mud tank

Shale shaker is the first stage solids control equipment. Sealing rubber is used between shale deck and shaker screen. It plays a very important part for shale shaker performance. A better quality sealing rubber can enable a longer life time of shale shaker and can great reduce the quantity of replacement shaker screen.

Functions of shale shaker sealing rubber

1) Shale shaker is a screening device adjust high vibrating strength to separate bigger particals from drilling fluids. Good quality Sealing rubber can reduce the friction of shale shaker deck and the shaker screen, and provented the shaker from damage.

2) What will happen if there isn’t sealing rubber? If there isn’t screen rubber or it is damaged, the screen frame will touch with shaker deck directly, which will be damaged in a very short time.

3) The worse condition is the dirty mud with many junks from well will fall into mud system directly. It needs the higher treating capacity of the next step equipment. Otherwise it may make damage to the next step solids control equipment, or even worse, it may block mud pump and make stop of the drilling rig.

4) If the sealing of the rubber is not good enough, its anti-corrosion not good enough, it will be broken easily under high temperature drilling mud, and the shaker screen will be damaged very quickly.

In some countires, like in China, Kuwait,Oman, U.S. , Canada, Australia, etc…, shale shaker is usually the only solids control equipment in a mud system. Drilling fluids only treated by shale shaker, then back to mud system for drilling again. In this case, it requrests a high standard for the reliability of shale shaker performance.
 Which brand shale shaker can suits such high requirement? See below:

1) Top 1 brand: Derrik FLC 514, Derrick FLC 513 shale shaker

2) Top 2 brand: GN Solids Control shale shaker: GNZS703, GNZS594

Mud gun is usually matched with mud agitator, used to agitating tank corner where the mud agitator cannot work to, and to clean the tank coner. In some cases, Mud gun also used for small tanks no extra space for mud agitator.

GN Solids Control make 3 nozzle mud gun to cover the 360º tank corner. GN is a API certificated company, all its manufacturing per API standard.


In Oilfield GN mud tank system including following types

1)Skid Mounted mud tank
2) Trailer mounted mud tank
3) Hydraulic Jack Up mud tank


Mud Tank Types for the mud system:

1) Shale Shaker Tank
2) Mud Trip Tank
3) Active Mud Tank
4) Mud Mixing Tank
5) Mud Storage Tank
6) Suction mud tank