mud recycling

GN Solids Control is world famous manufacturer for mud recycling system for HDD, CBM, piling, underground instruction, trenchless, dredge slurry separation, etc…
GN Solids Control also offers customized solution per customer’s condition. A customer request 500GPM mud system for HDD rig. Below are their requirements on equipment for the 500GPM mud system. GN Solids Control gives solution relatively to optimize the mud system for HDD rig:
1) Customer request on 500GPM mud tank dimension: Mud tank to same as 20 ft standard O.T. container.( Standard frame with container corners for transport on containers vessels and for quick lifting)
GN Solution on the 500GPM mud system tank dimension: It is no problem for exactly same dimension with 20ft container. But GN recommends the tank with a smaller width: 2000mm in order to put into container for shipment.
2) Tank compartment for the 500GPM mud system: Divide the 20 ft mud tank to three chambers – (1) Shale shaker chamber, (2) De-sander chamber, (3) Desilter chamber
GN confirms the 3 chamber of the 500gpm mud tank system
3) Customer request to install bigger shale shaker model GNZS594E with 616 GPM.
GN team confirms the big shaker for 500GPM mud system.
4) Furthermore, customer request install 2 Nos. of big power pump 6×5 centrifugal pump with 45 Kw motor.

And install big capacity mud cleaner (shaker + 2 nos. of de-sander + 12 Nos. of desilter) model GNZJ594E-2S12N with 1056 GPM capacity.
Per the big centrifugal pump and big capacity mud cleaner, GN engineer give solution that: connection shale shaker with mud cleaner shaker with distribution box, controlled by valve, customer can choose to use 1 shaker or 2 shakers. In this case, the mud system can extend to be with 500GPM capacity or 1000GPM capacity.
During 500GPM capacity, the user blocks half of desander cone and half of desilter cone for a better hydraucyclone separation.
5) Regarding mixing system, as customer already have some mud tanks locally, GN offers a separate jet mud mixer for option. Customer can chose it to match with its local mud mixing tank. Or connect the shale shaker tank with its original mud tanks.
The system is easy to shift between 500gpm and 1000gpm capacity. Customer is very happy with professional engineering team of GN Solids Control.
If you have interest on above 500 / 1000 GPM HDD mud system, or you have any special request on no-dig compact mud recycling system, you can contact GN group freely for more information.

GN China top manufacturer on compact mud system for HDD, trenchless, piling, CBM drilling, micro tunneling, etc… There usually many customers ask GN for help to source good brand good price manufacturer for HDD machine and Trenchless machine. In the recent weeks, GN group will give a continue introduction of cost-effective underground construction machine.

Ditch Witch is a world famous brand for underground construction. It owns a good market shear on underground construction. Ditch Witch company specializes in the design and manufacture of underground construction machine. The company is a source for trenchers, vibratory plows, backhoes, electronic guidance and locating tools, horizontal directional drilling systems, drill pipe, downhole tools, chain, teeth and sprockets, vacuum excavators, excavator-tool carriers, and compact utility machines.

It is an American based manufacturer with history over 60 years. Now it is the said they have bought part of American Auger.

For customer prefer U.S. brand, and not care about price, you can contact Ditch Witch international distributions for their machine.

Ditch Witch have a manufacturing base on China, it is belongs to Ditch Witch, technical from Ditch Witch, made and service in China. It offers machines with cost-effective. For customers want good price, reliable quality, and not care about the country of the original of the machine, they can contact Ditch Witch China

Water Well drilling is the activities of drilling a hole in the ground for the extraction of ground water for life or industry usage.

For fast movement after one water well and for another jobsite, more and more customer prefer Mud tank system on wheels for water well drilling, also named as trailer skid mud system or mobile unit mud system. 100 ~ 200GPM Mud tank system on wheels is the most normal capacity for water well drilling mud system.

World top mud solids control system manufacturer GN Solids Control have difference standard proposal for 200GPM Mud tank system on wheels to cater for different customer demands.

GN High standard 200GPM mud tank system on wheels for water well drilling, with 2 shaker machine, main equipment as below:

1) Small shale shaker: GNZS752, with 2 panel shaker screens

2) Mud cleaner with desilter: GNZJ752-4N

3) Jet mud mixer (mixing hopper with mixing pump)

4) mud tank with wheels (trailer skid mud tank), the trailer skid is for option.

GN Normal standard 200GPM mud tank system on wheels for water well drilling, with 1 each double deck shaker machine, main equipment as below:

1) GNZJ753E-4N mud cleaner, 3 panel shaker screens, with double deck shale shaker, bottom deck performed as shale shaker, top deck performed as desilter

2) Jet mud mixer (mixing hopper with mixing pump)

3) Mud tank with wheels (trailer skid mud tank), the trailer skid is for option.

GN Economic standard 200GPM mud tank system for water well drilling, with 1 each double deck shaker machine, main equipment as below:

1) GNZJ753E-4N mud cleaner with double deck shale shaker, bottom deck performed as shale shaker, top deck performed as desilter

2) Small mud tank underneath the shale shaker

GN Solids Control also make customized system per customer special request. If you have any inquire, contact GN Group for solution.

General information about the mud pump
Due to the simple operation and reliability performance, mud pump is widely used in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Mud pump can be used for all the main processes which are associated with pumping through pipelines of various liquids – oil, petroleum products, liquefied gases, water , mud , chemicals , etc.

Functions of mud pump for drilling rigs

Mud pumps are used to transfer mud to the drilling wells to cool down drilling bits and lubricated the drilling bits, especially for oil and gas drilling wells. It is usually used together with mud recycling system to pump the clean mud to drilling wells for drilling. Mud pumps transfer mud to the drilling well to cool down bits, takeout sands and shattered rocks.

Applications of mud pump for oil and gas drilling

During drilling oil and gas wells, mud pump have an exclusive usage. They are used to circulate water or mud in the borehole. In the oil rigs, mud pump can also used for extraction of oil from wells , water pumping and high-viscosity oil through pipelines , hydraulic fracturing , water injection . Since in oil industry no one area where mud pump would not be used, further to improving mud pump in technical and economic remains a major challenge of the oil industry. Saving power when working, make it high efficiency and complete installed capacity of hydraulic machines is considered as the most important tasks of the mud pump manufacturer.

China top solids control manufacturer: GN Solids Control, exported a complete set 1200GPM mud recycling equipments to middle east market for HDD drilling rig.

The system is customized for the customer. To further reduce the total cost of the tank, GN company offered complete equipment, and offer customer tank design drawing free of charge, customer build mud tanks locally. They are happy with the solution and the system used very well now.

Equipment for the 1200GPM mud recycling system:

1) 3 each Shale Shaker GNZS579

2) 1 Mud Cleaner with 3 each 10’’ desander cone and underflow shale shaker model GNZS594 (Desander cones only )

3) Jet mud mixer

4) Agitators

5) Centrifugal pump feeding for the desander cone

6) Mud tanks 1 each. W 3000 mm, H 230omm, L 12000 mm

Customer want tank size is  W 3000 mm, H 2300mm, L 12000 mm with center Partition , the I section for 3 Shale shakers with 2 Agitators,  II section for Mud Cleaner with 2 Agitators and the jet Mud Mixer. Centrifugal Pump Model SB8x6-12J for mud transfer  from Shale Shakers Section to Desander cones.