Shaker screen is the most expensive wearing parts of shale shaker, even for the whole rig operation ,it is not a small cost.Why say so?

You see,if a rig matched with 3 shakers,1 shaker with 3 screen panel,totally 9 pcs shaker screen, every month min. 27 pcs screen while drilling. Cost for 1 year is a big amount.

Why chooses GN brand shaker screen?

GN shaker screen price is 20~30% of Derrick screen;

GN shaker screen lifetime is 80% of Derrick screen;

Totally, GN shaker screen cost is 30~40% of Derrick screen.

Many clients requrest shaker screen made and packaged per API RP13C.

What requirest in API RP13C for screen package? See below for shaker screen lable:

Per API RP13C defining:Screen label showed with variety of font sizes.

Attention:API no. should be at least twice as large as any other font on the lable.

GN can offer customzied package with clients company name, logo, color,etc…

For more information of GN replacement shaket screen. Contract GN freely.

A client for microtunneling construction find us to offer solids control solution for their Middle East Project.They want to move solids over 0.3mm after treatment.

We match GNPJ703-D double dech shale shake mud cleaner. Bottom layer deck used as shale shaker,use 3mm shaker screen. Top layer deck used as mud cleaner,use 0.3mm screen. 

For Hydrocyclone parts,clients want only 1 cone, GN choose a 20’’ big cone mounted on GNPS703-D shale shaker. In this case, solids over 0.3mm can be move away after treated of mud cleaner. Clients are using the plant now, happy with it.