GNZS594 is design and made by world top solids control manufacturer- GN Solids Control.

It is not a copy of Swaco Mongoose, GNZS594 shaker is an interchangeable shaker model for Swaco Mongoose shaker.

Advantages of GNZS594 shale shaker:

1) Wedged type shaker screen for fast screen changing

2) 4-panel shaker type for a dryer separation. It can be used as High G shaker.

3) Exactly the same size composite material shaker screen, interchangeable with Swaco Mongonse shaker

For more information of GNZS594 shaker, you can contact GN group.

Swaco Mongoose is one of the most common shaker model in drilling site.

GNZS594 linear motion shale shaker promoted by China top 1 Solids Control brand: GN Solids Control. It is a 4 panel shale shaker; utilize the same size shaker screen with Swaco Mongoose shale shaker.

It helps much the user to store replacement shaker screen. Customer can store more screen both for its own shaker use, as well as distribute to local market, both good business.

Good news: GN Solids Control company can offer shale shaker in stock. For more information. You can contact GN Solids Control directly.

GN engineer just came back from Middle Asia, They have made commission job for a GN500 GPM mud cleaning system for HDD rig.

This unit mud cleaning unit with capacity 500GPM. It is designed per customer specified requirement and GN professional engineering standard .

The 500GPM mud cleaning system for HDD rig is including 2 phase solids separation:

1) 1 unit mini cleaner with under shale shaker GNZS703 double deck model and 8 ea desilter cyclone.

2) 1 unit mixing hopper

3) 2 units centrifugal pump one for mud transferring to desilter cone while another one used as mixing pump.

4) 1 unit mud tank divided into 2 compartments for sand trap and mud mixing tank.

Strong practicability and cost saving always make GN mud cleaning unit satisfy the customer.

The shale shaker vibrate strongly and regularly in a certain motion, drilling mud from well head fall onto the shaker screen surface, separated under the strong vibrating force.

While go pass the screen surface, water phase and clean mud fall into the mud system for drilling, solids separated and moved away for next process.

There are 2 eccentric blocks inside the vibrating motor, users adjust the angle of the 2 eccentric blocks to get different vibrating strength.

Note that: In drilling site, the 2 motors of a shale shaker should running under the exact the same vibrating strength for a stable performance. 

Damping spring is a very important wearing parts of the shale shaker.

There usually 4 damping spring for a shale shaker. Function of the damping screen is to make the start / stop of the shale shaker more soft, to protect shaker screen and the shaker frame from strong vibrating.

A better material spring can make the shale shaker running more stable and longer the lifetime.

Many shaker suppliers, they steel damp spring for shaker. While the Chinese top 1 manufacturer GN Solids Control, they use composite material for shale shaker damping spring. It is inside metal and outside covered with rubber. More strong and flexible.