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Double deck shale shaker is widely used in CBM drilling (Coal bed methane), piling, micro tunneling and other HDD rig mud system as its big capacity and compact design. The top deck shaker screen can use steel screen (0.1mm, 0.2mm, 1mm etc… per jobsite condition) to separate the coarse size. The bottom deck use normal pretensioned frame screen (API40, 60, 80 etc…)

Parameters of GNZS705 double deck shale shaker

Model:                            GNZS705E

Vibration Mode:              Linear Motion

Vibration Motor:           2×1.94KW, Voltage and Frequency customized

Vibrating Strength:          ≤7.5G (Adjustable)

Treating Capacity:          528GPM(120m³/h)

Deck Adjustment:          -1°~5°

Top Shaker Screen:        3 Panel 2.1m3

Bottom Screen:                3 Panel 2.6m3

Weir Height(Back type buffer box):      895mm

Shaker deck material:           Stainless Steel

Weight:                            2000kg

Dimension (mm):                    2717x2012x1413

Remarks: Treating capacity test from mud:1.2g/cm3density & viscosity 45s & 60 mesh screens

Applications of GNZS705 double deck shale shaker

GNZS705 is a hot sale shaker model made by GN Solids Control company It is a double deck shale shaker with 5 screen panels: 2 screen panels in top deck and 3 screen panel in bottom deck. When the shaker model is used in CBM drilling system, piling system or micron tunneling mud cleaning system, customer choose steel frame screen for long lifetime and big volume. It is a common shaker model for GN compact mud system. It can even be used in GN350~500GPM HDD mud recycling system for small footprint and economic price.

Advantages of GNZS705 double deck shale shaker

1) The shaker model is made from Stainless steel material for better performance on anticorrosive.

2) Vibrating motor from world famous brand: IEC Ex, ATEX and UL Certified (Italy Oil or Martin brand motor, etc…)

3) The whole shaker deck is made from hot treatment. It is more stronger under high G force vibration.

4) Patent tighten rubber sealing for shale shaker deck and screen. It is with long life and easy for replacement.

5) Pretensioned shale shaker screen mounted with wedge for fast screen change.

6)  Flexible options on feeding type: Weir Feed, Top Feed, and Hopper Feed for different applications

7) The shale shaker can be mounted together with desander cone and used as a mud cleaner.

Specially made high-capacity units for all drilling environments patterns, manufactures and operates a comprehensive line of advanced balanced-elliptical and linear-motion shakers for each onshore and offshore applications. Regardless of whether utilised as scalping, main or stand-alone units, our high-capacity USA shaker screen provide unmatched solids removal. All folks shakers can be found for sell or rental.

We pioneered the designing of shakers that occupy minimum rig area, but supply the muscle to care for large solids volume. In high ROP applications, our shakers maintain solids at bay, allowing your energetic drilling fluid to complete at peak efficiency.

In designing our suite of substantial performing shakers, we looked initially at back as they are going to be asked to accomplish. Because drill solids degrade quickly when 1st processed, it is actually crucial they speedily be eliminated from your circulating mud. And that is where the shaker screen comes in, going for a critical position since the 1st mechanism for solids removal. Failure to be solids from the active mud could suggest diminished ROP, equipment harm, non-productive time and higher prices. In developing our shale shaker technologies we thought of:

The shaker vibration pattern

Vibration dynamics, or G-force

Deck size and configuration

Shaker processing efficiency

Shaker screen characteristics

What resulted are a great deal of a great number of innovative, large performing and cost-effective shakers across industry.

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Drilling waste high G dryer shaker is a special kind of shale shaker. It utilizes high G force mainly used to treat drilling waste cuttings.
Why it is called high G dryer shaker, what is the difference of high G dryer shaker with solids control shale shaker?

Yes, indeed high G dryer shale shaker is a kind of shaker. The difference of high G dryer shale shaker and solids control shale shaker as below:
1) G force different: High G dryer shale shaker may utilize G force around 8.0G during separate the drilling waste cuttings, while solids control shale shaker utilize 6.5G ~ 7G during working. The design and application G force different.
2) Feed type different: High G dryer shaker, it is used to treat drilling cuttings from solids control screen panel (shale shaker, desander, desilter). The cuttings transferred through screw conveyor auger to the high G dryer shaker. In this case, dryer usually is with hopper feeder. While solids control shale shaker is usually with box feeder or weir feeder.
3) As the dryer shaker G force is bigger then solids control shale shaker, in request a strong design for the shaker deck.
In which conditions high G dryer shaker can be used?
1) It is specialized for water based mud drilling cuttings separation. Followed with a high speed centrifuge for LGS. to separate the fine solids.
2) It can be used for oil based mud drilling cuttings separation, as the alternative of vertical cuttings dryer (Vortex G). But is cannot separate oil based cuttings as dryer as vertical cuttings dryer.
How can customer get fast delivery in case urgent?
GN always have high G dryer shaker and solids control shaker in stock in China factory and Houston warehouse.  

Mud tank is widely used in drilling rig mud system. Per different function, there usually water tank, diesel tank, brine water tank, shale shaker tank, sank trap tank, active tank, storage tank, suction tank, mixing tank etc… Per different shape, there are square shaped tank, V-bottom tank, round bottom tank, and other customized shape tank.

GN Solids control is a professional solids control manufacturer, they can make customized tank per customers special requirement. GN can manufacture mud tank for its own brand fluids processing system but also GN make mud tank with customized design. We are located in China iron production City. The price of raw material here is very low and with high quality. There are also many experienced workforce in iron machine production. They work very efficiently. Moreover, GN control mud tank production cost well by outsourcing some processing work. So buy Mud tank from GN customer will enjoy high quality but Good price. GN are professional in manufacturing solids control system, GN mud tanks design are very compatible for mud circulation system using.

GN Solids Control is the first API certificated solids control manufacturer in China, they have his own heat treatment machine, ball blasting machine and other CNN machine. They are manufacturing per higher standard, see below:

1. Sand Blast Treatment before painting. External paint and internal coating                                                                                              

2. Two pack Epoxy zinc, thickness 75μ               

3. Two Pack Epoxy hi-build containing anticorrosive pigmentstwice,  thickness 250 μ   4. Surface pigmented with high quality light fast  PU pigments, thickness 70 μ

4) Tank face covered with galvanized grating and steel plate

5) Skid mounted or Trailer Mounted 3 runner oilfield skid with V crimp walls

Shale shaker is the first stage solids control equipment. Sealing rubber is used between shale deck and shaker screen. It plays a very important part for shale shaker performance. A better quality sealing rubber can enable a longer life time of shale shaker and can great reduce the quantity of replacement shaker screen.

Functions of shale shaker sealing rubber

1) Shale shaker is a screening device adjust high vibrating strength to separate bigger particals from drilling fluids. Good quality Sealing rubber can reduce the friction of shale shaker deck and the shaker screen, and provented the shaker from damage.

2) What will happen if there isn’t sealing rubber? If there isn’t screen rubber or it is damaged, the screen frame will touch with shaker deck directly, which will be damaged in a very short time.

3) The worse condition is the dirty mud with many junks from well will fall into mud system directly. It needs the higher treating capacity of the next step equipment. Otherwise it may make damage to the next step solids control equipment, or even worse, it may block mud pump and make stop of the drilling rig.

4) If the sealing of the rubber is not good enough, its anti-corrosion not good enough, it will be broken easily under high temperature drilling mud, and the shaker screen will be damaged very quickly.

In some countires, like in China, Kuwait,Oman, U.S. , Canada, Australia, etc…, shale shaker is usually the only solids control equipment in a mud system. Drilling fluids only treated by shale shaker, then back to mud system for drilling again. In this case, it requrests a high standard for the reliability of shale shaker performance.
 Which brand shale shaker can suits such high requirement? See below:

1) Top 1 brand: Derrik FLC 514, Derrick FLC 513 shale shaker

2) Top 2 brand: GN Solids Control shale shaker: GNZS703, GNZS594