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GN Solids Control tiene grandes cantidades de zarandas operando por distintas regiones del mundo. Mas de 70 países se benefician de la exportación de maquinarias y equipos fabricados y diseñados por GN Solids Control. Centros de distribución en varios países ubicados en diferentes continentes proporcionan una gran facilidad para exportar y suministras a nuestros clientes, ayudando a que la locación no influya en lo absoluto. GN Solids Control cuenta con establecimientos en Australia, Latinoamérica, Rusia, América y el Medio Oriente.
Las zarandas juegan un papel fundamental cuando hablamos de control de sólidos, trabajos de perforación y diferentes tipos de tratamiento en la industria petrolera. GN Solids Control aproximadamente vende alrededor de mas de 200 zarandas al año, considerándose una de las maquinarias mas populares en el mercado.
Las zarandas de GN Solids Control poseen distintas características que ayudan a distinguirlas con las de la competencia. Las zarandas presentan un marco compuesto alrededor pretensado que otorga facilidad a la hora de tener que cambiar las mallas y también se beneficia por darles mas durabilidad a las mismas. Las zarandas de GN Solids Control pueden ponerse en marcha utilizando un motor vibrador de la marca US Martin o Italy OLI y el panel de control funciona con SIEMENS o Schneider Component.
Las zarandas cuentan con una plataforma mecánica que permite ajustar el ángulo, proporcionando mas seguridad y confiabilidad a la hora de hacer ajustes mientras el sistema continúa trabajando con diferentes fluidos de perforación. La cama de la zaranda debajo de la malla esta hecha de acero inoxidable y anticorrosivo para garantizar larga duración a la maquinaria. Además, las zarandas cuentan con tecnología patentada, diseñadas con tamiz sellado para minimizar el paso de solidos finos y facilitar el mantenimiento.
Las zarandas también incluyen un sistema de bloqueo hecho de acero inoxidable fácil de usar, y una especie de muelle de goma para la vibración que hace mas seguro y menos ruidoso el proceso. GN Solids Control busca siempre maximizar la seguridad y durabilidad de las maquinarias, aplicando características tecnológicas e innovadoras.

Afghanistan Oil Show was held on, may 5-8 in Tehran Armed forces europe this year. GN Solids Control brought the self developed classical model decanter centrifuge rapid GNLW363CG. As important acrylic show, all drilling firms, mud engineering service organizations, oil service companies as well as oil field trading corporations attend the show to learn latest news in this discipline.

GNLW363CG Decanter Centrifuge previously starts to serve the marketplace since 2014. This unit is improvement model of GNLW363AG and GNLW363BG. The secure working performance, longer life and higher treating capability give good reputation due to classical model centrifuge.

– With 14” bowl length and 50’’ bowl period, the length / diameter proportion over 3; the drilling mud would stay into the centrifuge screw auger to get longer time, thus dismissed solids can be much dryer, separation performance can be significantly better.
2 . Designed operation highest possible bowl speed can attain to 3200RPM, 2200RPM suggestions 2700RPM also available. The client are able to use lower speed for higher gravity solids separation; work with higher bowl speed regarding low gravity solids parting.
3. Bowl material will be produced by Duplex stainless steel 2205, this model material is way better than SS316L. The centrifugal casting technology applied for far better dynamic balance performances, that guarantee the centrifuge performing performance in high speed revolving.
3. Same direction with slurry feeding and solids moving inside the bowl, improve the flow rate within the bowl. This design raise the treating capacity of the centrifuge, even when deal with heavy mud.

Except for GNLW363CG star product centrifuge, we also have yet another Vertical cuttings dryer along with super working performance to get drilling waste management. Due to oil show higher cost, most of us only take the centrifuge right now there. Below chapter to give more info about GN vertical cuttings dryer

1 . GN Solids Control top to bottom cuttings dryer is to officially used on line / off brand drilling waste management, mostly to treat the drilling cuttings discharged from shale shaker, to separate the solids in addition to recycle the valuable oil-based drilling mud for using again
2 . GN vertical cuttings dryer is mainly used for oil-based mud drilling cuttings therapy. The oil on cuttings (OOC) can be reduced to help 3% to 5% following GN vertical cuttings dryer. The discharged dry solids can be transported to energy desorption unit for ultimate treatment. The clean drilling mud can be transfer in order to high speed decanter centrifuge to find the fine solids, so the mud density might be lower down which make it right for reuse
3. In the event that for water based drilling waste management, we highly recommend fixation unit or renforcement unit for final cure.

OTC acrylic show is finish, that was hold in 2-5 May well, 2016, in Houston, ARIZONA, USA. After about three month’s preparation, GN Solids Control successfully finishes the actual OTC oil show. We certainly have two booths there to help deeper our brand affect, equipment for show including most recent model decanter centrifuge, newest model vertical cuttings dryer, High G drying shaker, shaker screen etc . The particular visitors can feel the premium quality and premium technology devices by touching and observing the real equipment at the special day.
1) Decanter centrifuge- add up to USA Brand
14inch decanter centrifuge is most popular for the reason that wide application and very good price. The application range contain mud weight cutting and also fine solids removal. And in addition for drilling waste management. Regarding the price, we targeted on high end market in addition to overseas market. this centrifuge is equivalent to Swaco 518 CENTRIFUGE / Derrick DE1000 centrifuge. But the price of USA centrifuge is much higher than our brand name. The price of GN SOLIDS COMMAND or GN Solids Ameirca is much better when compared with USA manufacturer.

2) vertical cuttings dryer – equal to CSI dryer
For OBM or BINQ, most client will decide on VERTICAL CUTTINGS DRYER, but also for WBM, you may choose Substantial G shaker for decrease operation cost.
GNCD930 straight cuttings dryer is used to get drilling cuttings treatment in rigsite or at one particular mud plant location exactly where all cuttings transport for the center location for ultimate treatment. After treatment of GN vertical cutting s dryer, the oil on cuttings can reduce to below five per cent. This is same working efficiency as CSI dryer or maybe SWACO dryer. GN usable cuttings dryer already placed in market for over 3 years, plus the mature product is benefiting much more drilling service companies, excellent price, stable working functionality and less maintenance.

3) Large G drying shaker
With regard to OBM or SBM, almost all client will choose STRAIGHT CUTTINGS DRYER, but for WBM, you may choose High Gary the gadget guy shaker for lower functioning cost. High G machine drying shaker is same as typical shale shaker. Just the Grams force is bigger. That unit is mostly used for normal water based mud drilling cuttings treatment. After treated, the particular oil on cuttings might be reduced to about 10% to 20%.

After OVER THE COUNTER oil show, GN Solids Control and drilling waste management equipment get endorsement from big clients in various countries. GN Solids Control will continue to do better to guide better the market.

GN Solids Control is a worldwide famous
brand of mud solids control system, drilling waste management system, as well
as replacement shaker screens.

This week, GN Solids Control China factory
finished a mud system for a domestic project. It is a 4-tank mud system for
750hp drilling rigs.

1) The 4 mud tanks of the 750hp rig mud
system are the same size with 40ft container. And the tanks are equipped with
3-runner oilfield skid. The oilfield skid is with 250mm at each tank ends. It makes
the tanks easy to movement at jobsites.

2) GN Solids Control equips 2 sets Solids control
linear motion shale shaker separator for the system. The system is equipped
with 2 each 3-panel shale shaker, model GNZS703E. It is the most popular shaker
models for oil and gas mud system from GN Solids Control.

3) In this system, the clients choose 1
desander separator and a desiler separator.

The desander model is GNZJ752-2S. It is
equipped with 2 ea 10’’ desander cone. Each 10’’ desander cone is with max. 120
m3/h (528GPM) handling capacity.

The desilter cone model is GNZJ752-12N. It
is equipped with 12 ea 4’’ desilter cone. Each 4’’ desilter cone is with max.
20 m3/h (88GPM) handling capacity. For totally 12 ea 4’’ desilter cone, the
desilter handling capacity can reach to 240m3/h (1056GPM).    

4) The 4-tank mud system is equipped with a
middle speed decanter centrifuge to recovery the barite and reduces the mud
weight. The centrifuge model is GNLW452. It is a most cost-effective big bowl
decanter centrifuge widely used in solids control mud systems for oil rigs.

5) And there are many mud agitators, mud
guns, lights, and pumps for the system.

This clients choose a separate jet mud mixing system. The jet mud mixing hopper
and mixing pump as well as control panel are all mounted in a separate oil field
design skid. It is easy to move it and work to different mud tank systems.

more and more authorities issued more and more strict rules on the envornment
protection, drilling
waste management
equipment gets more and more necessary at drilling rig
site, especially in oil and gas drilling rig website. As the drilling fluids
material various kind of chemicals, in case discharged directly. it will have
really bad pollution to the atmosphere.
GN Solids Control most recent design drilling waste management equipment drill
cuttings renforcement unit are welcomed in jobsite.
1) The drill down cuttings solidification unit may be used to treat drilling
cuttings released from the high G drying out shaker. When the cuttings through
solids control shale
, desander,
desilter treated by higher G drying shaker, the actual fluids will go to drying
out shaker catch tank for more treatment, the solids through high G drying
shaker can be treated by drill cuttings solidification unit.

2) The actual drill cuttings solidification device can be used to treat
drilling cuttings discharged from decanter centrifuge. The liquid phase is drilling
to be covered by further treatment, such as dewatering unit. while the solids
phase can be treated by drill down cuttings solidification unit.

3) The solids discharged through vertical
cuttings dryer
could be further treated by drill down cuttings
solidification unit. It may reduce the water content within the waste.
Many clients may question, what is the water content following the drillings
treated by drill down cuttings solidification unit? It can be hard to see what
the water content material is. As it is flexiable. It really is controlled by
the operators. If you want to the actual cuttings dryer, you include more
chemicals, if you do not require very dryer, you can slow up the quality of
Top features of GN latest design drill down cuttings solidification unit
1) Small footprint with high effectiveness of GN latest style drill cuttings
solidification device.
2) Automatically control associated with GN latest design drill down cuttings
solidification unit.
3) All the screw conveyers associated with GN latest design drill down cuttings
solidification unit tend to be variable speed control.