vertical cuttings dryer

more and more authorities issued more and more strict rules on the envornment
protection, drilling
waste management
equipment gets more and more necessary at drilling rig
site, especially in oil and gas drilling rig website. As the drilling fluids
material various kind of chemicals, in case discharged directly. it will have
really bad pollution to the atmosphere.
GN Solids Control most recent design drilling waste management equipment drill
cuttings renforcement unit are welcomed in jobsite.
1) The drill down cuttings solidification unit may be used to treat drilling
cuttings released from the high G drying out shaker. When the cuttings through
solids control shale
, desander,
desilter treated by higher G drying shaker, the actual fluids will go to drying
out shaker catch tank for more treatment, the solids through high G drying
shaker can be treated by drill cuttings solidification unit.

2) The actual drill cuttings solidification device can be used to treat
drilling cuttings discharged from decanter centrifuge. The liquid phase is drilling
to be covered by further treatment, such as dewatering unit. while the solids
phase can be treated by drill down cuttings solidification unit.

3) The solids discharged through vertical
cuttings dryer
could be further treated by drill down cuttings
solidification unit. It may reduce the water content within the waste.
Many clients may question, what is the water content following the drillings
treated by drill down cuttings solidification unit? It can be hard to see what
the water content material is. As it is flexiable. It really is controlled by
the operators. If you want to the actual cuttings dryer, you include more
chemicals, if you do not require very dryer, you can slow up the quality of
Top features of GN latest design drill down cuttings solidification unit
1) Small footprint with high effectiveness of GN latest style drill cuttings
solidification device.
2) Automatically control associated with GN latest design drill down cuttings
solidification unit.
3) All the screw conveyers associated with GN latest design drill down cuttings
solidification unit tend to be variable speed control.


As China
leading manufacturer for solids management & drilling waste management instrumentation, we have a tendency to support continent
market lots with latest technology instrumentation, smart quality and
affordable worth. Recently, we’ve got two Package Drilling waste management
instrumentation prepared delivery for continent market.
2 Ea vertical cuttings appliance with high
telescopic skid
After several years’ analysis and development,
GN Vertical cuttings appliance is functioning in several international oil
drilling jobsite. it’s our honor to figure with international oil service
corporations, like Baker Hughes, Shell, CPVEN, ONGC, NIDC etc.
The new project is for our recent client in
continent with over ten sets land drilling rigs. we’ve got endlessly been
supporting them over two years. Last year they purchase three sets vertical
cuttings appliance & vi sets bottle centrifuge, operating for three
land rigs. once they tested the operating performance, they repeat orders for
two sets vertical cuttings appliance & four sets bottle centrifuge.


For now, GN has two varieties of model vertical cuttings dryer: GNCD930 and GNCD730. completely different|completely
different} size cuttings appliance can acceptable different jobsite
necessities. particularly for offshore drilling, GNCD730 vertical cuttings
appliance with smaller size can work higher.
4 Ea bottle centrifuge with feed pump
4 Ea bottle centrifuges divide into two sets.
one set embrace one Ea variable speed bottle decanter centrifuge & one Ea fastened speed centrifuge. they’re operating
for two sets land rig solids management service. this type of combination is
comparatively economic selection. The high worth variable speed centrifuge will
modification speed terribly flexible; the lower cost fastened speed centrifuge
takes regarding 2-3 hours to vary belt pulley-block to induce totally different
speed. They work along to try to to heavy spar recovery (variable speed
centrifuge with lower speed) or cut mud weight (variable speed centrifuge with
high speed & high speed fastened speed centrifuge)
12 Ea screw conveyor
Screw conveyor is employed to transfer wet and
coarse drilling cuttings discharged from sedimentary rock shaker &
desander & desilter to vertical cuttings appliance. The cuttings
appliance can appliance the cuttings, take away the coarse solids and come back
the clean fluids for reprocess.
10 Ea screw pump
4 Ea screw pump is employed for feeding bottle
centrifuge, two Ea screw pump is employed for flushing the vertical cuttings
appliance, the opposite four sets screw pump is employed for transferring back
the clean lubricating substance from vertical cuttings appliance.
For customers committed in solids management
service, drilling waste management service, mud service, drilling service, or
alternative connected oil service corporations, pls contact United States
freely for any necessities. GN Solids management are your most suitable option
on solids management & drilling waste management answer supplier.

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Drilling waste management system
contains two main parts:

Solid Waste Management – Real time with
transfering equipment, to Hi G dryer shaker, or verticle cuttings dryer, and then
Solidification processes; liquid as liquid waste, or reused.

Waste Management
– Dewatering, Water Treatment and Solidification
of remaining Solids

The solidification process we use is the
world’s leading liquid waste disposal solution. Super-absorbent polymers
convert liquid waste streams into solids quickly with less, “bulking up”,
saving you time and money and reducing landfill volumes.  Process
equipment is easily operated at the liquid waste generation point, eliminating
the need for vacuum trucks, thus improving the safety and associated liability
of current liquid waste treatment programs. The GN drilling cuttings
solidification or stabilization unit is for final treatment of drilling
cuttings or waste sludge after the drying treatment by GN
vertical cuttings dryer
and high G drying shaker or decanter

GN Solids Control have designed and
developed its own way for waste management equipment to be used in different
applications, GN modular drilling waste management units are small
packages of different function for drilling waste management. The modular waste
management equipment include drilling cuttings transfer unit, high G dryer
shaker unit, waste mud transfer unit, packaged skid mounted vertical cuttings
dryer, and decanter
centrifuge with telescopic skid
, and drilling waste container.

The modules contains all the needed
process in solid waste management, or liquid waste handling process, and can be
easily combined together for different site. Sometimes the clients dig holes,
or build up a temporary highland, to save a lot of equipment cost, and at the
same time, keep the whole system, ZERO discharge.

As the leading manufacturer of solids control equipment
in China
, Hebei
GN Solids Control Co., Ltd always focus on the delicate details to improve its product
quality and to distinguish itself from other China’s suppliers. Take the star
equipment decanter centrifuge
for instance, which sell around 200 sets a year,
especially popular in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. GN Solids
Control takes unique protection device to protect the decanter centrifuge
during transportation and give detailed instructions for storage to keep it

 When transported, fix the bowl by fixing belt
and tightening belt before long distance transportation to protect the main
bearings. Lift at the appointed eyes when assembling and disassembling. Fix the
centrifuge stably at the well covered truck or closed cabin when transported so
as to prevent collision and influences by bad weather. If the decanter
centrifuge is not be used immediately, the decanter centrifuge should be placed
in a warehouse ventilating well with a relative moisture below 90% at 25 ℃. Temperature should be no higher than +55℃ and no lower than -25No strongly corrosive
should exist. Smear grease or paint the places which are likely to rust if for
long time storage. To prevent dysfunction of electrical components caused by
damp, electrify the control cabinet once half a year.

 With the powerful protection measure for
transportation and detailed instructions for storage, the quality of GN
decanter centrifuge is improved. Besides serving as the last stage treatment
machine in solids
control system
the decanter centrifuge can also used to treat oil sludge with chemical added,
and for dewatering unit with dosing systems. In addition, GN also designed and
manufactured specialized waste management decanter centrifuge to handle the
drilling waste discharged from the vertical cutting dryer as second phase


Right now, a national Oil Show is beingheld in Sichuan Province, China. Many companies, both from domestic China andabroad, are attending the Oil Show. For this Oil Show, GN Solids Control showed
the newly designed drilling waste management system GNDC-40B.

Sichuan Province is located in south east
of China, in which there are several drilling rig suppliers and oil field
service companies. Some international oil companies also have branch or jobsite
there. Just last year, this same system which GN are showing for the oil show
was chosen by a jobsite of SHELL, in Sichuan Province.

This system is combined by following

GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuge.
this centrifuge is a 14 inch bowl decanter centrifuge.
for the same model, GN has developed to the 3rd generation, with
lots of improvements. Each year, GN sells 150 sets of centrifuges, 70% of which
are this model. This centrifuge could provide various applications for oil and
gas drilling projects, like solids control decanter centrifuge, waste
management decanter centrifuge and dewatering centrifuge. For the same model,
GN has fixed speed one and vfd control panel one for option, for fixed speed
one, GN could provide 3 optional belt and pulley for the end user to use it in
different conditions, and for VFD controlled one, more optional speed could be
reached by means of the 3 VFD controlled models for main motor, back motor and
feeding pump.

Vertical cuttings dryers, this
is the former step separation equipment for decanter centrifuge. Since GN
designed the first vertical cuttings dryer in China, GNCD series vertical cuttings dryer has
been to the 3rd generation. This newly improved model GNCD930C is
proved to suit for not only OBM and SBM as traditional vertical cuttings
dryers, but also suitable for WBM. For the Vertical Cuttings dryer, GN also
have fixed speeded and VFD controlled available.

If you miss the Sichuan Oil Show but still
like to see GN products, you could arrange your schedule to Beijing Oil Show,
the biggest Oil Show CIPPE. In CIPPE, GN will have a larger booth and show
more equipments and systems.

GN Booth number : E1-E360.

Time: March 26th – 28th.


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