GNZS703D double deck screen separator is the advanced liquid/solids separation equipment. It is designed and manufactuered bspecifically for land & shore rigs and waste management field.

GNZS703D double deck screen separator provides cost-effective, reliable
performance from GN Solids control, the leaders in solids control & waste management technology.

For more information of GNZS703D double deck screen separator.Visit GN website.

 Derrick / Swaco replacement Shaker screen made by GN Solids Control sold well have stock in Nigeria. And it is sold well as its top quality with reasonable price. Now GN in plan to set up warehouse and make stock there.

GN brand Derrick / Swaco Shaker screen available in Nigeria:

1)       Derrick FLC500 series shaker screen

2)       Derrick FLC 48-30 series shaker screen

3)       Swaco Mongoose composite material shaker screen


Above mentioned is the most hot sale model in Nigeria, for other screen model, contact GN group for check.

Desander is the third phase solids control equipment.It is usually followed shale shaker and next it is desilter.

Desander usually combined with a underfluid shale shaker, hydrocylone parts (usually 10’’)


Underfluids shale shaker is option. Hydrocyclone parts can match to match 2 ~ 3. Cone material choose from 100% Polyurethane (PU), with longer using lift,and interchangeable with Derrick.

Flexable fast connection are available for user friendly assy.

A vacuum manifold is attaching to shaker screen of vacuum shaker screen recovery system. Or it installs a vacuum manifolds which have a shaler screen attached to it.

The vacuum system attached to the shaker’s  basket, so the manifolds vibrates with the shaker while shaker running.

There is a vacuum line with a fluid/air separato attached to vacuum manifolds. The vacuum manifolds is connected to collection tank. The vacuum unit is installed as close as possible to the shaker to keep the distance that the recovered fluid is transported as short as possible.