GN desander for drilling fluids recycling is the second class solid control equipment to treat the drilling fluids from rigs.

According to the size of the cone diameter, it can separate solids with different size. For oil and gas drilling, for HDD, CBM field, 10 inch cone is most probably used. For microtunneling , usually bigger size desander need to be used: 12 inch, or even 20 inch.
10" cones desander is used to separate solid-phase particle size 47-76μm in the drilling fluids

Microtunneling is one kind of trenchless construction.

It is mainly used in urban area. Drilling mud need to be recycling.

The recirculation slurry system used for microtunneling should be as conpact as possilbe and the footprint of the total system shoud be as smaller as possible.

For microtunneling recirculation slurry system, usually, all separation equipment are conbined together, for fast movement and compact.


Microtunneling separation mud system is different with HDD,CBM and oil & gas drilling. Few solids control company can do it. 

GN Solids Control have much experience on it. Only in this year, GN microtunneling separation plant have been exported to Hongkong, UAE, Oman.

Unlike other solids control mud recycling system,microtunneling separation plant have big capacity requirements, partical size is big. And for microtunneling project,solids need not to be separated very fine.

In this case, for microtunneling separation plant, big cyclone been used,like 20’’ with 10’’. And microtunneling separation plant should utilize steel screen, but not common frame screen.

A client for microtunneling construction find us to offer solids control solution for their Middle East Project.They want to move solids over 0.3mm after treatment.

We match GNPJ703-D double dech shale shake mud cleaner. Bottom layer deck used as shale shaker,use 3mm shaker screen. Top layer deck used as mud cleaner,use 0.3mm screen. 

For Hydrocyclone parts,clients want only 1 cone, GN choose a 20’’ big cone mounted on GNPS703-D shale shaker. In this case, solids over 0.3mm can be move away after treated of mud cleaner. Clients are using the plant now, happy with it.