Many clients request make shaker screens per API standard, and screen label and tag format should be accordance with API RP13C.

World top screen manufacturer – GN Solids Control do international market well and know international market standard well.

The manufacturer may use two screen tags on the screen panel in order to include supplemental information deemed necessary provided that:

1) the style of font remains identical on all screen tags;

2) the API Screen Designation is displayed on the same tag as the manufacturer’s screen designation;

3) the size of the API Screen Designation is at least twice the size of the manufacturer’s screen designation;

4) all information contained with the screen designation system may be of a single, legible font style of manufacturer’s choosing.

As the only one China manufacturer on complete line solids control and waste management, there are many clients inquire GN about waste management system.

Below is the general recommondation from GN:

1) for oil based mud : 1 ea GNCD930 extractor + 1 ea GNLW363G decanter centrifuge

2) for water based mud: 1 ea GNZS853 high G shale shaker + 1 ea GNLW363G decanter centrifuge

It is the most basic and effective proposal.Clients can choose other equipments accordingly.

More and more clients prefer composite material screen. Why ?

Firstly, composite screens use polypropylene frame with an internal reinforcing cage made of high-strength steel. It increases screen life and fluids-handling capacity to improve solids-control performance.

Secondly, composite screens are lighter than steel frame screen.

In addition, composite screen lifttime is usually 3 times longer than

Below is pictures of the 2 material screen:

Shaker screen is the most expensive wearing parts of shale shaker, even for the whole rig operation ,it is not a small cost.Why say so?

You see,if a rig matched with 3 shakers,1 shaker with 3 screen panel,totally 9 pcs shaker screen, every month min. 27 pcs screen while drilling. Cost for 1 year is a big amount.

Why chooses GN brand shaker screen?

GN shaker screen price is 20~30% of Derrick screen;

GN shaker screen lifetime is 80% of Derrick screen;

Totally, GN shaker screen cost is 30~40% of Derrick screen.

Many clients requrest shaker screen made and packaged per API RP13C.

What requirest in API RP13C for screen package? See below for shaker screen lable:

Per API RP13C defining:Screen label showed with variety of font sizes.

Attention:API no. should be at least twice as large as any other font on the lable.

GN can offer customzied package with clients company name, logo, color,etc…

For more information of GN replacement shaket screen. Contract GN freely.