General information of flexible rubber coupling

Flexible rubber coupling, is also called as flexible connection, Soft rubber connector, soft rubber joints, flexible rubber joints, flexible rubber joints , rubber shock absorbers. The flexible coupling is mainly composed of the inner and outer rubber layer, Kordeinlage (ply) and steel rings, they form tubular rubber, under high temperature and pressure, then after vulcanization molding and then combined with metal flange Lapped Joint sets together. It is widely used in fire, chemical, valves and other piping systems, noise from seismic effects, absorption displacement generated during the operation of the pipeline.

Application of flexible rubber coupling

Rubber flexible coupling is a kind of hollow rubber products used to connect steel pipes in mud system. It can also be used for pump connection, valves, and high vibrating pipes, and temperature great vary pipe.

It is a kind of pipe joint with highly flexible, high air tightness, chemical resistance and weather resistance. In oil and gas drilling field, it is widely used to connect tank pipelines, pumps and used between other kinds of steel pipes.

Features of flexible rubber coupling

1) It is with high density internal wall, can withstand high pressure, good elastic reshape performance.
2) Reduce vibration and noise. Light weight design , easy installation and maintenance .
3) The structure can reduce structure borne noise, absorption of vibration.

As the above features, flexible rubber coupling is widely used in mud solids control system, to connect pipes and connect pumps. And flexible rubber coupling is a wearing parts for solids control systems. It needs to be replaced occasionly to aovid aging.

Mud tank is widely used in drilling rig mud system. Per different function, there usually water tank, diesel tank, brine water tank, shale shaker tank, sank trap tank, active tank, storage tank, suction tank, mixing tank etc… Per different shape, there are square shaped tank, V-bottom tank, round bottom tank, and other customized shape tank.

GN Solids control is a professional solids control manufacturer, they can make customized tank per customers special requirement. GN can manufacture mud tank for its own brand fluids processing system but also GN make mud tank with customized design. We are located in China iron production City. The price of raw material here is very low and with high quality. There are also many experienced workforce in iron machine production. They work very efficiently. Moreover, GN control mud tank production cost well by outsourcing some processing work. So buy Mud tank from GN customer will enjoy high quality but Good price. GN are professional in manufacturing solids control system, GN mud tanks design are very compatible for mud circulation system using.

GN Solids Control is the first API certificated solids control manufacturer in China, they have his own heat treatment machine, ball blasting machine and other CNN machine. They are manufacturing per higher standard, see below:

1. Sand Blast Treatment before painting. External paint and internal coating                                                                                              

2. Two pack Epoxy zinc, thickness 75μ               

3. Two Pack Epoxy hi-build containing anticorrosive pigmentstwice,  thickness 250 μ   4. Surface pigmented with high quality light fast  PU pigments, thickness 70 μ

4) Tank face covered with galvanized grating and steel plate

5) Skid mounted or Trailer Mounted 3 runner oilfield skid with V crimp walls

Mud gun is usually matched with mud agitator, used to agitating tank corner where the mud agitator cannot work to, and to clean the tank coner. In some cases, Mud gun also used for small tanks no extra space for mud agitator.

GN Solids Control make 3 nozzle mud gun to cover the 360º tank corner. GN is a API certificated company, all its manufacturing per API standard.

GN 200GPM mud system is suitable to treat capacity between 100~200GPM. It can be used for water well drilling and CBM drilling rigs.

The 200GPM mud system for water well drilling and CBM drilling including below equipment, it is a 1-tank mud system:

1) Mud tank: 4000*2100*1350mm, 1 each

2) Mud cleaner :GNZJ753E-4N, 1 each

The mud cleaner mounted with double deck shale shaker. Above the shaker is a 4-desitler cone assembly.

3) Centrifugal pump: GNSB4x3-11J, (11kw), 2 each, 1 pump for mud mixing, 1 pump for feeding the desilter cone.

4) Mud gun: GNNJQ50-3G, 1 each

5) Mud hopper GNSLM25, 1 each, matched with the 11kw centrifugal pump, to mixing mud for the water well drilling rig.

6) Submersible slurry pump 80YZ50-20(7.5Kw), feeding for shale shaker from mud pit

It is compact design, the whole GN200 GPM mud system with total height no over than 3.5m. And the total width is 2.4m. No equipment need to be removed during shipment. It can be shipped as a complete set in most countries and areas.

GN Solids Control manufactures customized dewatering units.

GN design dewatering unit is complete containerized unit with various pump and decanter centrifuges.

20’ Containerized Dewatering Unit is a smaller size dewatering unit, GN have big size 40ft for option.

GN provide optimum performance when combined with GN proprietary dewatering centrifuge. with PLC control. It is easy for operation and reliable for running.

GN 20’ mobile dewatering unit can be transported as a standard container for overseas and land shipping. The system includes all the standard dewatering components with the centrifuge mounted on a separate telescoping skid or on your own mud tank.