Microtunneling separation mud system is different with HDD,CBM and oil & gas drilling. Few solids control company can do it. 

GN Solids Control have much experience on it. Only in this year, GN microtunneling separation plant have been exported to Hongkong, UAE, Oman.

Unlike other solids control mud recycling system,microtunneling separation plant have big capacity requirements, partical size is big. And for microtunneling project,solids need not to be separated very fine.

In this case, for microtunneling separation plant, big cyclone been used,like 20’’ with 10’’. And microtunneling separation plant should utilize steel screen, but not common frame screen.

Many Nigeria clients inquired us about waste management system. They present business is related to oil and gas drilling, and want to expand business line with waste management.

Consider them new comers, for saving cost,GN recommend them with a GNCD930 vertical cutting dryer and GNLW363VFD centrifuge.Complete with screw conveyor and tanks prepared locally to save cost. It can be used for treatment of oil based mud. Clients interest in this proposal very much. You can contact GN for more information for waste mangement system.GN can offer you customized solutions.