Slurry feeding pump is widely used for HDD mud system.

Slurry pump for feeding HDD mud system is a kind of vertical single stage and single suction system overhung centrifugal pump.

Strong points of slurry feeding pump for HDD mud system:

1) Fluids Touch Material for slurry pump:  High chromium cast steel (Cr26)

2) Maintainence free design:No bearing and Gland Seal between impeller and pump body of the slurry feeding pump

3) Production Standard: API Q1   & ISO/TS29001  & ISO 9001:2008

4) Coating for the slurry feeding pump for HDD:Japan Kansai Brand (Epoxy zinc rich Coating)

GNZS594 linear motion shale shaker utilize the same size screen with Swacp Mongoose shaker.

Swaco Mongoose Same Screen  – GNZS594 Shale shaker
1) 615GPM (≤7.5G adjustable)
2) Shaker deck material: Stainless steel
3) Screen dimension: 1165*585mm, 4 panel
4) Weldge type for easy mounting and exchangement
5) Composite material replacement shaker screen exactly the same with Swaco Mongoose    shaker, minimize storage types
6) High quality replacement shaker screen with reasonable price. Good choice for self-use or re-sell
Reasonable price with Soon Delivery

Hydrocyclone Desilter for drilling fluids is the 3rd stage solids control equipment for drilling fluids recycling system.

Desilter utilize smaller size Hydrocyclone to separate smaller size solids. Usually, 4 inch hydrocyclone used for drilling fluids desilter. It can remove drilling solids size over 27 microns.

Quality of hydrocyclones combined desilter various from 4 ea to 20 each, to get different treating capacity.

GN desander for drilling fluids recycling is the second class solid control equipment to treat the drilling fluids from rigs.

According to the size of the cone diameter, it can separate solids with different size. For oil and gas drilling, for HDD, CBM field, 10 inch cone is most probably used. For microtunneling , usually bigger size desander need to be used: 12 inch, or even 20 inch.
10" cones desander is used to separate solid-phase particle size 47-76μm in the drilling fluids