shaker screen


1500HP land drilling rig usually match 2000bbls mud system. The mud system will have complete full 4 stages solids control equipment and with 5 steps separation process.


Equipment included in 1500 hp land drilling rig mud system:

1) First stage solids control – Shale shaker GNZS594E / GNZS703E linear motion, 3 each

2) The second & third stage solids control – Mud cleaner GNZJ594E-3S-16N / GNZJ703E-3S16N, 1 each

3) Vacuum degasser GNZCQ360 to remove gas from drilling mud before enters into mud cleaner desander / desilter cone.


4) The fourth stage solids control – Decanter centrifuge, 2 each

 One decanter centrifuge GNLW452S in middle speed for barite recovery.

 Another decanter centrifuge GNLW363 in high speed to separate the low gravity mud.

5) Jet mud mixing & shearing mixing system, with GN high efficiency centrifugal pump and shear pump for chemical shearing and mixing.

6) 7 each Mud tanks: shale shaker tank, decanter centrifuge tank, suction tank, mixing tank, shearing tank, storage tank 1 or 2 each

Above is the standard 2000bbls mud system for 1500 hp land drilling rigs. GN Solids Control can make customized mud system per user’s special requirements. If you need more information of other size land drilling rig mud system, you can visit GN website or send mail to

GN Solids America is the first USA based Solids Control Company from China. Its headquarter located in U.S. Houston, in Oil Center City, Houston, Texas.

The solids control company GN Solids America with its own warehouse very near to Derrick and Kemtron. There are high quality decanter centrifuge, shale shaker and replacement shaker screen stock in Houston warehouse for fast delivery.

If you have interest, please contact GN or visit GN warehouse in Houston for more information of their solids control equipment.

GNZS594 is design and made by world top solids control manufacturer- GN Solids Control.

It is not a copy of Swaco Mongoose, GNZS594 shaker is an interchangeable shaker model for Swaco Mongoose shaker.

Advantages of GNZS594 shale shaker:

1) Wedged type shaker screen for fast screen changing

2) 4-panel shaker type for a dryer separation. It can be used as High G shaker.

3) Exactly the same size composite material shaker screen, interchangeable with Swaco Mongonse shaker

For more information of GNZS594 shaker, you can contact GN group.

GN Solids Control company have sent a complete mud treatment system to Oman for a ZJ30 land drilling rig.

The ZJ30 mud cleaning system including the complete 4 stage solids control treatment:

1) 2 ea shale shaker model GNZS594

2) Desander separator 1 each

3) Desilter separator 1 each

4) Decanter centrifuge for barite recovery, 1 each, middle speed

For detailed parameters of the drilling mud system in Oman, you can visit GN website or contact with GN engineering group.

Swaco Mongoose is one of the most common shaker model in drilling site.

GNZS594 linear motion shale shaker promoted by China top 1 Solids Control brand: GN Solids Control. It is a 4 panel shale shaker; utilize the same size shaker screen with Swaco Mongoose shale shaker.

It helps much the user to store replacement shaker screen. Customer can store more screen both for its own shaker use, as well as distribute to local market, both good business.

Good news: GN Solids Control company can offer shale shaker in stock. For more information. You can contact GN Solids Control directly.