testing 
  • Many big oilfield service companies like Halliburton and Baker Huges are discussing with our company to work together for the drilling waste management equipment. GN have good business with big international companies like them.

General description of air compressor

The air compressor, also named as air pump. It is a basic equipment of modern industry. It is used to generate pneumatic power system. Air compressor can convert the original motion (typically an electric motor) into mechanical energy of the gas pressure; it is a device to compressed air get air pressure.

Air compressor is widely used in industry, like for painting, for cooling. It is also wided used in drilling rig site.

1) Air compressor can power for vacuum pump in oil and gas drilling rigs, especially for drilling waste management site.

2) Air compressor can be the air source of positive pressurized control panel used for oil and gas drilling rig site for hazardous area. Especially used for VFD centrifuge control panel.

There are many type of air compressor, like Fixed type, mobile type and closed type. And per the different design principle, air compressor can be divided into different types.  

Below are the most common types of air compressor

1) Displacement compressors –It is directly depend on changing the volume of gas to increase air pressure.
2) Piston compressor – It is a kind of Displacement compressors, the compression main part is a piston, the piston make reciprocate movement.
3) Rotary compressors – It is a kind of Displacement compressors, it compressed air by the forced movement of the rotating element.
4) Liquid – piston compressors – It is rotary positive displacement compressor, in which water or other liquid as a piston to compress the gas, and the gas be discharged.

GN Solids America is the first USA based Solids Control Company from China. Its headquarter located in U.S. Houston, in Oil Center City, Houston, Texas.

The solids control company GN Solids America with its own warehouse very near to Derrick and Kemtron. There are high quality decanter centrifuge, shale shaker and replacement shaker screen stock in Houston warehouse for fast delivery.

If you have interest, please contact GN or visit GN warehouse in Houston for more information of their solids control equipment.

Conveyor, also called screw propeller. It is the most important part of waste management decanter centrifuge. We can also see it as the core of decanter centrifuge.

For different conveyor speed, the separation performance is different. For different drilling fluids, the centrifuge conveyor should defer. Professional users know how to change for a suitable speed for a better performance.

GN variable speed centrifuge (VFD), conveyor speed can be changed during centrifuge running. Customer can change the conveyor speed per different drilling fluids type.

For GN decater centrifuge, main motor is connected directly with bowl. Back motor is connected with gearbox and then connect with centrifuge screw propeller. When change the frequency of the motor, customer can get the different conveyor speed.