General description of air compressor

The air compressor, also named as air pump. It is a basic equipment of modern industry. It is used to generate pneumatic power system. Air compressor can convert the original motion (typically an electric motor) into mechanical energy of the gas pressure; it is a device to compressed air get air pressure.

Air compressor is widely used in industry, like for painting, for cooling. It is also wided used in drilling rig site.

1) Air compressor can power for vacuum pump in oil and gas drilling rigs, especially for drilling waste management site.

2) Air compressor can be the air source of positive pressurized control panel used for oil and gas drilling rig site for hazardous area. Especially used for VFD centrifuge control panel.

There are many type of air compressor, like Fixed type, mobile type and closed type. And per the different design principle, air compressor can be divided into different types.  

Below are the most common types of air compressor

1) Displacement compressors –It is directly depend on changing the volume of gas to increase air pressure.
2) Piston compressor – It is a kind of Displacement compressors, the compression main part is a piston, the piston make reciprocate movement.
3) Rotary compressors – It is a kind of Displacement compressors, it compressed air by the forced movement of the rotating element.
4) Liquid – piston compressors – It is rotary positive displacement compressor, in which water or other liquid as a piston to compress the gas, and the gas be discharged.

General information of flexible rubber coupling

Flexible rubber coupling, is also called as flexible connection, Soft rubber connector, soft rubber joints, flexible rubber joints, flexible rubber joints , rubber shock absorbers. The flexible coupling is mainly composed of the inner and outer rubber layer, Kordeinlage (ply) and steel rings, they form tubular rubber, under high temperature and pressure, then after vulcanization molding and then combined with metal flange Lapped Joint sets together. It is widely used in fire, chemical, valves and other piping systems, noise from seismic effects, absorption displacement generated during the operation of the pipeline.

Application of flexible rubber coupling

Rubber flexible coupling is a kind of hollow rubber products used to connect steel pipes in mud system. It can also be used for pump connection, valves, and high vibrating pipes, and temperature great vary pipe.

It is a kind of pipe joint with highly flexible, high air tightness, chemical resistance and weather resistance. In oil and gas drilling field, it is widely used to connect tank pipelines, pumps and used between other kinds of steel pipes.

Features of flexible rubber coupling

1) It is with high density internal wall, can withstand high pressure, good elastic reshape performance.
2) Reduce vibration and noise. Light weight design , easy installation and maintenance .
3) The structure can reduce structure borne noise, absorption of vibration.

As the above features, flexible rubber coupling is widely used in mud solids control system, to connect pipes and connect pumps. And flexible rubber coupling is a wearing parts for solids control systems. It needs to be replaced occasionly to aovid aging.

China top solids control manufacturer: GN Solids Control, exported a complete set 1200GPM mud recycling equipments to middle east market for HDD drilling rig.

The system is customized for the customer. To further reduce the total cost of the tank, GN company offered complete equipment, and offer customer tank design drawing free of charge, customer build mud tanks locally. They are happy with the solution and the system used very well now.

Equipment for the 1200GPM mud recycling system:

1) 3 each Shale Shaker GNZS579

2) 1 Mud Cleaner with 3 each 10’’ desander cone and underflow shale shaker model GNZS594 (Desander cones only )

3) Jet mud mixer

4) Agitators

5) Centrifugal pump feeding for the desander cone

6) Mud tanks 1 each. W 3000 mm, H 230omm, L 12000 mm

Customer want tank size is  W 3000 mm, H 2300mm, L 12000 mm with center Partition , the I section for 3 Shale shakers with 2 Agitators,  II section for Mud Cleaner with 2 Agitators and the jet Mud Mixer. Centrifugal Pump Model SB8x6-12J for mud transfer  from Shale Shakers Section to Desander cones. 

GN 200GPM mud system is suitable to treat capacity between 100~200GPM. It can be used for water well drilling and CBM drilling rigs.

The 200GPM mud system for water well drilling and CBM drilling including below equipment, it is a 1-tank mud system:

1) Mud tank: 4000*2100*1350mm, 1 each

2) Mud cleaner :GNZJ753E-4N, 1 each

The mud cleaner mounted with double deck shale shaker. Above the shaker is a 4-desitler cone assembly.

3) Centrifugal pump: GNSB4x3-11J, (11kw), 2 each, 1 pump for mud mixing, 1 pump for feeding the desilter cone.

4) Mud gun: GNNJQ50-3G, 1 each

5) Mud hopper GNSLM25, 1 each, matched with the 11kw centrifugal pump, to mixing mud for the water well drilling rig.

6) Submersible slurry pump 80YZ50-20(7.5Kw), feeding for shale shaker from mud pit

It is compact design, the whole GN200 GPM mud system with total height no over than 3.5m. And the total width is 2.4m. No equipment need to be removed during shipment. It can be shipped as a complete set in most countries and areas.

GN engineer just came back from Middle Asia, They have made commission job for a GN500 GPM mud cleaning system for HDD rig.

This unit mud cleaning unit with capacity 500GPM. It is designed per customer specified requirement and GN professional engineering standard .

The 500GPM mud cleaning system for HDD rig is including 2 phase solids separation:

1) 1 unit mini cleaner with under shale shaker GNZS703 double deck model and 8 ea desilter cyclone.

2) 1 unit mixing hopper

3) 2 units centrifugal pump one for mud transferring to desilter cone while another one used as mixing pump.

4) 1 unit mud tank divided into 2 compartments for sand trap and mud mixing tank.

Strong practicability and cost saving always make GN mud cleaning unit satisfy the customer.