Oilfield screen shaker separator normally called oilfield shale shaker or screen separator. It is the first step solids control equipment used in oil field and other drilling activities. It is the necessary solids control equipment for mud systems, no matter for oil and gas drilling, HDD, CBM, TBM, or piling.


Per the motion type of screen shaker separator, there are linear motion screen shaker separator and balance elliptical motion screen shaker separator.  
Oilfield screen shaker separator is normally linear motion type. And linear motion screen shaker separator is the most popular and long history type. Linear motion is more reliable. It can suits more kinds of jobsite condition.
While Balance elliptical screen shaker separator is very limited with jobsite and mud condition. When there are big load of mud, or the mud fall onto screen shaker deck unequally, the motion will be damaged and the BEM shaker cannot be working well. Mud will be over flow.

Per shaker deck quantity, there are single deck screen shaker separator and double deck screen shaker separator. Double deck screen shaker separator can be used for scalping shaker separator. The top deck use coarse mesh screen for pre-separation, while the bottom deck use normal mesh wire screen per jobsite condition.

Per the difference of applications and G force, screen shaker separator can be divided into solids control screen shaker separator and drilling waste management high G screen shaker separator. Beside the application G force is different, for solids control screen shaker separator and drilling waste high G force screen shaker separator, the feeding type of the 2 screen shaker separator is also different.
Solids control screen shaker separator is normally use top type or back type weir feeder, or box feeder, while drilling waste screen shaker separator is use hopper feeding.
Solids Control screen shaker separator can be fed by slurry pump or fed directly from the rig manifold under gravity. While drilling waste screen shaker separator can be fed by screw conveyer or cuttings transfer pump.  


Character of high G shaker

High G shaker is a kind of shale shaker utilize high G force used in waste management field. It is adapt high G force from 7.5 to 8.0 G.image

Upstream equipment of drilling waste of high G shaker

A set of screw conveyor system collect drilling solids separated from shale shaker, desander, desilter and centrifuge,and then transfer and dump to high G shaker for separation.

During this process, clean mud falls into slurry tank under high G shaker, drilling cuttings dump to cutting box and move away by track for further treatment.

Down stream equipment drilling waste of high G shaker

Clean fluids from high G shaker transferred to a waste management high speed centrifuge, fine solids above 2~5 micros will be moved away after centrifuge process.

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Discharge auger is a kind of transfer equipment used to move materials from solids control equipment to waste management treatment.

Features of discharge auger:

  • Normal Duty – Usually for Non-Abrasive materials with up to 45% trough loading.
  • Heavy Duty – For Abrasive or Non-Abrasive material with up to 30% trough loading.
  • Extra Heavy Duty – Built for applications where special metals or coatings are not required.

2 options of auger Diameters: 14’’ , 18’’. Flexible in length: 12ft/ 24ft / 36ft / 48ft.

Users have interchangeability of the sections of the auger conveyor. It is easy to increase or decrease the length of the Auger by adding or removing the section. 


Drilling cutting auger is one of the most important equipment for waste managment system.

There are usually at least 2 cutitng auger used for waste managment system. One is lay in level to collect drilling cuttings from solids control equipment, like shale shaker, mud cleaner, barite recovery centrifuge.

Another cutting screw auger usually lay in slant to collect drilling cuttings from the frist stage in level auger, and transfer it to waste treatment equipment, like high G shaker, High G dryer, or waste management centrifuge.

Speed of cutting waste screw conveyor should be average. Too fast, it will waste material or make waste treatment equipment like high G shaker, centrifuge,cutting dryer overload. If speed too slow, upstream equipment cannot get enough feeding.

GN cutting waste scew conveyor with average speed 50 or 60 rpm. GN can also make customised speed per user special requirements.

And length of screw conveyor transfer can vary from 12ft to 48ft max. GN have standard 12ft length for each section. Users easy to change length per different jotsit situation.