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OTC acrylic show is finish, that was hold in 2-5 May well, 2016, in Houston, ARIZONA, USA. After about three month’s preparation, GN Solids Control successfully finishes the actual OTC oil show. We certainly have two booths there to help deeper our brand affect, equipment for show including most recent model decanter centrifuge, newest model vertical cuttings dryer, High G drying shaker, shaker screen etc . The particular visitors can feel the premium quality and premium technology devices by touching and observing the real equipment at the special day.
1) Decanter centrifuge- add up to USA Brand
14inch decanter centrifuge is most popular for the reason that wide application and very good price. The application range contain mud weight cutting and also fine solids removal. And in addition for drilling waste management. Regarding the price, we targeted on high end market in addition to overseas market. this centrifuge is equivalent to Swaco 518 CENTRIFUGE / Derrick DE1000 centrifuge. But the price of USA centrifuge is much higher than our brand name. The price of GN SOLIDS COMMAND or GN Solids Ameirca is much better when compared with USA manufacturer.

2) vertical cuttings dryer – equal to CSI dryer
For OBM or BINQ, most client will decide on VERTICAL CUTTINGS DRYER, but also for WBM, you may choose Substantial G shaker for decrease operation cost.
GNCD930 straight cuttings dryer is used to get drilling cuttings treatment in rigsite or at one particular mud plant location exactly where all cuttings transport for the center location for ultimate treatment. After treatment of GN vertical cutting s dryer, the oil on cuttings can reduce to below five per cent. This is same working efficiency as CSI dryer or maybe SWACO dryer. GN usable cuttings dryer already placed in market for over 3 years, plus the mature product is benefiting much more drilling service companies, excellent price, stable working functionality and less maintenance.

3) Large G drying shaker
With regard to OBM or SBM, almost all client will choose STRAIGHT CUTTINGS DRYER, but for WBM, you may choose High Gary the gadget guy shaker for lower functioning cost. High G machine drying shaker is same as typical shale shaker. Just the Grams force is bigger. That unit is mostly used for normal water based mud drilling cuttings treatment. After treated, the particular oil on cuttings might be reduced to about 10% to 20%.

After OVER THE COUNTER oil show, GN Solids Control and drilling waste management equipment get endorsement from big clients in various countries. GN Solids Control will continue to do better to guide better the market.

GNZS594E -HB model of linear motion shale shaker
is a 4 outside patio’s shale shaker with screen area 2 . 7 rectangular meters
and composit materials of screen can be fitted to improve screen working
lifestyle. The 2 sets of spielzeug motor help to supply a new linear motion
vibration as well as max 7. 5G H force for better performance. The actual 4 pc
of body type shaker screen fastened
to shale shaker by 6 pc wedge for quick replace. The four units length will
help drilling cuttings can be process dryer regarding longer drying distance
and gratification. There are 3 options for load box of shale
depending on what drilling they actually. HB buffer box with regard
to oil & gas drilling shaker, DZ buffer package for Coal Gas Methan or HDD
drilling shaker, hopper buffer box to get drilling waste management cure

Other than shale shaker, GN Solids supply a complete set of solids control
equipment as well as drilling waste management such as desander, desilter,
mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, screw pump, auger, straight
cuttings dryer, mud agitator, mud tank, mud gun, etc
. GN Solids present you with a complete design for a full remedy for client,
please make contact with GN website for more information or even call us


The facts that needs to consider for choosing shale shaker

The capacity of
treating fluid (GPM)

The type of fluid, the ratio of the mass density, the speed of flow and
that needs to be treating.
Any fluid contains that might include salt and/or acid of materials (Confirm to use
304# stainless steel or 316L stainless steel)
Size of the solids material that leads choosing screen.
The sums of meshes (API)
to install the shale shaker in
oil field

The first -time set-up of the shale shaker

When first set-up the
shale shaker, it
needs keep put the shaker on
leveled surface.
The shock-resist rubber materials need be installed between the box and bracket.
Remove the shipping brace like bolt and lug, because the base and screen box
are connected by springs, so when ship, the above part of the equipment is
secured by the shipping brace.
all the shipping braces before operate the shale shaker.
motor cables connected the
vibration motors on the shale shaker always damaged during severe vibration. Cable covers are provide and need to install with cables when connect control panel and the motors
When stop using the shale shaker, the shale shaker
should always be washed by clean water.  It also needs to use diesel fuel to clean the
screen first, and then water when treating oil-base fluid.


The installation of shale shaker screen

Install the wedge
blocks at the two sides at the same time.

sure the wedge blocks are firmly installed before turn on the shale shaker.
Do the test-run after the installation of shaker screen to
ensure installation is done corrected.   If
there is any unusual noise of poor contact, stop immediately and re-check the installation of shaker screen.

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GN Solids Control is China leading
manufacturer for solids control
and compete with US brand and win lots of tenders / project from
the hands of US brand solids control equipment suppliers, eg MI-Swaco, Nov
brandt etc. Especially for Middle East & Africa market, we have good sales
amount for Kuwait, Iran, Oman, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa,
Libya, Gabon, Uganda etc. Recently, we have some project as below.

G dryer shaker & big
shaker screen
order for Iraq

We exported 3 high G dryer to Iraq. The dryer model is
GNZS594E-HG, equivalent model to Swaco Mongoose shaker with 4 panel composite
material shaker screen. The High G dryer is generally used for water based mud
drilling cuttings treatment, to lower down the liquid content in the solids.

We also export 800pcs replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose
composite material screen. The end user is Iraqi drilling company, local
biggest drilling contractor. The clients give us order after testing the

OBM drilling waste management
equipment to Kuwait

The KOC buy one big batch of OBM drilling
waste management
equipment via local oil service company. The equipment
order includes:

Vertical cuttings dryer, 1 set

High G dryer double deck, 1 set

Centrifugal pump, over 30 sets

Shear pump, over 10 sets

Screw conveyors, over 30meters

Centrifuges with dryer for Iran
mud service company

The Iran largest mud service and solids control service
company buy over 20 sets of centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryer with High G
dryer from 2010. The company have long term partner relationship with GN Solids
Control and help GN equipment to go into Mapna drilling rigsite, Dana drilling
rigsite, NIDC drilling rigsite…

GN Solids Control is China leading supplier
for solids control equipment. The key equipment is decanter
( for solids control & waste management) & Vertical
cuttings dryer ( or VertiG, for drilling waste management). With this two key equipment,
GN Solids Control set their footprint to all over the world rigsite. Thanks for


Shale shaker is the first stage solids control equipment in drilling rig mud system. It is the necessary equipment for mud solids control. According to the motion type generated by vibrating motor, there are linear motion shale shaker and balanced elliptical motion shale shaker. While linear motion shale shaker is more widely used as it can suits a wider range application and it is workable even with big handling capacity.

Rubber sealing for linear motion shale shaker in drilling mud system

Rubber sealing is an essential part for shale shaker performance. It is the rubber used between shale shaker deck and shale shaker screen.

1) The rubber can seal the shaker deck and shaker screen better. It can prevent the shale shaker leakage.

2) The rubber sealing can extend shaker screen lifetime and protection shaker deck from worn out. The shaker deck and shaker screen frame are both made from metal. If there is no rubber between them, the metal touched each other directly and vibrating under high G force. It will generate big noise and the screen and shaker deck will be damaged soon.

Other features affect linear motion shale shaker lifetime and performance

Besides rubber sealing, there are other features that will affect the shale shaker lifetime. It includes but not limited to following:

1) The materials of shaker deck. Stainless steel can surely stand longer than carbon steel

2) Suitable shaker deck angle can enable the mud move forward shaker deck more fluently and get a longer lifetime of the shaker screen.

3) Suitable G force. If the G force is too small. The mud cannot separate well and then overflowed. It is a waste. If the G force too big, one side, it may damage the drill mud contend, another side, big G force will shorten shaker screen lifetime.  

4) Reliable brand vibrating motor and strong enough design for shaker wall