mud recycling

GND-120 desander unit is a simplified recycling system designed for piling industry and deep foundation.

Parameters of GND-120 desander unit for piling
Total capacity: 120m³/h
System dimension: 2.1×1.5×2.7m
Total weight: 2700kg                                                                               
Total power: 38.5kw
Separation point: 50 microns
Mud cleaner: GNZJ752D-1S (Double deck shale shaker GNZS752D)

The total system have advantage of small footprint, big capacity with very good price. For more information, contact GN group.

GN Solids Control company have sent a complete mud treatment system to Oman for a ZJ30 land drilling rig.

The ZJ30 mud cleaning system including the complete 4 stage solids control treatment:

1) 2 ea shale shaker model GNZS594

2) Desander separator 1 each

3) Desilter separator 1 each

4) Decanter centrifuge for barite recovery, 1 each, middle speed

For detailed parameters of the drilling mud system in Oman, you can visit GN website or contact with GN engineering group.