mud tank

GN Solids Control is a worldwide famous
brand of mud solids control system, drilling waste management system, as well
as replacement shaker screens.

This week, GN Solids Control China factory
finished a mud system for a domestic project. It is a 4-tank mud system for
750hp drilling rigs.

1) The 4 mud tanks of the 750hp rig mud
system are the same size with 40ft container. And the tanks are equipped with
3-runner oilfield skid. The oilfield skid is with 250mm at each tank ends. It makes
the tanks easy to movement at jobsites.

2) GN Solids Control equips 2 sets Solids control
linear motion shale shaker separator for the system. The system is equipped
with 2 each 3-panel shale shaker, model GNZS703E. It is the most popular shaker
models for oil and gas mud system from GN Solids Control.

3) In this system, the clients choose 1
desander separator and a desiler separator.

The desander model is GNZJ752-2S. It is
equipped with 2 ea 10’’ desander cone. Each 10’’ desander cone is with max. 120
m3/h (528GPM) handling capacity.

The desilter cone model is GNZJ752-12N. It
is equipped with 12 ea 4’’ desilter cone. Each 4’’ desilter cone is with max.
20 m3/h (88GPM) handling capacity. For totally 12 ea 4’’ desilter cone, the
desilter handling capacity can reach to 240m3/h (1056GPM).    

4) The 4-tank mud system is equipped with a
middle speed decanter centrifuge to recovery the barite and reduces the mud
weight. The centrifuge model is GNLW452. It is a most cost-effective big bowl
decanter centrifuge widely used in solids control mud systems for oil rigs.

5) And there are many mud agitators, mud
guns, lights, and pumps for the system.

This clients choose a separate jet mud mixing system. The jet mud mixing hopper
and mixing pump as well as control panel are all mounted in a separate oil field
design skid. It is easy to move it and work to different mud tank systems.

GNSB centrifuge pump manufactured by GN Solids
America LLC is the mud feeding machinery for solid control equipment in
drilling mud system.

Pump installation

Pump installation location should be near to
the source and purposely to shorten the length of the suction period and
prevent the suction loss. Pump installed base should be leveled, firm and secured
in order to avoid vibration during operation.

 Coupling installation

The pump and motor for a long use life depends
on the elastic coupling. Available steel straightedge by coupling the up and
down or so, with the view straightedge and coupling the garden all parties
should contact closely. Namely coupling outside garden parties should be in a
straight line to make sure that the motor shaft and pump shaft coaxial angle.

 Entrance pipeline installation

Entrance piping shall be in accordance with
the pump inlet matching.

Suction piping not allowed to install throttle
valve, but can be installed normally open valve to reduce fluid flow disorder. To
avoid suction people line produced in steam bubble, the pumping source and
between pump from high to low gradually transition. If users need to pump in
use suction conditions, use vacuum pump or bottom valve pilot.

Pump at the entrance line must be flat; the
length of at least two times the diameter of the inlet line.

Exit line

In order to facilitate pump maintenance, the exit
pipeline should be installed normally with open valve.

All line (including population line) must have
their own support.

When work condition is unknown or unstable,
export in pipeline must be installed throttle valve in order to ensure the pump
in the design point operation.

When the pump discharge and pressure equipment
connected, the throttle valve and pump must install a check valve to prevent
the liquid reflux, otherwise, the return fluid can lead to damage

GN solids control produced mud
handling equipments and mud
are mainly used for cleaning and recycling the used driling fluids
from the well bore.

If you need mud
handling equipments with mud tanks and solids control system, pls contact with
GN solids control in Beijing, China or GN solids America in Houston, USA, we
have the main mud handling equipments in stock for immediate shipment.

Linear motion shale shaker is the first step solids control equipment, and it is the base separation machine for oil and gas drilling rigs.
Shale shaker is a D100 separation machine. D100 means 100% separation. The particles over the separation point can be fully removed after going through the shale shaker screens.
Shale shakers will be placed on Sand trap Tank. In the normal conditions, clean mud from shale shaker will fall down to the sand trap tank. We also call it shale shaker tank or shaker tank.

But in some cases, the operators may need to bypass the shaker tank (sand trap) and direct the drilling fluid to other tanks, then they need to use these side charges. Otherwise operator is not able to bypass sand trap. Most shale shaker are discharge the drilling fluids from shaker deck bottom, so what should they do in this condition? GN Solids Control company offer you the solutions.
GN Solids Control latest design shale shaker is equipped with a sump for dual functions. Operator can choose to let the drilling fluids fall down to the underneath shaker tank (sand trap). The new design is welcomed by the international market, like USA, Brazil, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Tunisia…
Furthermore, GN patent design offers the shale shaker with a reliable performance and much more user-friendly for operators. Below are parts of GN patent design shale shaker features:
1) Interchangeable and fast removable sealing rubber for the shaker deck. It is not only offer the better sealing, but also can protect the shaker deck and shaker screen, and extend the lifetime of replacement shaker screen.
2) Synchronous up and down of the shaker deck angle. It means no matter you adjust the angle from which size, both sides shaker deck angles will be up and down with exactly the same degree.

GNZS594E -HB model of linear motion shale shaker
is a 4 outside patio’s shale shaker with screen area 2 . 7 rectangular meters
and composit materials of screen can be fitted to improve screen working
lifestyle. The 2 sets of spielzeug motor help to supply a new linear motion
vibration as well as max 7. 5G H force for better performance. The actual 4 pc
of body type shaker screen fastened
to shale shaker by 6 pc wedge for quick replace. The four units length will
help drilling cuttings can be process dryer regarding longer drying distance
and gratification. There are 3 options for load box of shale
depending on what drilling they actually. HB buffer box with regard
to oil & gas drilling shaker, DZ buffer package for Coal Gas Methan or HDD
drilling shaker, hopper buffer box to get drilling waste management cure

Other than shale shaker, GN Solids supply a complete set of solids control
equipment as well as drilling waste management such as desander, desilter,
mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, screw pump, auger, straight
cuttings dryer, mud agitator, mud tank, mud gun, etc
. GN Solids present you with a complete design for a full remedy for client,
please make contact with GN website for more information or even call us

Mud agitator is a
motorized mixer that is installed on the storage tank to keep fluid
consist mixed with additive and avoid separation by gravity.  According to the experience of continues use
on the field, the selection of mud mixer should consider to a few points:

Rotation speed: Operators it does not want the cuttings in the mixing process
splintered more into smaller debris, so the stirrer speeds cannot be high, the
energizer should choose between 50~60rpm. For more than 60rpm of mud mixer,
recommended the user to take a cautious on the result of the high rotation

Sealing: According to the feedback of use from the operator.   As mixing conditions are not ideal, the
drilling fluid mud agitator shaft is not suitable for the use of end face seal,
the general packing seal is also hard to use. At present, the more suitable is
the use of multiple sets of V type packing. It has self sealing performance and
self compensation ability, and long-term maintenance adjustments abilities will
not cause lubricating oil leakage problems.

3.    The impeller:
There is a variety of mud mixer impeller, but it must take consideration
that  a small diameter of the blade with
high speed of mixer motor have the small amount of circulation, shear force,
and therefore does not apply to the use of drilling fluid solid suspension.
Therefore, the diameter of the impeller should be consider larger. Second, pay
attention to the turbine type impeller has been widely used in the drilling
fluid mixer, which is the best open type turbine, because there is no central
disc, not to hinder the mixing of the upper and lower liquid phase of the

Solids America LLC manufacture
its own mud agitator and export it to the
world as needed.